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American History

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Teresa Rowan

Sac and Fox | Meskwaki | Sau...
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NA.507.9 | ca. 1890 | L: 16 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Male -- Carved wooden doll with black wool shirt and breech cloth, buckskin leggings with bead decoration, purple and green ribbon trim, wooden and bead necklace. Fur hat with beaded tabs attached. Feather in back, metal armbands. Holding wooden war club. Fur and bead knee bands. | NA.507.9.JPG | na.507.9.jpg | arm bands | Beads | claws | ribbon | carved | trade | wool | cloth | Animal | fur | seed | wood | metal | feather | Sac and Fox | Meskwaki | Sauk and Fox

Esther Bull Weasel | Crow | ...
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NA.507.82P | ca. 1910 | The Crow Indian Collection of Dr. William and Anna Petzoldt, gift of Genevieve Petzoldt Fitzgerald | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Painted rawhide and leather fringe. | NA.507.82A-Y.JPG | na.507.82p.jpg | bag | pigment | rawhide | leather | Esther Bull Weasel | Crow

Great Basin | basket | cotto...
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NA.506.96 | Early 20th century | H: 4 in, Diameter: 21 in, Base Width: 6.75 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Ritual and Recreations; Gifts and Novelties. Polished cotton yarn coil-stiched over hemp (string rod), irregular split interlock stitches; self coil start and compound binding and braided selvage rim. Colors: natural (beige); black; red. Design: Double terrace and variation of line with alternate blocks encircling basket. Shape deep bowl. | na.506.96.jpg | double | blocks | terrace | basket | cotton | yarn | hemp | Great Basin

Lower Pacific Northwest | Ma...
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NA.506.73 | 20th century | basket height: 2.625 in, Diameter: 4.125 in, lid height: .5 in, lid diameter: 3.375 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Ritual and Recreation; Gifts and Novelties. Trinket basket with lid: Round twined basket, straight sides with deep shoulder at top and woven cedar bark rim, flat bottom with woven cedar bark slats at center and twining around outside, sides wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow and dyed navy blue and yellow bands at top and bottom with a central band of staggered parallelograms in dyed navy and orange stripes. Round twined flat lid with 3/8" sides, wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow, center radial star is dyed blue-black, outer band has zigzag dyed yellow center flanked by dyed blue-black, side has rows of blue-black, orange and purple. | na.506.73.jpg | basket | lid | cedar bark | bear grass | Lower Pacific Northwest | Makah or Nootka

Tlingit | Upper Pacific Nort...
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NA.506.66 | 20th century | basket height: 3 in, Diameter: 4.25 in, lid height: .875 in, lid diameter: 4.375 in | Simplot Collection, gift of J.R. Simplot | FUNCTION: Recreation and Ritual/Gifts and Novelty Trinket basket with lid: Round twined basket, straight sides, flat bottom, natural brown western red cedar (?) and stika spruce root, false embroidery of beargrass with band of fretwork in dyed purple bordered top and bottom with rows of spots in dyed purple and yellow. Round twined flat lid with 5/8" sides, natural brown with false emroidered central band of 2 rows each dyed purple and yellow spots. | NA.506.66.JPG | basket | lid | spruce root | bear grass | red cedar | Tlingit | Upper Pacific Northwest

Tohono O'odham | Southwest |...
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NA.506.42 | 20th century | H: 1.5 in, Diameter: 5.25 in | Gift of Mrs. F. W. Watrous | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Round flat basket bowl with dark design, bundle coiled construction. || Miniature coiled basket on a bundle foundation with an overcast rim stitch. The design is devil's claw. Made for sale(Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | NA.506.42.JPG | dark design | basket | cattail | bear grass | devil's claw | yucca leaf | Tohono O'odham | Southwest | Papago

Crow Indian Parad...
Red Star, Kevin | Painting |...
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7.94 | 1982 | H: 42 in, width: 31.875 in | Crow Indian Parade Rider | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Weiss | Kevin Red Star researches the culture, clothing and history of his tribe, the Crow, for his paintings. He exaggerates color and simplifies form to enhance the brilliant glimpse of Crow life. | [verso, ULC:] "CROW INDIAN PARADE RIDER"/Kevin Red Star/Santa Fe, New Mexico/ 1982 c (in a circle) [on label:] 1994/ CmRussell Auction/ of Original/ Western Art/ Entry 100 | LRC: Kevin Red Star | 7.94.jpg | 7.94.JPG | 7.94.jpg | 7.94.web.jpg | 7.94.jpg | Crow | parade | horse | Painting | oil on canvas | Red Star, Kevin

Crow Winter Camp ...
Red Star, Kevin | Painting |...
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15.99.4 | 1999 | H: 22.625 in, width: 30.25 in, Frame height: 34 in, Frame width: 41.5 in | Crow Winter Camp in Teepees | William E. Weiss Memorial Fund Purchase | The cool, clear silence toward the end of a perfect winter day is evoked in Red Star's painting Crow Winter Camp in Teepees. The artist explained his intentions for the work, "I wanted it to be a tranquil, serene setting. I was thinking about dusk--seeing the light reflecting from the setting sun." | LLC: 'CROW WINTER CAMP IN TEEPEES' [LRC, embossed in paper:] 40 AQUARIUS [label, verso, ulc:] BUFFALO BILL/ ART SHOW & SALE/ #75/ Kevin Red Star | LRC: Kevin Red Star | 15.99.4.jpg | 15.99.4.jpg | 15.99.4.web.jpg | winter | dusk | tipis | Crow | Painting | oil on paper | Red Star, Kevin

Northern Plains | doll and h...
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NA.507.18 | ca. 1900 | doll length: 7 in | Gift of Lucile M. Wright | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Stuffed female doll and horse. Doll has tanned dress. Horse is tanned hide with saddle. Bead decoration on dress, overlay beaded decoration on boot moccasins, and on saddle bags, horse neck decoration. Black painted spots on horse. Horse hair braids on doll and name on horse. | BBHC Cody Enterprise column: “Your Museum Matters” – December 1, 2008 From our collection: As kids, parents, and everyone in between are thinking toys and games this holiday season, we’re reminded that not only are playthings a part of numerous cultures, they’ve been around for ages, too. A civilization’s toys can tell a good deal about its beliefs, priorities, or everyday life. For instance, Native American toys helped prepare children for adult responsibilities. They were often miniature replicas of tools and implements, and play imitated adult tasks. The first dolls made by Lakota and other Plains tribes were simple figures of clay or rawhide cutouts stuffed with buffalo hair or grass. The detail in doll clothing helped an Indian girl learn her family’s way of making household objects. Finally, they were typically made by grandparents and rarely had much detail so features could be left to a child’s imagination. Photo caption/credit: Northern Plains doll and horse, ca. 1900. Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming. Gift of Ms. Lucile M. Wright. NA.507.18 | NA.507.18.JPG | NA.507.18.jpg | horse | spots | doll and horse | trade | hide | seed | hair | pigment | Beads | deer | cloth | horse | tanned | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | Crow | dre...
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NA.202.39 | ca. 1885 | L: 21.75 in, width: 13.75 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Child's -- Blue wool tradecloth with red cloth neck yoke and band, red band at bottom of sleeves with strip of tan cloth. 3/4 of bodice (front and back) covered with imitation elk teeth. Sleeves completely covered with teeth. Rawhide ties at neck. | NA.202.39.JPG | NA.202.39.jpg | dress | wool | imitation | teeth | muslin | elk | rawhide | Northern Plains | Crow

Oklahoma | Southern Arapaho ...
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NA.204.1 | ca. 1890 | width at shoulders: 33 in | Gift of J.C. "Kid" Nichols | Dress and Adornment - Religious Attire. Ghost dance dress - white buckskin dress, sinew sewn, rectangular strips pieced into shoulders, yoke/sleeves sewn to skirt, triangular extensions sewn at lower side seams to give skirt more flare; self fringe at side seams, added fringe at sleeve ends, self and added fringe at hem. Upper 3/4 of dress is painted blue with blue outlined natural buckskin stars in rows, painted green band separate blue upper dress from bottom 1/4 which is painted yellow-groups of 4 line and circle designs extend into yellow from green band, bottom edge has a red line with triangles pointing up, outlined with blue, triangular extensions have 2 rows of blue dots and 1 row of red dots at bottom. Yoke has laced-in fringe across front and back, fringes are trimmed with mescal seeds, ermine tails and feet, dyed red breath feathers and satin ribbons in fushia, blue, golden yellow on back, red, blue, faded light blue and faded pink on front, front also has an advertising mirror from Herbert Spencer cigars and a sinew wrapped lock of black hair. Four sleeve fringes on each sleeve are trimmed with 3 brass beads, right side fringes have 12 hawk bells, left side fringes have 9 hawk bells tied into them. | NA.204.1.jpg | NA.204.1.JPG | circle | triangles | dots | line | stars | Ghost Dance dress | brass beads | pigments | human hair | mirror | ermine | dyed feathers | silk ribbon | sinew | mescal seeds | brass bells | tanned deer hide | Oklahoma | Southern Arapaho

The Golden Gate, ...
Moran, Thomas | Painting | o...
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4.75 | 1893 | H: 36.25 in, width: 50.25 in, Frame height: 46.5 in, Frame width: 60.5 in, frame depth: 4 in | The Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park | Museum purchase | Moran's name became synonymous with Yellowstone. He accompanied the official governmental expedition into the region in 1871. His sketches of the wonders helped to convince Congress to establish Yellowstone as the first national park. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate. | LRC: TMoran./1893 | Book: Exhibition catalog; America! Storie di pittura dal Nuovo Mondo; linead'ombralibri, Treviso, Italy; 2007; page 64-65 | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.JPG | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.web.jpg | transportation | Figure | Landscape | Group | Animal | Painting | oil on canvas | Thomas Moran (1837-1926) Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park 1893, oil on canvas Museum purchase Thomas "Yellowstone" Moran was the artist's nickname because of his close ties to Yellowstone National Park. He joined an official government expedition to the region in 1871. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate. 4.75 | Born in England, Thomas Moran created thousands of oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints of the American West. The artist accompanied Ferdinand V. Hayden’s 1871 survey of the Yellowstone region and catapulted to fame the following year when Congress purchased his monumental painting The Grand Cañon of the Yellowstone, 1872. Twenty years later Moran returned to Yellowstone to paint the dramatic landscapes that had made him famous. This view of the passage known as the Golden Gate highlights a new trestle, built to accommodate the growing number of tourists drawn to America’s first national park. | Moran, Thomas

Green River, Oregon
Miller, Alfred Jacob | Paint...
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7.59 | after 1837 | H: 8 in, width: 10.75 in, Frame height: 11.875 in, Frame width: 14.625 in, frame depth: 1.75 in | Green River, Oregon | Gift of Carman H. Messmore | In 1837, Miller attended a rendezvous of fur trappers at a site along the Green River. At that time, the site was considered part of the Oregon Territory, but now it is in the state of Wyoming. | Verso LR: Green River, Oregon | 7.59.JPG | 7.59.jpg | 7.59.jpg | Landscape | Painting | oil on paper mounted on board | Miller, Alfred Jacob

Northern Plains | Sioux | ha...
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NA.505.16 | ca. 1940 | square: 13.375 in, H: 3.75 in | Ritual and Recreation: Musical Instruments. Square wooden frame with rawhide stretched over and laced. Green painted along outside edges. Hand with bow and arrow painted on one side; Indian chief on horse on other side. Two eagle feathers attached. | NA.505.16.JPG | na.505.16v1.jpg | na.505.16v2.jpg | hand with bow and arrow | Indian chief on horse | hand drum | eagle | Square | frame | green | cover | wood | feathers | rawhide | painted | Northern Plains | Sioux

Blackfoot | Kainai | Canada ...
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NA.403.221 | ca. 1870 | width: 20 in, L: 13 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Fully beaded mask bordered or fringed in feathers - typical of Blackfoot or Blackfeet. "Star" on either side, as well as "boxed hourglass." yellow looped beads at eye holes = "Thunder" Feat in book, "American Indian Horse Masks," 206. by Michael Condrey, pg. 31. | NA.403.221.v1.jpg | NA.403.221.v2.jpg | horse mask | silk ribbon | cotton thread | tanned hide | glass beads | common raven feathers | Blackfoot | Kainai | Canada

Madonna of the Pr...
Koerner, W.H.D. | Painting |...
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25.77 | 1921 | H: 37 in, width: 28.75 in, Frame height: 43.5 in, Frame width: 35.5 in, frame depth: 3.5 in | Madonna of the Prairie | Museum purchase | In the novel The Covered Wagon, Molly Wingate traveled the Oregon Trail with a wagon train of settlers. Encountering prairie fires and Indian arrows, the beautiful maiden eventually reached Oregon, where, in the conventions of popular fiction, she found true love. In this illustration for the novel's book jacket, Koerner used the covered wagon to form a halo around the pioneer's head. | LR: WHD/Koerner/1921 | see ARGUS record SEP.V194.40.1922, The Saturday Evening Post, April 1, 1922. Madonna of the Prairie was used as the cover illustration. | Book: exhibition catalog, La Mythologie De L' Ouest, Dans L'Art Americain 1830-1940, Laurent Salome, editor, Silvana Editoriale, Milan, 2007, page 89 | 25.77.jpg | 25.77.JPG | 25.77.jpg | 25.77.web.jpg | 25.77.jpg | 25.77.jpg | covered wagon | woman | Painting | oil on canvas | Koerner, W.H.D.

Man and Woman, Si...
Reiss, Winold | Painting | g...
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9.71 | ca. 1929 | sight height: 29.375 in, sight width: 21.25 in, Frame height: 33.75 in, Frame width: 25.625 in | Man and Woman, Sign Talking | Gift of W. Tjark Reiss | Before the coming of the Europeans to America sign language was used to overcome the barrier posed by hundreds of distinct languages being spoken. In this painting the woman appears to use the sign for "alone" however the way in which the finger completes the motion is the final indicator of its meaning. | Restrictions: Can only be reproduced in exhibition catalogues without the permission of W. Tjark Reiss. | 9.71.jpg | 9.71.jpg | 9.71.web.jpg | 9.71.JPG | Piegan | Indian | Painting | gouache and pastel | Reiss, Winold

Mark Soldier Wolf
Matteson, Deanna | Painting ...
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9.03 | 2003 | H: 24 in, width: 18.75 in, Frame height: 32 in, Frame width: 26.625 in, frame depth: 1.125 in | Mark Soldier Wolf | William E. Weiss Memorial Fund Purchase | With precise detail, Matteson depicts a regal portrait of Mark Soldier Wolf in his striking dance regalia. According to Soldier Wolf, a traditional Arapaho Powwow Dancer from Wind River, Wyoming, "The Arapaho believe that no one plans their life journey, you just take what is given to you; life will continue to exist before this time and after this time. Life is short and death is sweet." | 9.03.jpg | 9.03.jpg | Soldier Wolf, Mark | Painting | oil on board | Matteson, Deanna

Akimal O'odam | Pima | South...
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NA.506.45 | mid-1800s | H: .25 in, Diameter: 3.625 in | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Coiled basket tray of woven split reed with design of dyed dark brown and natural reed. Central design morif is a dark brown circle with 4 radiating arms, arms have angular and zig-zag lines connecting to outside edge. Edge is bound in dark brown. | Made as a product to sell. | NA.506.45VIEW1.JPG | NA.506.45VIEW2.JPG | NA.506.45VIEW3.JPG | na.506.45.jpg | zigzag | arms | circle | miniature basket | devil's claw | Willow | Akimal O'odam | Pima | Southwest | Arizona

Northern Plains | natal amul...
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NA.502.194 | overall length: 9.25 in, width: 8 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Written on buckskin in pen: 50 | Ritual and Recreation Toys. White buckskin shaped as a lizard. Sewn together with white string. Beaded with white and dark blue seed beads. Orange horsehair with 10 tin cone dangles. Four dangles missing from horsehair. Left front leg has original string tie and horsehair. The others all have recently been given new ties of white nylon string, also some new horsehair. | na.502.194.jpg | NA.502.194.JPG | lizard | natal amulet | Buckskin | Beads | tin cone | horsehair | nylon | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | natal char...
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NA.502.9 | ca. 1890 | L: 5.375 in, width: 2.5 in | The Mr. & Mrs. Sandberg collection given in memory of Babe and Sandy Sandberg by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. & Mrs. Claude Phillips | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Tanned, orange and black overlay bead decoration on top, green bead border. Tin cones and red feather puffs on legs. | na.502.9.jpg | NA.502.9.JPG | natal charm | tin | Beads | feathers | tanned | Red | hide | seed | cones | puffs | orange | deer | black | green | Northern Plains

So-soreh | Northern Plains |...
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NA.702.31 | 1900 | L: 55.125 in, width: 60.75 in | Written on back in blue: PAINTED/BY/KADZIE CODY-SHOSHONI INDIAN/NOVENBEN, 1906/PRESENTED TO F.A. HEPBURN./BY HIS WYPA | Communication and Media of Exchange: Writing and Records. Cow(?) hide, tanned; painted all over one side with horsemen hunting buffalo; the center has a sun dance pole and men dancing around it with others singing; also depicted is a tipi and a rider with a bonnet with a long trailer; colors are black, yellow, blue, green and red. ---Personal property of Mary Jester Allen Helen Cody Allen. | NA.702.31.JPG | na.702.31.jpg | NA.702.31.jpg | sun dance pole | rider with a bonnet with a long trailer | men dancing around it with others singing | tipi | horsemen hunting buffalo | painted hide | hide | cow | pigment | tanned | So-soreh | Northern Plains | Codsiogo | Eastern Shoshone | Cody, Cadzi

Northern Plains | Lakota | p...
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NA.702.41 | ca. 1900 | L: 71 in, width: 81 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | : Tanned cow hide, fur on, 16 scenes with horses and human figures. All figures in side profile view; 1 female figure in front view. All scenes have painted horses with male rider, possibly Lakota and probably same person, with male and female figures next to horse/rider in each scene. The standing males appear to be Crow. Males both have weapons in each scene: bows, sabres, guns. In 8 different scenes the rider carries four (4) hooped sticks with feathers; four (4) coup sticks. Each horse is 14 ½" diameter. Three (3) of the scenes have same full length feather bonnet; (1) is full feather bonnet with buffalo horns. Three (3) scenes have swept back bonnet - possibly same one. Remainder are male (possibly/probably same male) with 1 or 2 eagle feathers in hair. Four (4) scenes with females; one of these has two (2) female figures. The horses in 16 scenes: Two (2) orange/yellow horses; (5) red horses; two (2) black horses; two (2) blue; one (1) majority blue with gray underbelly; two (2) white with blue patches in same areas; one (1) beige with orange patches; one (1) beige with yellow patches. | na.702.41.jpg | NA.702.41.v2 (Medium).jpg | painted hide | cotton thread | tanned domestic cow hide | ink | pigments | Northern Plains | Lakota

Biss, Earl | Print | color l...
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6.82 | 1977 | comp height: 26 in, comp width: 18.5 in, Frame height: 34 in, Frame width: 25.75 in | Parley | LRC: Biss 77, LLC: Trial Proof, Center bottom: Parley | 6.82.JPG | 6.82.jpg | 6.82.jpg | 6.82.web.jpg | Indian | Animal | Group | Print | color lithograph on paper | Biss, Earl