disc | brass
add to gallery | Aug. 9, 1909 | Diameter: 1.75 in | Gift of Elsa L. Schaffner | Each disc stamped one side: SHOT WITH/A/U.M.C. CARTRIDGE, Each disc stamped on other side: SHOT WITH/A/REMINGTON RIFLE, .1 is signed in ink: Annie/Oakley/Aug. 9, 1909 | Brass disc used for target shooting, a small hole is drilled through top edge, a bullet hole is through the disk. Elsa L. Schaffner watched Annie Oakley shooting targets, at Fred Stone's residence, Amityville, Long Island, New York, on Aug. 9, 1909 when she was a child, picked the above up as souveniers and also saved a newspaper clipping titled `Tells How Annie Oakley Shot Ashes From Kaiser's Cigarette' from the Amityville paper.Brass discs used for target shooting, each has a small hole drilled through top edge. | | disc | brass

Yellowstone Falls
Bierstadt, Albert | Painting...
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2.63 | ca. 1881 | H: 44.25 in, width: 30.5 in, Frame height: 54 in, Frame width: 39.5 in, frame depth: 4.5 in | Yellowstone Falls | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Taggart | The author of one of the first guidebooks to Yellowstone National Park wrote that he "had the pleasure of sitting beside and conversing with the famous American artist, Bierstadt, as he was seated on a point in the Grand Canyon about 400 feet below the surface engaged in reproducing in oil, upon canvas, the Grand Canyon and Falls. It was indeed marvelous to see with what rapidity and accuracy these scenes were by him transferred to the canvas." | LLC: ABierstadt | Acoustiguide. | Magazine: Yellowstone Science; Volume 13, number 3, summer 2005; article: Yellowstone, Art, and the Emergence of Aesthetic Conservation by Peter H. Hassrick; U.S. Department of the Interior; page 9 | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.JPG | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.web.jpg | Landscape | Yellowstone Falls | Painting | oil on canvas | Bierstadt, Albert

Haida | Upper Pacific Northw...
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NA.506.67 | 20th Century | basket height: 2 in, Diameter: 2.875 in, lid height: .5 in, lid diameter: 3 in | Simplot Collection, Gift from J.R. Simplot | Recreation and Ritual/Gifts and Novelty. Trinket basket with lid: Round twined basket, straight sides with slight shoulder at top, cedar bark woven rim, flat bottom with plaited cedar bark slats and twining, sides wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow, dyed red boat motifs and dyed green bird motifs over a dyed purple line, designs also visible inside basket. Round twined flat lid with 1/2" sides, wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow, dyed red star in center, dyed purple band around lower edge. | na.506.67.jpg | basket | lid | bear grass | cedar | Haida | Upper Pacific Northwest

Winchester Repeating Arms Co...
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1995.5.1 | 1895 | L: 44.25 in, Barrel length: 26 in, H: 7.5 in | From Charles E. and Margaret Canfield Humberger in memory of Helen Stanford Canfield | top of barrel: Manufactured by the -/ -Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn. U.S.A./ 30 W.C.F. | double set trigger, confirmed one of 5 such known. | Winchester Model 1894 | .30WCF | 12958 | 1995.5.1VIEW1.JPG | 1995.5.1VIEW2.JPG | firearm | steel | walnut | rifle | Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

grizzly bear
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NH.305.116 | grizzly bear | Ursus arctos horribilus | Mammalia | 305.116.jpg

Western Man with ...
Roll-preissler, Audrey | Scu...
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2.89 | 1984-1985 | H: 88.75 in, L: 48.5 in, width: 48.5 in | Western Man with Beer and Dog | Gift of Mrs. Henry Oliver, Jr. | Western art, especially from the time of Charles M. Russell, has a strong tradition of including humor. Roll-preissler takes a contemporary tone in mocking the commercialization associated with the modern cowboy image. Using caricature in her painting style, she emphasizes the idea of superficiality with the cut-our sculpture (a two-dimensional figure lacks depth). | A. roll-preissler, Front left: A. roll-preissler | Acoustiguide. Provenance: Conversation with artist on materials. Plywood - 5/8 AB plywood, primed with latex primer, latex extender, spackle, latex paint, empty Marlboro box, corduroy - 60% polyester, 40% cotton. Wood collected North of Lander, Wyoming (not treated), jeans - 100% cotton, Skoal can, Base - plywood, Coors beer can, steel braces. Two cowboys who worked for her husband posed for it, but she used her husband's face for the figure | 2.89.JPG | Animal | Cowboy | Sculpture | mixed media on wood | Audrey Roll-preissler (b. 1932) Western Man with Beer and Dog 1984-1985, mixed media Gift of Mrs. Henry Oliver, Jr. This life-like modernistic presentation is like a magazine ad jumping out of the page. -George, Buffalo Bill Center of the West docent 2.89 | Audrey Roll-preissler (b. 1932) Western Man with Beer and Dog 1984-1985, mixed media Gift of Mrs. Henry Oliver, Jr. I believe this piece has a somewhat comical side to what is usually depicted as the serious more stern side to the cowboy life. It shows a dog that a cowboy wouldn’t generally have. I also like the beer can and cigarettes. I think it gives the piece more character. -Greybull High School art class student 2.89 | Audrey Roll-preissler (b. 1932) Western Man with Beer and Dog 1984-1985, mixed media Gift of Mrs. Henry Oliver, Jr. Western art has a tradition of including humor. In this sculpture, Roll-preissler mocks the modern cowboy image used in advertising. To emphasize her point, the artist reduced the cowboy to a shallow, two-dimensional caricature. 2.89 | Roll-preissler, Audrey

grizzly bear
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NH.305.141 | grizzly bear | Mammalia | 305.141.JPG

A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore | p...
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1.69.83 | 1893 - | sight height: 20.75 in, sight width: 29 in, Frame height: 26.75 in, Frame width: 33.5 in | A CLOSE CALL | Printed at top: BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST/AND CONGRESS OF ROUGH RIDERS OF THE WORLD, Printed bottom: COL.W.F.CODY (BUFFALO BILL) A CLOSE CALL., Printed lower right: A. Hoen & Co. Baltimore U.S.A. 16 | Four color lithograph poster of Buffalo Bill Fighting Indians with Cavalry Coming. Condition: Margin trimmed by hand. Origin: Purchased from The Old Print Shoppe, 150 Lexington at 30th St., New York, NY in 1961 by above source, The Coe Foundation | 1.69.83.jpg | 1.69.83.jpg | 1.69.83.JPG | Indians | Buffalo Bill | cavalry | poster | lithograph | four color | A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore

headdress | hide | buffalo |...
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NA.203.933 | L: 37 in, width: 22.5 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Dress and Adornment, Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Headdress consists of a hide skull cap with a seed bead band in front with white ground and two red triangles at either side and a dark blue triangle in the center. There are remnants of hide streamers and a brass bell at each temple. A black buffalo horn protrudes from each side. The top has tattered feathers wrapped in red trade cloth. At the bottom, back hangs long black horsehair "streamers" wrapped in red trade cloth. | na.203.933v1.jpg | na.203.933v2.jpg | triangles | headdress | hide | buffalo | Tradecloth | brass | Beads | feathers | horn | horsehair

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1988.8.4040 | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | 1988.8.4040v1.jpg | 1988.8.4040v2.jpg | Other | crossbow

Custer's Last Stand
Paxson, Edgar Samuel | Paint...
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19.69 | 1899 | H: 70.5 in, width: 106 in, Frame height: 98 x 73.75 in, Frame width: 132.75 x 108.75 in, frame depth: 2 in | Custer's Last Stand | Museum purchase | Paxson researched the Battle of the Little Bighorn and spent several years completing the painting. He then circulated it as a traveling exhibition. As part of the explanatory material on the painting, he prepared an outline key which identified the major figures (see diagram at right). | LRC: copyright by/E.S. Paxson Butte/M./99 [verso, LL:] E.S. Paxson/Butte Mont. U.S.A./copyright applied for - | Source: Paxson Heirs | Magazine: Western Art & Architecture: From Cowboy to Contemporary; Perspective: Edgar S. Paxson: Painter, myth maker aspired to historical accuracy, Charles Finn, Winter/Spring 2008, page 72-73 | 19.69.jpg | 19.69.jpg | 19.69.JPG | 19.69.jpg | 19.69.jpg | 19.69.web.jpg | military | Animal | Group | Figure | Indian | Painting | oil on canvas | Paxson, Edgar Samuel

Sioux | Northern Plains | ca...
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NA.202.394 | 1984 | H: 4.5 in, L: 10.75 in, width: 7.5 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/or Festive Adornment. Woven plastic, adjustable, billed. Blue with beaded bill and front. Blue, white, orange, red and yellow geometric star and cross design beadwork on light blue ground. Arrow design trim in same colors at the top. Black cloth brow band, mfg. tag - Funkap, large, made in U.S.A. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 59 | NA.202.394.JPG | cross | star | geometric | cap | billed | nylon | seed | Beads | plastic | Sioux | Northern Plains

Other | plastic
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2002.21.2 | 2002.21.2v1.jpg | 2002.21.2v2.jpg | Other | plastic | swizzle stick

Brown Bear (Grizz...
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DRA.305.4 | Brown Bear (Grizzly Bear) | Mammalia | dra.305.4.jpg | dra.305.4v1.jpg | dra.305.4v2.jpg | 305.4.jpg

lamp shade | cardboard | raw...
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1.69.662 | ca. 1940 | H: 5.25 in, diameter of top: 4 in, diameter of bottom: 6.625 in | Small cardboard lamp shade with colorful Indian design, rawhide lacing. Metal bulb support. | 1.69.662view1.JPG | 1.69.662view2.JPG | Indian | lamp shade | cardboard | rawhide | lacing

Winchester Repeating Arms Co...
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1988.8.447 | 1978 | L: 39.5 in, Barrel length: 20 in, H: 7.5 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | [on left side of barrel:] WINCHESTER - (registered trademark symbol) - MODEL 94 30-30 WIN.; MADE IN NEW HAVEN, CONN. U.S.A. WINCHESTER PROOF STEEL [on top of barrel:] (letter P over letter W) (encircled) (proof mark) [on right side of barrel:] ANTLERED GAME [on bottom of receiver:] AG01068 [on receiver upper tang:] MODEL 1894; WINCHESTER [on medallion in right side of butt stock:] (picture of elk, deer, caribou, and moose) [on right side of receiver:] (picture of caribou bull, whitetail buck, moose bull) [on left side of receiver:] (picture of mule deer buck, bull and two cow elk) | Gold plated receivere and both barrel bands. no written record for this firearm. | Winchester Model 1894 Antlered Game | AG01068 | 1988.8.447v1.jpg | 1988.8.447v2.jpg | deer | antelopes | commemorative | moose | elk | caribou | firearm | steel | wood | carbine | Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

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NH.305.48 | Gift of Leading Edge Taxidermy | Pronghorn | Antilocapra americana | Mammalia | 305.48.JPG

Bos Americanus, A...
Audubon, John James | Print ...
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156.69 | 1845 | sight height: 19 in, sight width: 21.125 in, Frame height: 33.25 in, Frame width: 39.5 in, frame depth: 1.75 in | Bos Americanus, American Bison or Buffalo | Audubon's publication on mammals was entitled The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America, meaning four-legged animals that bear their young alive. Audubon and his co-author, John Bachman, provided dramatic prose for the description of the bison, "Whether we consider this noble animal as an object of the chase, or as an article of food for man, it is decidedly the most important of all our contemporary American quadrupeds . . . ." | Bottom center: Bos Americanus, GMEL/American Bison or Buffalo./1/7 Natural Size/Male, LLC: Drawn from Nature by J.J. Audubon, F.R.S.F.L.S., LRC: Lith (slightly raised underlined d) Printed & Col. (slightly raised underlined d) by J.T. Bowen, Philad(slightly raised underlined a) 1845, ULC: No 12, URC: Plate LVI | Magazine: Convergence: Autry National Center Magazine, Winter 2006, Wildlife Art and the American West by Amy Scott, page 26. | 156.69.jpg | 156.69.JPG | 156.69.jpg | 156.69.v1.jpg | 156.69.jpg | Animal | Print | lithograph | hand colored | John James Audubon, artist (1785-1851) J.T. Bowen, lithographer (ca. 1801-1856) Bos Americanus, American Bison or Buffalo 1845, hand colored lithograph on paper 156.69 When Audubon and his team traveled west to sketch the quadrupeds of North America, they observed the bison with intense admiration. Audubon depicted the large bison bull in profile, a typical pose to capture the characteristic anatomy of the animal. | Audubon, John James

stand | steer horn | brass |...
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1.69.238 | ca. 1890 | diameter of top: 5.75 in, stand height: 11.5 in, base diameter: 5 in | Musuem Purchase. William Cody Boal Collection | Engraved around edge: Compliments of Mr & Mrs Wm F. Cody to Mr & Mrs L.S. Decker | Ornate brass stand holding curved cream and brown steer horn with brass lip and lid, stand has 2 lion heads near ring that holds horn, lid has a winged lion and is engraved around edge. Wedding gift from Buffalo Bill and wife to Mr. and Mrs. L.S. Decker. | 1.69.238.jpg | 1.69.238.jpg | lion heads | lion | ornate | stand | steer horn | brass | cream | brown

Shona-hah, Mary | figurine |...
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NA.506.30 | ca. 1968 | H: 9.5 in, Base Length: 10.25 in, Base Width: 8.5 in | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Carved figure of woman seated in front of loom wearing bark skirt and wool blanket; basket of wool nest to loom. | NA.506.30.JPG | na.506.30.jpg | figurine | carved | wood | Shona-hah, Mary

Saber-toothed Tiger
cast | resin
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NH.305.13 | Saber-toothed Tiger | unknown | Mammalia | 305.13.JPG | cast | resin

powder horn and flash measur...
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1988.8.1258 | 1780-1810 | L: 10.125 in, width: 8.375 in, H: 3 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | a. horn; b. flash measure | 1988.8.1258.JPG | mermaid | building | serpent | heart | Square | ship | compass | powder horn and flash measure | Other | horn | carved

Oklahoma | Southern Arapaho ...
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NA.204.1 | ca. 1890 | width at shoulders: 33 in | Gift of J.C. "Kid" Nichols | Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance dress - white buckskin dress, sinew sewn, rectangular strips pieced into shoulders, yoke/sleeves sewn to skirt, triangular extensions sewn at lower side seams to give skirt more flare; self fringe at side seams, added fringe at sleeve ends, self and added fringe at hem. Upper 3/4 of dress is painted blue with blue outlined natural buckskin stars in rows, painted green band separate blue upper dress from bottom 1/4 which is painted yellow-groups of 4 line and circle designs extend into yellow from green band, bottom edge has a red line with triangles pointing up, outlined with blue, triangular extensions have 2 rows of blue dots and 1 row of red dots at bottom. Yoke has laced-in fringe across front and back, fringes are trimmed with mescal seeds, ermine tails and feet, dyed red breath feathers and satin ribbons in fushia, blue, golden yellow on back, red, blue, faded light blue and faded pink on front, front also has an advertising mirror from Herbert Spencer cigars and a sinew wrapped lock of black hair. Four sleeve fringes on each sleeve are trimmed with 3 brass beads, right side fringes have 12 hawk bells, left side fringes have 9 hawk bells tied into them. | NA.204.1.jpg | NA.204.1.JPG | line | stars | circle | triangles | dots | Ghost Dance dress | mirror | ermine | dyed feathers | sinew | mescal seeds | brass bells | tanned deer hide | silk ribbon | brass beads | pigments | human hair | Oklahoma | Southern Arapaho

Where Elegance Me...
Palmore, Tom | Painting | ac...
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22.96 | 1996 | H: 46 in, width: 46 in, Frame height: 47.25 in, Frame width: 47.5 in | Where Elegance Meets Fear | Gift of Edward R. Bazinet Foundation | lrc: Palmore | 22.96.jpg | 22.96.JPG | 22.96.jpg | 22.96.web.jpg | Mountain Lion | Painting | acrylic on canvas | Palmore, Tom

Schopper | television | toy ...
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1.69.6011 | H: 3.875 in, width: 4.25 in, depth: 3.5 in | Anonymous | bottom rear left corner: [trademark symbol - swan in a circle] SCHOPPER/MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY; front of television: color television | 1.69.6011.jpg | Cowboy | mountain | Lassos | horse | television | toy | tin | Schopper