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Out to Lunch
Coe, Anne | Painting | acryl...
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2.93.2 | 1990 | H: 45.375 in, width: 65.625 in, Frame height: 47.875 in, Frame width: 68 in | Out to Lunch | Gift of the artist and D. Harold Byrd, Jr. | Coe uses humor to deal with environmental issues. In Out to Lunch, bears picnic in the shadow of the Teton Mountains. The painting evokes controversies over management of bears in the National Parks, especially concerning issues of food, of the interaction between humans and bears, and of the definition of wilderness. | LRC, in script: Anne Coe | 2.93.2.jpg | 2.93.2.jpg | 2.93.2.JPG | 2.93.2.jpg | 2.93.2.web.jpg | 2.93.2.jpg | bear | picnic | Tetons | Painting | acrylic on canvas | Coe, Anne

Autumn Magic
A.B. Hirschfeld Press | Schw...
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5.89 | c. 1979 | Image height: 19.409 in, Image width: 23.375 in, Sheet height: 23.465 in, Sheet width: 26.5 in | Autumn Magic | Signed in image: Schwiering/c 1979;ll: AP 14/150; lr: Wyoming Centennial/1890-1990/;Signed across bottom: Milward L. Simpson, Clifford P. Hansen, Stan Hathaway, Ed Herschler, Mike Sullivan; Embossed lr: 1890-1990 (cowboy on bucking horse) WYOMING CENTENNIAL; Printed across bottom llc: Authorized by Robert F. Biolchini, executor of the estates of Conrad O. & Mary Schwiering/ and owners Richard & Lucille Dumbrill, Newcastle, Wyoming. All Rights Reserved; lc: "Autumn Magic"/ WYOMING HISTORICAL FOUNDATION/ of the Wyoming State Historical Society; lrc: Lithographed by A.B. Hirschfeld Press. Denver, Colorado U.S.A./ Kathryn Townsend-Kay Linton Productions. | Credit line: Gift of Wyoming Historical Foundation of the Wyoming State Historical Society. 450 regular prints printed; Signed across the bottom by the five living governors of Wyoming. This is an official Wyoming Centennial print. | 5.89.JPG | Landscape | Tetons | Print | photolithograph on paper | A.B. Hirschfeld Press | Schwiering, Conrad