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Sioux | South Dakota | Grizz...
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NA.502.146 | 1880 | L: 2.875 in, width: 1.125 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Claw strung on twisted leather strip. | NA.502.146.JPG | na.502.146.jpg | Grizzly bear claw | twisted | claw | leather | string | Sioux | South Dakota

Fort Peck Indian Reservation...
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NA.702.5 | early 1900s | L: 36.625 in, width: 60.625 in | Property of the Missionary Education Movement, stamped on back, lower right | Communication and Media of Exchange: Writing and Records. Painted and drawn on muslin in brown, black and red. Count starts at 1800-1801 and ends at 1870 - 1871. 70 small paragraphs. Copy of Lone Dog's winter count. | na.702.5.jpg | NA.702.5.jpg | winter count | muslin | paint | Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana | Sioux

Northern Plains | natal char...
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NA.502.9 | ca. 1890 | L: 5.375 in, width: 2.5 in | The Mr. & Mrs. Sandberg collection given in memory of Babe and Sandy Sandberg by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Claude Phillips | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Tanned, orange and black overlay bead decoration on top, green bead border. Tin cones and red feather puffs on legs. | na.502.9.jpg | NA.502.9.JPG | natal charm | tin | Beads | feathers | tanned | Red | hide | seed | cones | puffs | orange | deer | black | green | Northern Plains

Sioux | Northern Plains | ca...
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NA.202.394 | 1984 | H: 4.5 in, L: 10.75 in, width: 7.5 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/or Festive Adornment. Woven plastic, adjustable, billed. Blue with beaded bill and front. Blue, white, orange, red and yellow geometric star and cross design beadwork on light blue ground. Arrow design trim in same colors at the top. Black cloth brow band, mfg. tag - Funkap, large, made in U.S.A. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 59 | NA.202.394.JPG | star | geometric | cross | cap | plastic | Beads | seed | billed | nylon | Sioux | Northern Plains

Blue Star, Missoula, Montana...
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NA.302.85 | H: 144 in | Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. Canvas; painted with two antelope in yellow with heart line in rust, green and black and three green dots inside body; white circles on black ground at base; painted by H. Pepian. | NA.302.85.JPG | na.302.85v1.jpg | na.302.85a.jpg | na.302.85b.jpg | na.302.85v2.jpg | two antelope | heart line | dots | circles | tipi | White | rust | canvas | black | yellow | painted | green | Blue Star, Missoula, Montana | painted by Howard Pepian | Blackfeet

So-soreh | Northern Plains |...
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NA.702.31 | 1900 | L: 55.125 in, width: 60.75 in | Written on back in blue: PAINTED/BY/KADZIE CODY-SHOSHONI INDIAN/NOVENBEN, 1906/PRESENTED TO F.A. HEPBURN./BY HIS WYPA | Communication and Media of Exchange: Writing and Records. Cow(?) hide, tanned; painted all over one side with horsemen hunting buffalo; the center has a sun dance pole and men dancing around it with others singing; also depicted is a tipi and a rider with a bonnet with a long trailer; colors are black, yellow, blue, green and red. ---Personal property of Mary Jester Allen Helen Cody Allen. | NA.702.31.JPG | na.702.31.jpg | NA.702.31.jpg | sun dance pole | rider with a bonnet with a long trailer | men dancing around it with others singing | tipi | horsemen hunting buffalo | painted hide | hide | cow | pigment | tanned | So-soreh | Northern Plains | Codsiogo | Eastern Shoshone | Cody, Cadzi

Oklahoma | Southern Arapaho ...
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NA.204.1 | ca. 1890 | width at shoulders: 33 in | Gift of J.C. "Kid" Nichols | Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance dress - white buckskin dress, sinew sewn, rectangular strips pieced into shoulders, yoke/sleeves sewn to skirt, triangular extensions sewn at lower side seams to give skirt more flare; self fringe at side seams, added fringe at sleeve ends, self and added fringe at hem. Upper 3/4 of dress is painted blue with blue outlined natural buckskin stars in rows, painted green band separate blue upper dress from bottom 1/4 which is painted yellow-groups of 4 line and circle designs extend into yellow from green band, bottom edge has a red line with triangles pointing up, outlined with blue, triangular extensions have 2 rows of blue dots and 1 row of red dots at bottom. Yoke has laced-in fringe across front and back, fringes are trimmed with mescal seeds, ermine tails and feet, dyed red breath feathers and satin ribbons in fushia, blue, golden yellow on back, red, blue, faded light blue and faded pink on front, front also has an advertising mirror from Herbert Spencer cigars and a sinew wrapped lock of black hair. Four sleeve fringes on each sleeve are trimmed with 3 brass beads, right side fringes have 12 hawk bells, left side fringes have 9 hawk bells tied into them. | NA.204.1.jpg | NA.204.1.JPG | circle | triangles | dots | line | stars | Ghost Dance dress | brass beads | pigments | human hair | mirror | ermine | dyed feathers | silk ribbon | sinew | mescal seeds | brass bells | tanned deer hide | Oklahoma | Southern Arapaho

Cree | Chippewa | Rocky Boy'...
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NA.507.89 | ca. 1986 | circumference: 8.5 in | Ritual and Recreational Toys. Tennis ball completely covered with beaded buckskin, design motifs include an orange turtle with irridescent brown center, an orange tipi with light blue door and two sizes if diamond designs in royal blue, maroon, clear green, light blue, orange and irridescent borwn all on a white ground. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 60 | na.507.89.jpg | NA.507.89dtl.JPG | NA.507.89.JPG | turtle | tipi | Diamond | door | ball | glass beads | tennis ball | rubber | Cree | Chippewa | Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, Montana

Crow | horse chest decoratio...
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NA.403.86 | 1905 | overall length: 32.625 in, overall width: 15 in | Gift of Mrs. Henry H.R. Coe | Transportation, Land Transportation. Canvas backed, two beaded strips with beaded panel at the bottom with hawk bells and bead fringe; strips have red wool at top and green wool edging; hourglass beadwork design in blue, green, yellow, red nd white intermixed with red wool; panel stylized geometric and curvalineal floral design in red, green, yellow, white and lavendar on blue ground. | NA.403.86.JPG | na.403.86.jpg | na.403.86s.jpg | NA.403.86.jpg | strips | hourglass | curvalineal floral | stylized geometric | horse chest decoration | Beads | seed | green | wool | hawk | White | canvas | yellow | Red | bells | lavendar | blue | fringe | Crow

Southern Arapaho | Oklahoma ...
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NA.204.4 | ca. 1890 | L: 54 in, width: 54 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mary J. and James R. Jundt | Dress and Adornment, Religious Attire. Ghost Dance dress made of hand-tanned elk hide, yoke style, painted with pigments (light blue, green blue and red). Fringe on arms, down sides and around bottom. Fringe on body of dress with plumes and ermine attached, hide hair left on leg ends. Painted designs include cross-shaped stars, crescents, circles, birds (ravens and magpies), corn and sage stems, blue and green bars on calf area of dress. | Journal: Western American Literature: Quarterly Journal of the Western Literature Association; Lessons from the Past: The Cliff Dwellers ans New Historicism; Michael Tavel Clark; Utah State University, Logan, page 426 | NA.204.40dtl2.JPG | NA.204.40dtl3.JPG | NA.204.4Dk2.JPG | NA.204.4view1.JPG | NA.204.4view2.JPG | NA.204.40dtl4.JPG | NA.204.4Dk1.JPG | NA.204.4dtl1.JPG | na.204.4.jpg | NA.204.4.VIEW2.JPG | NA.204.4.jpg | NA.204.4.VIEW1.JPG | crescents | stars | corn | sage stems | birds | circles | Ghost Dance dress | pigment | feathers | tanned elk hide | Southern Arapaho | Oklahoma

Shona-hah, Mary | figurine |...
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NA.506.30 | ca. 1968 | H: 9.5 in, Base Length: 10.25 in, Base Width: 8.5 in | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Carved figure of woman seated in front of loom wearing bark skirt and wool blanket; basket of wool nest to loom. | NA.506.30.JPG | na.506.30.jpg | figurine | carved | wood | Shona-hah, Mary

South Dakota | Her Many Hors...
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NA.502.215.4 | 1998 | H: 3.5 in, Diameter: 34.25 in | Gift of the Pilot Foundation | Fan with red and blue feathers, beaded handle and twisted string fringe at bottom. Handle has design of a row of red and blue water birds on either side of two multi-colored zigzag designs. Between the zigzag designs is a row of four repeat designs of a white bead surrounded by black beads. Multi-colored zigzag and black and white designs are repeated above the handle. Feather shafts are wrapped in white leather at bottom and multi-colored thread at top. Blue and red feathers are clustered and stand straight up from handle. Small red and blue feahters and white feathers with black edge and line at center are at the base of each large red and blue feather. Handle unscrews from fan. | NA.502.215.4.JPG | NA.502.215.3 &.4 &.5.jpg | water bird | gourd stitch | fan | Native American Church | string | metal | feathers | glass beads | deer hide | South Dakota | Her Many Horses, Emil | Sioux

Upper Pacific Northwest | Ha...
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NA.506.67 | 20th Century | basket height: 2 in, Diameter: 2.875 in, lid height: .5 in, lid diameter: 3 in | Simplot Collection, Gift from J.R. Simplot | Recreation and Ritual/Gifts and Novelty. Trinket basket with lid: Round twined basket, straight sides with slight shoulder at top, cedar bark woven rim, flat bottom with plaited cedar bark slats and twining, sides wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow, dyed red boat motifs and dyed green bird motifs over a dyed purple line, designs also visible inside basket. Round twined flat lid with 1/2" sides, wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow, dyed red star in center, dyed purple band around lower edge. | na.506.67.jpg | basket | lid | bear grass | cedar | Upper Pacific Northwest | Haida

Northern Plains | natal amul...
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NA.502.194 | overall length: 9.25 in, width: 8 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Written on buckskin in pen: 50 | Ritual and Recreation Toys. White buckskin shaped as a lizard. Sewn together with white string. Beaded with white and dark blue seed beads. Orange horsehair with 10 tin cone dangles. Four dangles missing from horsehair. Left front leg has original string tie and horsehair. The others all have recently been given new ties of white nylon string, also some new horsehair. | na.502.194.jpg | NA.502.194.JPG | lizard | natal amulet | Buckskin | Beads | tin cone | horsehair | nylon | Northern Plains

feather | bonnet | ribbon | ...
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NA.205.93 | L: 22 in, width: 13 in | Dress and Adornment, Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Eagle (?) feather bonnet with white horsehair streamers. Red, blue yarn, multi colored bead rounds in front. Beaded head band in blue, red, white, green, yellow step design in lazy stitch greasy size 11 seed beads. Some green and red feathers, owl feathers, pheasant tail feathers and blue curtain tassles on decorative strips. Each eagle (?) feather wrapped in red wool at base attached to felt inner hat. Ribbons on outside in red and green with long red, magenta and blue yarn hanging down. | na.205.93v1.jpg | na.205.93v2.jpg | feather | bonnet | ribbon | leather | wool | Beads | feathers | yarn | thread

Blackfoot | Kainai | Canada ...
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NA.403.221 | ca. 1870 | width: 20 in, L: 13 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Fully beaded mask bordered or fringed in feathers - typical of Blackfoot or Blackfeet. "Star" on either side, as well as "boxed hourglass." yellow looped beads at eye holes = "Thunder" Feat in book, "American Indian Horse Masks," 206. by Michael Condrey, pg. 31. | NA.403.221.v1.jpg | NA.403.221.v2.jpg | horse mask | silk ribbon | cotton thread | tanned hide | glass beads | common raven feathers | Blackfoot | Kainai | Canada

Northern Plains | Sioux | ho...
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NA.503.5 | ca. 1885 | arrow length: 32.25 in | Mr. and Mrs. Royal B. Hassrick Collection | Ritual and Recreation: Games and Gambling Accessories of Games. Round wooden hoop laced with rawhide thongs, painted yellow and blue. Two arrows with carved tips and feathers with horse hair on upper end. | NA.503.5A-C.JPG | hoop and arrow game | wood | pigment | Horse Hair | feathers | rawhide thongs | Northern Plains | Sioux

Northern Plains | shirt | pi...
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NA.202.1184 | ca.1850 | shoulder to shoulder: 24 in, shirt length: 44 in, shirt length: 48 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | leather, wrapped quill design, beaded border, painted, horsehair, wool, horse tracks, quill is broken in areas, good, 1382 | l.312.2006.1500-view1.jpg | l.312.2006.1500-view2.jpg | shirt | shirt | pigment | Beads | tanned hide | horsehair | quills | wool | Northern Plains

Northern Cheyenne | Northern...
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NA.502.47.4 | L: 2 in, width with fringe: 2.5 in | Anne Black Collection | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Bead and leather; fan shaped, blue with black and white design and fringe; leather back with safety pin sewn to it. | NA.502.47.1-.6.JPG | na.502.47.4.jpg | fan shaped | pin | Beads | White | leather | seed | fringe | black | blue | Northern Cheyenne | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | Crow | dre...
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NA.202.39 | ca. 1885 | L: 21.75 in, width: 13.75 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Child's -- Blue wool tradecloth with red cloth neck yoke and band, red band at bottom of sleeves with strip of tan cloth. 3/4 of bodice (front and back) covered with imitation elk teeth. Sleeves completely covered with teeth. Rawhide ties at neck. | NA.202.39.JPG | NA.202.39.jpg | dress | wool | imitation | teeth | muslin | elk | rawhide | Northern Plains | Crow

South Dakota | Sioux | shirt...
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NA.202.598 | 1870s | L: 42.5 in, width: 58 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Man's (Red Cloud) -- Deerskin, fringe. Upper portion painted blue, lower portion yellow with yellow, orange and brown lines in between. Triangular tabs on front and back of neck decorated with red and blue wool and beading in white, red, blue, green, turquoise and yellow. Lazy stitch beaded strips over shoulders and on each sleeve. Panels with turquoise diamond designs on dark blue ground also with white, green, yellow, red and pink on strips. Upper portion and sleeves also have small beaded squares in red and pink or turquoise and yellow. Human hair bundles run over shoulders and on sleeves, most dark but some light horse hair bundles. Bundles wrapped with undyed porcupine quills and attached to blue beads. Tabs at bottom on each side decorated with triangular piece of red and blue wool with white, blue and green beaded border. | Book: juvenile, Discovering the Arts, Native American Culture, by Katherine Gleason, Rourke Publishing LLC, Vero Beach, 2006, (received Sept. 2005) | NA.202.598Dk.JPG | NA.202.598view1.JPG | NA.202.598view2.JPG | NA.202.598.jpg | strips | Diamond | triangular | squares | shirt | human hair | Horse Hair | deer hide | Glass seed beads | pigment | porcupine quills | wool | South Dakota | Sioux

Northern Plains | Sioux | pi...
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NA.504.38 | ca. 1890 | L: 16.75 in, width: 9.5 in, quilled section: 6 in | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Tanned, single row of black plastic beads along top edge and bead border down each side to lazy stitch beaded panel in open door tipi and geometric design, Wrapped quillwork tassles below panel with buckskin fringe attached. | NA.504.38.JPG | na.504.38v2.jpg | na.504.38v1.jpg | open door tipi design | geometric | pipe bag | lazy stitch | black | Buckskin | Beads | tanned | wrapped | tassles | quills | plastic | fringe | porcupine | hide | deer | seed | Northern Plains | Sioux

Pecos Sun Rhodes, Rose | Jem...
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NA.301.4 | 1980s | H: 9 in, width: 13 in, depth: 16 in | Gift of Richard and Helen Cashman | underside: Rose Pecos Sun Rhodes/ of/ Jemez (circle with lines through it) [white label on underside:] #1 Misc. "Storyteller" | Structures and Furnishings; Unclassified. Clay sculpture of an Indian woman with boys and girls around her. | na.301.4.jpg | children | woman | Sculpture | turquoise | rawhide | clay | paint | slip | Pecos Sun Rhodes, Rose | Jemez Pueblo | New Mexico

Plateau | Nez Perce | tipi |...
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NA.302.126 | ca. 1850 | H: 195.75 in, L: 258 x 222 x 258 x 222 x 102 x 244 x 244 x 108 in, width: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 x 1.75 x .375 x .375 x 1 in | Gift of Douglas L. Manship, Sr. | Buffalo hide tipi with 4 red, right hand prints around the doorway. Solid red circles in a wavy pattern around exterior. Buffalo tails on tipi with empty red circles around them. Red semi-cirle around each door opening. Approximately 10-12 buffalo hides. Eight leather strips of various strips (B-I). | na.302.126v1.jpg | na.302.126v13.jpg | na.302.126v14.jpg | na.302.126v16.jpg | na.302.126v17.jpg | na.302.126v3.jpg | na.302.126v6.jpg | na.302.126v9.jpg | na.302.126v10.jpg | na.302.126v11.jpg | na.302.126v12.jpg | na.302.126v15.jpg | na.302.126v18.jpg | na.302.126v2.jpg | na.302.126v4.jpg | na.302.126v5.jpg | na.302.126v7.jpg | na.302.126v8.jpg | NA.302.126.jpg | hands | balls | tipi | hide | buffalo | pigment | Plateau | Nez Perce