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Fun for Kids

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Emily Buckles

American Bison
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Exhibit notes: Nothing is cuter than Bison calves in Yellowstone

Museum record: DRA.305.91 | American Bison | Bison bison | Mammalia | 305.91.jpg

Northern Plains | doll and h...
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Exhibit notes: Amazing toys for Plains Indian children

Museum record: NA.507.18 | ca. 1900 | doll length: 7 in | Gift of Lucile M. Wright | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Stuffed female doll and horse. Doll has tanned dress. Horse is tanned hide with saddle. Bead decoration on dress, overlay beaded decoration on boot moccasins, and on saddle bags, horse neck decoration. Black painted spots on horse. Horse hair braids on doll and name on horse. | BBHC Cody Enterprise column: “Your Museum Matters” – December 1, 2008 From our collection: As kids, parents, and everyone in between are thinking toys and games this holiday season, we’re reminded that not only are playthings a part of numerous cultures, they’ve been around for ages, too. A civilization’s toys can tell a good deal about its beliefs, priorities, or everyday life. For instance, Native American toys helped prepare children for adult responsibilities. They were often miniature replicas of tools and implements, and play imitated adult tasks. The first dolls made by Lakota and other Plains tribes were simple figures of clay or rawhide cutouts stuffed with buffalo hair or grass. The detail in doll clothing helped an Indian girl learn her family’s way of making household objects. Finally, they were typically made by grandparents and rarely had much detail so features could be left to a child’s imagination. Photo caption/credit: Northern Plains doll and horse, ca. 1900. Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming. Gift of Ms. Lucile M. Wright. NA.507.18 | NA.507.18.JPG | NA.507.18.jpg | horse | spots | doll and horse | trade | hide | seed | hair | pigment | Beads | deer | cloth | horse | tanned | Northern Plains

South Dakota | Sioux | doll ...
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NA.507.64 | 1890 | width: 9 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Female -- Deerskin, canvas, dress is painted yellow with red fringe at bottom. Cowrie shells across shoulders; beaded strip around bottom in white, green and blue; beaded leather belt in turquoise, white and blue; dentlium, black beads and leather necklace and earrings; beaded moccasins and leggings in white, green, blue and red white hearts. | NA.507.64.JPG | NA.507.64.jpg | doll | dentallium | pigment | seed beads | deer hide | cowrie | tanned | Horse Hair | shells | canvas | South Dakota | Sioux

Daisy Manufacturing Co., Ply...
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1993.8.83 | 1940-1954 | L: 35.5 in, Barrel length: 11.75 in, H: 7 in | Gift of Thomas K. Hutchinson | stock, left side:Red Ryder [top of receiver] Daisy Red Ryder Carbine/ No.111-Model 40-Pats. 880,555-1,062,855-other pats. pend./ Daisy Mfg. Co. Plymouth, Michigan, U.S.A. | Red Ryder No.111-Model 40 | .177 | 1993.8.83v1.jpg | 1993.8.83v2.jpg | 1993.8.83.JPG | firearm | leather | wood | steel | airgun | Daisy Manufacturing Co., Plymouth, MI

Gray Wolf
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Exhibit notes: Pups at play prepares them for a life of hunting

Museum record: DRA.305.7 | Gift of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service | Gray Wolf | Canis lupus | Mammalia | 305.7 (2).JPG | 305.7 (1).jpg

Northern Plains | Moccasins ...
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NA.507.103 | L: 3.25 in, width: 1.375 in, H: 1 in | Gift of Harriet and Edson Spencer | Ritual and Recreation; Toys. Doll mocs decorated with a blue and white beaded cross. | na.507.103.jpg | cross | Moccasins | doll | Beads | leather | Northern Plains

Sioux | South Dakota | nette...
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NA.507.56 | 1885 | Diameter: 11.5 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Wooden stick formed into a hoop with braided leather thongs forming a net effect. | NA.507.56.JPG | na.507.56.jpg | netted hoop | hoop | leather | wood | braided | shaped | thongs | stick | Sioux | South Dakota

Other | skate, ice
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Exhibit notes: ice skates made by Winchester

Museum record: 1983.3.31 | skates - .1; and box - .2 | 1983.3.31v2.jpg | 1983.3.31v1.jpg | Other | skate, ice

Out to Lunch
Coe, Anne | Painting | acryl...
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Exhibit notes: Kids are always drawn to this painting. Is it the picnic? the bears? the colors? They love it all!

Museum record: 2.93.2 | 1990 | H: 45.375 in, width: 65.625 in, Frame height: 47.875 in, Frame width: 68 in | Out to Lunch | Gift of the artist and D. Harold Byrd, Jr. | Coe uses humor to deal with environmental issues. In Out to Lunch, bears picnic in the shadow of the Teton Mountains. The painting evokes controversies over management of bears in the National Parks, especially concerning issues of food, of the interaction between humans and bears, and of the definition of wilderness. | LRC, in script: Anne Coe | 2.93.2.jpg | 2.93.2.jpg | 2.93.2.JPG | 2.93.2.jpg | 2.93.2.web.jpg | 2.93.2.jpg | bear | picnic | Tetons | Painting | acrylic on canvas | Coe, Anne

Northern Plains | toy horse ...
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NA.507.90 | H: 13.75 in, width: 4.5 in, L: 13 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Ritual and Recreation, Toys. Toy horse/saddle/saddlebags. Hand tanned white buckskin, rawhide and canvas. Beads are lustre, seed, silver, brass and clear. Wooden legs and frame are cottonwood. | Book: Welcome to Kaya's World, 1764, Growing Up in a Native American Homeland; The American Girls Collection; Pleasant Company Publications; Middleton, WI; 2003; front cover , and page 14 | NA.507.90.jpg | NA.507.90.JPG | toy horse | canvas | tanned | deer hide | Horse Hair | seed beads | rawhide | cotton wood | Northern Plains

Sioux | South Dakota | toy t...
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NA.507.58 | 1890 | L: 20.625 in, width: 38.125 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | FUNCTION: Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Deerskin, painted with three Indians on horseback in black, green and orange. ---1982 Purchase Installment #2. Photographed 4-28-87. | NA.507.58.JPG | na.507.58v1.jpg | na.507.58.jpg | na.507.58v2.jpg | three Indians on horseback | toy tipi cover | orange | black | painted | deer hide | tanned | green | Sioux | South Dakota

Russell, Charles M. | Sculpt...
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Exhibit notes: I love this playful sculpture by CM Russell.

Museum record: 37.60 | unknown | H: 6.25 in, width: 5.625 in, depth: 5.625 in | Treed | Wax: Gift of Dr. Armand Hammer and Charles Stone Jones. Base: Gift from National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, Oklahoma City | This sculpture has recently been restored to its original appearance, as it was when Russell made it. After the artist's death, a foundry altered the sculpture by cutting off the knot and adding a different base, in order to make it easy to cast into bronze. The knot was located in a Russell collection at another museum and was donated to this museum, so that it could be restored. | CMRussell (skull) | 37.60.jpg | 37.60.jpg | 37.60.web.jpg | 37.60.JPG | Sculpture | wax | mixed media | Charles Russell (1864-1926) Treed date unknown, wax and mixed media Gift of Dr. Armand Hammer and Charles Stone Jones (base: Gift of National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City), 37.60 After the artist's death a foundry altered Ready for the Kill and Treed to make it easier to cast them into bronze. In the process, they cut off the bottom of the trees and added different bases. Not long ago, the original trees were located at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. They were donated to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and the sculptures were restored to their original states. | Russell, Charles M.