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Makah | Nootka Lower Pacific...
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NA.506.78 | 1875-1925 | H: 5.375 in, L: 10.625 in, width: 8 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Ritual and Recreation, Gift and Novelties. Oval twined basket, straight sides with woven cedar bark rim, flat bottom of woven cedar bark slats and twining, sides wrapped twined with beargrass in natural yellow and dyed orange and yellow in a band around bottom, long sides have a dyed black long boat with two birds, short sides have a dyed black whale. Oval flat twined lid with 1" sides, wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow and dyed orange, black and yellow central oblong surrounded by 6 black flying birds landing on a standing bird and a black border with points toward center, sides have an orange and yellow band around edge. Basket contents: two bundles and three pieces of twine, one small ball of black yarn, 1 rentangle of clear plastic wrapped with pink chenille yarn. | na.506.78.jpg | birds | whale | basket;lid | bark | cedar | bear grass | Makah | Nootka Lower Pacific Northwest

Makah | pot | dye | pottery ...
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NA.106.864 | 20th century | H: 5.5 in, Diameter: 5.5 in | Bequest of Nancy-Carroll Draper | Utensils and Implements, Household. Basket Covered Pot, Makah, 20th Century. Pottery, grasses, dye. | na.106.864.jpg | whale | birds | boat | people | pot | dye | pottery | grasses | Makah

Makah | Northwest Coast | No...
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NA.205.100 | 20th century | H: 11.75 in, Diameter: 10.5 in | Bequest of Nancy-Carroll Draper | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Hat, Northwest coast, 20th century. Cedar bark, bear grass. Design of man in boat and whale, repeated on center, cone shape, and bulb top. 11 ¾" tall 10 ½" Diam. || Plain twined whaler's hat with wrapped twining designs. There is a section of diagonal twining below the top point, and three sections of plain twining over more thsn one warp. The rim warps are folded over and stitched down. The inside band is plaited cedar and stitched in place. The designs are two whales and two hunters in two canoes (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | na.205.100.jpg | NA.205.100 & .101.jpg | whale | human | hat | bear grass | dye | cedar bark | Makah | Northwest Coast | Nootka