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The Drover's Dance
Blake, Buckeye | Painting | ...
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22.95.1 | 1992 | H: 20.125 in, width: 32.125 in, Frame height: 34 in, Frame width: 40 in | The Drover's Dance | Gift of Jim and Suzy King | verso: BUCKEYE BLAKE BOX 423 AUGUSTA MT. 59410 406-562-3422 NOV 92 "DROVERS DANCE"/ 406-562-3422 | Buckeye Blake 92 | 22.95.1.JPG | Painting | oil on canvas | Blake, Buckeye

Red Fox
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NH.305.21 | Red Fox | Vulpes vulpes | Mammalia | 305.21.JPG

Plateau | Nez Perce | tipi |...
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NA.302.126 | ca. 1850 | H: 195.75 in, L: 258 x 222 x 258 x 222 x 102 x 244 x 244 x 108 in, width: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 x 1.75 x .375 x .375 x 1 in | Gift of Douglas L. Manship, Sr. | Buffalo hide tipi with 4 red, right hand prints around the doorway. Solid red circles in a wavy pattern around exterior. Buffalo tails on tipi with empty red circles around them. Red semi-cirle around each door opening. Approximately 10-12 buffalo hides. Eight leather strips of various strips (B-I). | na.302.126v1.jpg | na.302.126v13.jpg | na.302.126v14.jpg | na.302.126v16.jpg | na.302.126v17.jpg | na.302.126v3.jpg | na.302.126v6.jpg | na.302.126v9.jpg | na.302.126v10.jpg | na.302.126v11.jpg | na.302.126v12.jpg | na.302.126v15.jpg | na.302.126v18.jpg | na.302.126v2.jpg | na.302.126v4.jpg | na.302.126v5.jpg | na.302.126v7.jpg | na.302.126v8.jpg | NA.302.126.jpg | hands | balls | tipi | hide | buffalo | pigment | Plateau | Nez Perce

Colt Fire Arms Co., Hartford...
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2000.5.51 | GVMT | .45 | 265508C | 2000.5.51v2.jpg | 2000.5.51v1.jpg | firearm | Colt Fire Arms Co., Hartford, Conn.
disc | brass
add to galleryremove from gallery | Aug. 9, 1909 | Diameter: 1.75 in | Gift of Elsa L. Schaffner | Each disc stamped one side: SHOT WITH/A/U.M.C. CARTRIDGE, Each disc stamped on other side: SHOT WITH/A/REMINGTON RIFLE, .1 is signed in ink: Annie/Oakley/Aug. 9, 1909 | Brass disc used for target shooting, a small hole is drilled through top edge, a bullet hole is through the disk. Elsa L. Schaffner watched Annie Oakley shooting targets, at Fred Stone's residence, Amityville, Long Island, New York, on Aug. 9, 1909 when she was a child, picked the above up as souveniers and also saved a newspaper clipping titled `Tells How Annie Oakley Shot Ashes From Kaiser's Cigarette' from the Amityville paper.Brass discs used for target shooting, each has a small hole drilled through top edge. | | disc | brass

Saber-toothed Tiger
cast | resin
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NH.305.13 | Saber-toothed Tiger | unknown | Mammalia | 305.13.JPG | cast | resin

Yankton Sioux | Northern Pla...
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NA.702.2 | modern | L: 20.5 in, width: 24.5 in | Communication and Media of Exchange: Writing and Records. Tanned with painted design of a chief on his horse. | NA.702.2.JPG | na.702.2.jpg | a Chief on his horse | pictograph | painted | hide | deer | Yankton Sioux | Northern Plains

Smith & Wesson, Springfield,...
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1999.17.254 | ca. 1886-1913 | L: 6.5 in | Gift of Janet Jerome and daughters in memory of John K. Jerome | Cylinder and barrel numbered with same punch. Frame and latch also same number. Probably factory refinished. Condition: 98%. Purchased 2-2-76 from Robert Nelson of Cheyenne, WY. Manufactured: 15, 340. Possible factory refinish. | Smith & Wesson .44 Double Action Frontier revolver | .44 | 6626 | 1999.17.254v1.jpg | 1999.17.254v2.jpg | firearm | pearl; blue | pistol | Smith & Wesson, Springfield, MA

Custer & 20,000 I...
Scholder, Fritz | Painting |...
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7.08 | 1969 | Frame height: 34.25 in, Frame width: 44 in, width: 40 in, H: 29.75 in | Custer & 20,000 Indians | Gift of Janis and Wiley T. Buchannan III | In the past, artistic representations of the story of the Battle of the Little Bighorn have focused on the noble valor of George Armstrong Custer and his men. Contemporary reevaluations look at the event in new ways. Scholder, an artist of native descent, has adapted his figure of Custer from the first newspaper illustration that reported the battle in 1876, but he has taken a modern, satirical approach. | oil on canvas, "Custer & 20,000 Indians," Fritz Scholder, 1969 | l.180.2002.1.jpg | Indians | Custers Last Stand | George Armstrong Custer | Painting | oil on canvas | Fritz Scholder (1937-2005) Custer & 20,000 Indians 1969, oil on canvas Gift of Janis and Wiley T. Buchannan III Historic representations of the Battle of the Little Bighorn often focused on the noble valor of George Armstrong Custer and his men. Contemporary society evaluates this event in new ways. This painting is based on an 1876 newspaper illustration reporting the story, but Scholder added a modern, satirical twist. The artist exaggerated, and thus questioned, the accounts. 7.08 | Scholder, Fritz

Gray Wolf
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NH.305.26 | Gray Wolf | Canis lupus | Mammalia | 305.26.JPG

The Conquest of t...
Bacon, Irving R. | Painting ...
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14.64 | 1908 | H: 47.25 in, width: 118.5 in, Frame height: 59.625 in, Frame width: 130.75 in | The Conquest of the Prairie | Bequest in memory of the Houx and Newell families | This painting portrays William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody as the guide bringing modern life to the West. In the distance gleams the future--an industrialized city. Cody purchased this painting from the artist and displayed it in the Irma Hotel where it hung until it was donated to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. | LLC: Copyrighted 1908/Irving R. Bacon | LRC: Irving R. Bacon/Munich 1908 | 14.64.jpg | 14.64 URC detail of frame.jpg | 14.64.JPG | 14.64.jpg | 14.64.jpg | 14.64.web.jpg | Landscape | Indian | Cowboy | Group | Animal | Cody, William F. | transportation | Painting | oil on canvas | Irving R. Bacon portrays William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody as a guide bringing modern life to the West. A group of mounted warriors, whose way of life will soon be displaced, observes Cody’s approach, while an industrial city gleams on the horizon. Cody purchased this painting from the artist and displayed it in his Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming, where it hung until it was donated to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. | Bacon, Irving R.

Blackfeet | Northern Plains ...
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NA.203.10 | ca. 1915 | cap diameter: 7 in | The Catherine Bradford Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornments and Ritual Regalia. Horn headdress - felt skull cap covered with ermine strips with red wool tradecloth at top. Split buffalo horns on top with cloth trailer with wrapped horse hair tassles on the end. Beaded strip in geometric design (overlay) along front of skull cap with red & yellow ribbons on each side. | NA.203.10view1.JPG | NA.203.10view1.JPG | NA.203.10view2.JPG | NA.203.10view2.JPG | NA.203.10.jpg | geometric | overlay | Buffalo Horn Bonnet | commercial | Red | seed | felt | Ribbons | wool | buffalo | horns | yellow | horse | Tradecloth | ermine | Beads | hair | bald eagle | feathers | Blackfeet | Northern Plains

Berman Buckskin, Co., Minnea...
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1.69.5316.1 | ca. 1935 | L: 41.5 in, width: 51 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lisius | label inside shirt neck: BUCKSKIN/ by BERMAN BUCKSKIN CO XL/ MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. | Ochre machine tanned buckskin shirt with fringe across chest, shoulder, back of sleeves, wrist, bottom and across back. Collar and v-neck opening with holes on either side. Hide lace through holes for cosure. Black and whie diamond shaped sdesign with beads hanging from bottom on either shoulder. Beaded design of bird in damond. Beaded strips diagonally down front on either side, down sleeves, around bottom, across back, down back at sides. Strips have repeating beaded designs of green tipi; stylized E's on either side of a yellow, blue, and red diamond; red bird outlined in black; E, diamond and tipi design. Two beaded medallions on back shoulders, green with orange star, blond brown haair wrapped with felt in center. Bells at each wrist. Unlined | 1.69.5316.1.jpg | bird | tipi | Diamond | shirt | bead | machine tanned | Buckskin | hair | Berman Buckskin, Co., Minneapolis, MN

Slotter | firearm
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1988.8.3255 | 1860s | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | Slotter Percussion Derringer | .41 cal. | 12 | 1988.8.3255v1.jpg | 1988.8.3255v2.jpg | firearm | pistol | Slotter

Snowy Egret
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NH.304.103 | Original Buffalo Bill Museum collection | Snowy Egret | Egretta thula | Aves | nh.304.103.jpg

Other | powder horn and flas...
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1988.8.1258 | 1780-1810 | L: 10.125 in, width: 8.375 in, H: 3 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | a. horn; b. flash measure | 1988.8.1258.JPG | heart | Square | ship | compass | mermaid | building | serpent | Other | powder horn and flash measure | carved | horn

The Golden Gate, ...
Moran, Thomas | Painting | o...
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4.75 | 1893 | H: 36.25 in, width: 50.25 in, Frame height: 46.5 in, Frame width: 60.5 in, frame depth: 4 in | The Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park | Museum purchase | Moran's name became synonymous with Yellowstone. He accompanied the official governmental expedition into the region in 1871. His sketches of the wonders helped to convince Congress to establish Yellowstone as the first national park. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate. | LRC: TMoran./1893 | Book: Exhibition catalog; America! Storie di pittura dal Nuovo Mondo; linead'ombralibri, Treviso, Italy; 2007; page 64-65 | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.JPG | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.web.jpg | transportation | Figure | Landscape | Group | Animal | Painting | oil on canvas | Thomas Moran (1837-1926) Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park 1893, oil on canvas Museum purchase Thomas "Yellowstone" Moran was the artist's nickname because of his close ties to Yellowstone National Park. He joined an official government expedition to the region in 1871. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate. 4.75 | Born in England, Thomas Moran created thousands of oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints of the American West. The artist accompanied Ferdinand V. Hayden’s 1871 survey of the Yellowstone region and catapulted to fame the following year when Congress purchased his monumental painting The Grand Cañon of the Yellowstone, 1872. Twenty years later Moran returned to Yellowstone to paint the dramatic landscapes that had made him famous. This view of the passage known as the Golden Gate highlights a new trestle, built to accommodate the growing number of tourists drawn to America’s first national park. | Moran, Thomas

Schopper | toy | television ...
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1.69.6011 | H: 3.875 in, width: 4.25 in, depth: 3.5 in | Anonymous | bottom rear left corner: [trademark symbol - swan in a circle] SCHOPPER/MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY; front of television: color television | 1.69.6011.jpg | Lassos | Cowboy | horse | mountain | toy | television | tin | Schopper

Crow Indian Reservation, Mon...
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NA.507.69 | ca. 1930 | L: 36.5 in, H: 8.25 in | The Crow Indian Collection of Dr. William and Anna Petzoldt, gift of Genevieve Petzoldt Fitzgerald | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Wood rod with 4 miniature leather figures and rawhide saddles; small travois with rawhide bundles attached to one end; large tin cones at both ends and middle; leather strap attached near both ends. Replica Travois-Horses carrying family and possessions made by Ben Pease,g28 1930. | NA.507.69dtl.JPG | NA.507.69.JPG | saddles | figures | minature travois | rawhide | tin | cones | wood | leather | pigment | Crow Indian Reservation, Montana | Crow | Pease, Ben

brooch | agate
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1.69.335 | ca. 1890 | L: 1 in, width: .75 in | Agate brooch with carved illustration inside depicting Deadwood Stagecoach. Made for Mrs. Cody. | 1.69.335.jpg | 1.69.335.jpg | Deadwood Stagecoach | illustration | brooch | agate

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NH.305.39 | elk | Cervus elephus | Mammalia | 305.39.JPG

U.S. Armory, Harpers Ferry, ...
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1988.8.1584 | 1803 | L: 48 in, Barrel length: 33 in, H: 7 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | This U.S. rifle Model 1803 was manufactured at the Harpers Ferry Armory. It is a first type, manufactured from 1803 to 1807. About 4000 were produced. It was the first U.S. regulation rifle, and was the issue weapon for the Lewis and Clark expedition May, 1804 to Sept, 1806. This model was used in the War of 1812. This gun is one of two known specimens dated "1803". The other is in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. | on lock: HARPER'S/FERRY/1803 U.S. (under eagle) [on left side of barrel:] 94 (inside circle;) U.S. (proofmark) | A: gun B: ramrod | Harper's Ferry U.S. Model 1803 Rifle Type I | .54 ML | 94 | 1988.8.1584v1.jpg | 1988.8.1584v2.jpg | 1988.8.1584v10.jpg | 1988.8.1584v11.jpg | 1988.8.1584v12.jpg | 1988.8.1584v3.jpg | 1988.8.1584v4.jpg | 1988.8.1584v5.jpg | 1988.8.1584v6.jpg | 1988.8.1584v7.jpg | 1988.8.1584v8.jpg | 1988.8.1584v9.jpg | 1988.8.1584.JPG | firearm | steel | wood | brass | rifle | U.S. Armory, Harpers Ferry, VA, U.S.A.

In Sunlight Basin
Coleman, Michael | Painting ...
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11.00 | 2000 | Frame height: 49.25 in, Frame width: 59.25 in, frame depth: 4.5 in, H: 40 in, width: 50 in | In Sunlight Basin | Gift of Anne Young and Jim Nielson | "I inhale the natural world and love it most when it's moody, stormy, wet, snowy and dusky-colored," said Michael Coleman in the 2000 Patrons Ball catalogue. In Coleman's painting, a majestic bull elk and his harem stand in the dramatic scenery of Sunlight Basin, northwest of Cody, Wyoming, in the Absaroka Mountains. | reverse L frame: MC 121798-1 ZZk RD-BL / 40X50 AM434 WH NO LINER. adhesive tage reverse L frame: MEYER GALLERY / 305 Main St., P.O. Box 1756 / Park City, UT 84060 / 800-649-8180 or 435-649-8160 | 11.00.jpg | 11.00.web.jpg | 11.00.jpg | alpine landscape | elk | Painting | oil on board | Coleman, Michael

Northern Plains | doll and h...
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NA.507.18 | ca. 1900 | doll length: 7 in | Gift of Lucile M. Wright | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Stuffed female doll and horse. Doll has tanned dress. Horse is tanned hide with saddle. Bead decoration on dress, overlay beaded decoration on boot moccasins, and on saddle bags, horse neck decoration. Black painted spots on horse. Horse hair braids on doll and name on horse. | BBHC Cody Enterprise column: “Your Museum Matters” – December 1, 2008 From our collection: As kids, parents, and everyone in between are thinking toys and games this holiday season, we’re reminded that not only are playthings a part of numerous cultures, they’ve been around for ages, too. A civilization’s toys can tell a good deal about its beliefs, priorities, or everyday life. For instance, Native American toys helped prepare children for adult responsibilities. They were often miniature replicas of tools and implements, and play imitated adult tasks. The first dolls made by Lakota and other Plains tribes were simple figures of clay or rawhide cutouts stuffed with buffalo hair or grass. The detail in doll clothing helped an Indian girl learn her family’s way of making household objects. Finally, they were typically made by grandparents and rarely had much detail so features could be left to a child’s imagination. Photo caption/credit: Northern Plains doll and horse, ca. 1900. Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming. Gift of Ms. Lucile M. Wright. NA.507.18 | NA.507.18.JPG | NA.507.18.jpg | horse | spots | doll and horse | trade | hide | seed | hair | pigment | Beads | deer | cloth | horse | tanned | Northern Plains