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The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky, Metropolitan Museum of Art

These objects are part of the exhibition "The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky," appearing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, March 9 - May 10, 2015

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: NancyM

Northern Plains | Sioux | La...
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Exhibit notes: Man's coat, ca. 1920, Lakota

Museum record: NA.202.193 | ca. 1920 | bodice length: 30 in, sleeve length: 23.5 in, shoulder to shoulder: 19.25 in | Gift of Mrs. Howell Howard | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Tanned, deer hide, decorated with overlay bead design of figure and horses all over bodice and sleeves. Lazy stitch bead border on both sides of front. Bead border on collar, shoulder seams, and around sleeves at top, along bottom. Fringe along bottom, sleeves, shoulder and seams at back. Bead border on front edge. | NA.202.193.jpg | NA.202.193VIEW1.JPG | NA.202.193VIEW2.JPG | NA.202.193VIEW3.JPG | Figure | horses | jacket | seed | deer | overlay | hide | fringe | lazy stitch | tanned | Beads | Northern Plains | Sioux | Lakota | South Dakota

South Dakota | Sioux | shirt...
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Exhibit notes: Man's shirt, ca. 1865, Oglala Lakota

Museum record: NA.202.598 | 1870s | L: 42.5 in, width: 58 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Dress and Adornment: Daily and/or Festive Adornment. Man's (Red Cloud) -- Deerskin, fringe. Upper portion painted blue, lower portion yellow with yellow, orange and brown lines in between. Triangular tabs on front and back of neck decorated with red and blue wool and beading in white, red, blue, green, turquoise and yellow. Lazy stitch beaded strips over shoulders and on each sleeve. Panels with turquoise diamond designs on dark blue ground also with white, green, yellow, red and pink on strips. Upper portion and sleeves also have small beaded squares in red and pink or turquoise and yellow. Human hair bundles run over shoulders and on sleeves, most dark but some light horse hair bundles. Bundles wrapped with undyed porcupine quills and attached to blue beads. Tabs at bottom on each side decorated with triangular piece of red and blue wool with white, blue and green beaded border. | Book: juvenile, Discovering the Arts, Native American Culture, by Katherine Gleason, Rourke Publishing LLC, Vero Beach, 2006, (received Sept. 2005) | NA.202.598Dk.JPG | NA.202.598view1.JPG | NA.202.598view2.JPG | NA.202.598.jpg | strips | Diamond | triangular | squares | shirt | human hair | Horse Hair | deer hide | Glass seed beads | pigment | porcupine quills | wool | South Dakota | Sioux

South Dakota | Lakota | Nort...
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Exhibit notes: Feather headdress, ca. 1925, Lakota

Museum record: NA.205.14A/B | 1920-1930 | bonnet height: 21.5 in | The Catherine Bradford Collection, Gift of The Coe Foundation | Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. (A) War bonnet - buckskin skull cap with lazy stitch bead front band in multi-color geometric design on white background. Multi-color bead rosettes and tabs with tin cone and feather puff tassels at each side of band. Wrapped quillwork tassel on rosettes. Otter and ermine strips with bead and yellow horse hair tips. 30 eagle feathers with feather puffs at tips and base with red beaded stems. (B) Trailer - buckskin strips with painted animals, pipes and geometric designs. Red, white and blue bead edge. 72 eagle feathers with feather puffs at tips. Red beaded feather stem bases. Fringe at bottom edge and top panel. Green ribbon tied to bottom feathers. | NA.205.14AB.JPG | geometric | multi-color | rosettes | pipes | animals | War bonnet | trailer | eagle | ribbon | feather | seed | Beads | fringe | porcupine | hair | tin | green | lazy stitch | ermine | feathers | cones | puffs | quills | hide | otter | horse | deer | South Dakota | Lakota | Northern Plains | Sioux

Blackfeet | Northern Plains ...
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Exhibit notes: Horse mask, 19th century, Blackfeet

Museum record: NA.403.215 | ca. 1875 | width across back: 10.5 in, wide at widest point: 18 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | good, fringe brittle | na.403.215.jpg | NA.403.215.v3 (Medium).jpg | NA.403.215v1.jpg | NA.403.215v2.jpg | NA.403.215v3.jpg | NA.403.215v4.jpg | NA.403.215.v1 (Medium).jpg | NA.403.215.v2 (Medium).jpg | horse hood | horse mask | Tanned buffalo hide | brass tacks | wood | ribbon | Cotton cloth | glass beads | ochre | Blackfeet | Northern Plains