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A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Stafford, Ostermiller, Floy, Kleersnyder

Indian Women Movi...
Russell, Charles M. | Painti...
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21.70 | 1898 | sight height: 20 in, sight width: 28 in, Frame height: 30.75 in, Frame width: 38.75 in, mat width: 31.5 in, mat height: 23.5 in, frame depth: 2.25 in | Indian Women Moving Camp | Gift of William E. Weiss | Indian women played important roles in a number of Russell paintings and he produced several versions of the subject of Indian women moving camp. The subject provided the artist with the opportunity of depicting the Indian women proudly riding on horseback. He used a compositional group placed at a slight diagonal to the picture plane which is similar to his subject of Indian warriors. Thus he accords the same dignity to the women's work. | LLC C M Russell (skull) 1898 | 21.70.JPG | 21.70.jpg | Landscape | Group | Indian | Animal | Painting | watercolor on paper | Russell, Charles M.

Indian Woman
Catlin, George (after) | Pri...
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18.62 | sight height: 34.5 in, sight width: 47 in, Frame height: 38.5 in, Frame width: 50.875 in | Indian Woman | Gift from Robert D. Coe | 18.62.JPG | Print | litho on linen | Catlin, George (after)

Plateau | Nez Perce | tipi |...
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NA.302.126 | ca. 1850 | H: 195.75 in, L: 258 x 222 x 258 x 222 x 102 x 244 x 244 x 108 in, width: 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 x 1.75 x .375 x .375 x 1 in | Gift of Douglas L. Manship, Sr. | Buffalo hide tipi with 4 red, right hand prints around the doorway. Solid red circles in a wavy pattern around exterior. Buffalo tails on tipi with empty red circles around them. Red semi-cirle around each door opening. Approximately 10-12 buffalo hides. Eight leather strips of various strips (B-I). | na.302.126v1.jpg | na.302.126v13.jpg | na.302.126v14.jpg | na.302.126v16.jpg | na.302.126v17.jpg | na.302.126v3.jpg | na.302.126v6.jpg | na.302.126v9.jpg | na.302.126v10.jpg | na.302.126v11.jpg | na.302.126v12.jpg | na.302.126v15.jpg | na.302.126v18.jpg | na.302.126v2.jpg | na.302.126v4.jpg | na.302.126v5.jpg | na.302.126v7.jpg | na.302.126v8.jpg | NA.302.126.jpg | hands | balls | tipi | hide | buffalo | pigment | Plateau | Nez Perce

The Broken Bow
Sharp, Joseph Henry | Painti...
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7.75 | ca. 1912 | sight height: 44.5 in, sight width: 59.375 in, Frame height: 55.375 in, Frame width: 70.25 in, frame depth: 4 in | The Broken Bow | Museum Purchase | In Montana Sharp lived in a log cabin; in New Mexico he lived in an adobe house and used an abandoned chapel for his studio. He probably painted this work in his Taos studio but posed his models wearing Plains Indian clothing. Sharp's Montana cabin has been moved to the museum's grounds and can be seen in the garden between the Whitney Gallery and the Cody Firearms Museum. | LL: J.H. Sharp | Acoustiguide. Title written in pencil | 7.75.jpg | 7.75.JPG | 7.75.jpg | 7.75.jpg | 7.75.jpg | 7.75.web.jpg | bow and arrow | Indian | child | son | Group | father | Painting | oil on canvas | Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953) The Broken Bow ca. 1912, oil on canvas Museum Purchase Sharp is remembered for his paintings of Indians in tranquil settings. Here, he depicts an intimate scene of a father and son. Sharp often mixed items from different Indian cultures to create a pleasing composition. For instance, notice the Plains Indian accessories on the figures placed in a pueblo setting. 7.75 | Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953) The Broken Bow ca. 1912, oil on canvas Museum Purchase A very nice painting of a father and son sharing and learning. Sweet. Great colors. A nice look at the personal life of all the Indians. I know he ordered the frame special for this painting but personally, I don’t care for western art in gold frames. The frame is really beautiful but a nice wooden frame to me just fits better. - Lee, studio art class student 7.75 | Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953) The Broken Bow ca. 1912, oil on canvas Museum Purchase I love this piece. This painting tells an age-old story of the next generation learning from the previous one. Besides the story, if you look at this painting from different angles, the people in the painting seem to move. It is one of the most unique paintings I have ever viewed. It has movement. -Sandy, Buffalo Bill Center of the West gallery guard 7.75 | Sharp, Joseph Henry