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Yellowstone Falls
Bierstadt, Albert | Painting...
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2.63 | ca. 1881 | H: 44.25 in, width: 30.5 in, Frame height: 54 in, Frame width: 39.5 in, frame depth: 4.5 in | Yellowstone Falls | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Taggart | The author of one of the first guidebooks to Yellowstone National Park wrote that he "had the pleasure of sitting beside and conversing with the famous American artist, Bierstadt, as he was seated on a point in the Grand Canyon about 400 feet below the surface engaged in reproducing in oil, upon canvas, the Grand Canyon and Falls. It was indeed marvelous to see with what rapidity and accuracy these scenes were by him transferred to the canvas." | LLC: ABierstadt | Acoustiguide. | Magazine: Yellowstone Science; Volume 13, number 3, summer 2005; article: Yellowstone, Art, and the Emergence of Aesthetic Conservation by Peter H. Hassrick; U.S. Department of the Interior; page 9 | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.JPG | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.web.jpg | Yellowstone Falls | Landscape | Painting | oil on canvas | Bierstadt, Albert

Friend Sarah
Poulsen, M. C. | illustrated...
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5.02 | April 10, 2002 | Sheet height: 11 in, Sheet width: 8.5 in, Image height: 4.5 in, Image width: 4 in, Frame width: 14.625 in, Frame height: 17.625 in | Friend Sarah | Gift of the artist | printed on page: M.C. POULSEN/2319 Larkspur Court-Cody, Wyoming-82414-307-587-6862-fax-307-527-6611. hand written on page: 10 APRIL 2002/ "YELLOWSTONE FALLS"/FRIEND SARAH,/I CAN'T BEGIN TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE/FOR THE INVITATION TO DO THE "WORKSHOP AT THE WHITNEY."/I WAS OVERWHELMED BY IT'S SUCCESS AND THE ENTHUSIASM/WITH WHICH IT WAS RECIEVED./YOU ARE A MOST GRACIOUS HOST AND I/APPRECIATE YOUR KNOWLEDGE, HOSPITATLITY, AND ATTENTION/ TO DETAILS AS WELL AS YOUR HELPFUL STAFF THAT ARE SO/SUPPORTIVE./PLEASE ACCEPT THIS SMALL SKETCH FOR ALL YOU DO IN YOUR EFFORTS TO FUTHER THE APPRECIATION/OF THE ART OF THE "MASTERS". THANKYOU AND MAY GOD BLESS./WESTERNLY,/M.C./ OIL/PAPER | Yellowstone Falls (title of illustration within letter) | 5.02.jpg | Yellowstone Falls | illustrated letter | oil on paper | pen and ink | Poulsen, M. C.