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Home Again, the New American West -

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Barb

fishing rod
Proctor, Alexander Phimister...
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Exhibit notes: Hoping some fish survived. Could use the line, too.

Museum record: 11.06.537 | L: 36.625 in, width: 0 in, depth: 0 in, Diameter: 0 x 0 in | fishing rod | Gift of A. Phimister Proctor Museum with special thanks to Sandy and Sally Church | 11.06.537.jpg | fishing rod | thread | glue | cork | metal | bamboo | varnish | Proctor, Alexander Phimister

hat | leather | Beads | rang...
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Exhibit notes: Handy for protection, drinking water - and to carry stuff.

Museum record: 1.69.943 | ca. 1876 | brim: 3.5 in, crown: 6 in | Gift from the George T. Beck Family to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center | Hatband: Leonard T.S., Leather sweat band stamped: Patented Improved Sweat Jan. 9 `78/Trade Mark/The T Ray/Reg. Oct. 8th 1876 | Felt ranger style hat, raw edges with Indian beaded hatband. | 1.69.943front.JPG | 1.69.943back.JPG | hat | leather | Beads | ranger style | felt

John Wentzel | Plains | pres...
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Exhibit notes: So I can recognize the yarrow plant that I'm sure will survive if I do. Helps with inflammation, right? And has other medicinal properties. Couldn't decide between this and chokecherry for food, needles, but pretty sure if I can't recognize chokecherries, I'll have bigger problems than gathering plants.

Museum record: NA.603.7 | 1989 | Frame height: 16.875 in, Frame width: 12.125 in, depth: 1 in | Food and Medicines - Ethnobotanicals. Achillea millefolium [Yarrow]. Single stalk with fern-like leaves. Clusters of small white flowers on stem at top of stalk. One main root with numerous small roots. USES: Leaves, chewed or mashed, poultice for cuts, sores, burns. Leaves tea for fevers and colds. Leaves, decoction to apply to body aches. (Jeff Hart). Collection, pressed and framed. | NA.603.7.JPG | na.603.7.jpg | pressed plants | glass | wood | plant | John Wentzel | Plains

Trax | Sioux | sneakers | hi...
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Exhibit notes: Who doesn't need a pair of Chuck's? Handy to climb over the debris that's sure to be strewn all over the place.

Museum record: NA.202.845 | 1987 | L: 10.625 in, width: 3.625 in, H: 5.75 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Man's -- Trax brand high top sneakers with turquoise canvas uppers, white rubber toe and sole with painted black midline, 8 pair silver metal grommets and white laces. Beaded pyramid design around bottom edge and across toe with single row beading around upper edges and over stitching lines and single row beaded medicine wheel on outside of ankle; all seed beads in brown, light blue, red, orange and yellow. Size 7 1/2 | NA.202.845.JPG | lines | medicine wheel | Pyramid | sneakers | high tops | metal | pigment | rubber | glass beads | uppers | grommets | canvas | cotton | Trax | Sioux

Southeastern | basket | wood
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Exhibit notes: I can collect things with this basked slung over my arm while having one hand free to grab my knife - warding off crazed, post-apocalyptic beings

Museum record: 3.78.478B | pre- 1977 | Diameter: 18.25 in, L: 29 in, wide at widest point: 17.5 in, overall height: 16.5 in | Gift of the artist's heirs, W.H.D. Koerner, III and Ruth Koerner Oliver | Moses in the bullrushes' type woven straw basket with split lid and twisted handle. | Southeastern made melon-style basket with a hinged lid, The handle is three twisted wood rods. may be oak. Made for sale (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | 3.78.478B.JPG | basket | wood | Southeastern

Plateau | Nez Perce | bone n...
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Exhibit notes: Pretty sure I'll need to repair my clothes since the mall will have been blown to smithereens -

Museum record: NA.109.126 | mid-19th Century | L: 3.375 in, width at eye: 0.25 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Single piece of bone, carved to taper down to a point. Round eye drilled through at top (1/8” dia.) | NA.109.126.jpg | NA.109.126.v1.jpg | bone needle | animal bone | Plateau | Nez Perce

U.S.A. | boots | felt | leat...
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Exhibit notes: Workin' Woman boots

Museum record: 1.69.5657 | 1938 | H: 6 in, L: 10.75 in, width: 3.75 in | Gift of Ester Johansson Murray | sole: (indecipherible)/ STEEL (indecipherible)/ MADE IN U.S.A. | Leather lace-up ski boots with square toe. Sole is heavy leather tacked and stitched onto boot. Sides of heel are indented. Boot extends over ankle, felt lining at top of ankle. Leather tab at back of ankle. Brass grommets around lace holes. One lace is green canvas the other is rolled brown lace. | 1.69.5657front.JPG | 1.69.5657back.JPG | boots | felt | leather | U.S.A.

box | plastic | black
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Exhibit notes: Putting my needles in this cute little box.

Museum record: 1.69.680 | ca. 1930 | H: 1.625 in, width: 3.125 in, L: 4.125 in | Printed on top: The Valley Ranch/(two cowboys on horses)/Valley via Cody(via Cody underlined) Wyoming | Black plastic box for playing cards. (A) top, (B) box. | 1.69.680.jpg | 1.69.680.jpg | box | plastic | black

New Mexico | Zuni Pueblo | c...
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Exhibit notes: I need water. I need a container for the water. Might as well be a pretty one.

Museum record: NA.106.512 | Diameter: 9 in | Gift of Mrs. Hope Williams Read | Utensils and implements - Household. Water canteen - pottery; round; flat base; spout in side; rawhide handle; top painted with flower design in black and orange on white ground, bottom half painted orange. | NA.106.512.JPG | flower | canteen | clay | paint | slip | leather | New Mexico | Zuni Pueblo

Collins & Morrison, Omaha,Ne...
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Exhibit notes: Protects me and my one pair of pants. Will probably help keep me warm, too.

Museum record: 1.69.1282B | pant length: 38.5 in | Gift of Glen Newton, Sr. | Stamped on belt of pants, Collins & Morrison/Omaha, Neb. | Original Cody Cowboy Band uniform leather chaps with fringe along outside edges. | 1.69.1282b.jpg | chaps | leather | Collins & Morrison, Omaha,Neb.

Pro Pelle Cutem, Hudson's Ba...
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Exhibit notes: Those early mountain men don't have anything on me! Not only a coat, but good sleeping mat, too.

Museum record: 1.69.1241 | ca. 1880 | center back length: 47.5 in, chest circumference: 52 in, sleeve length: 26 in | Gift of Mrs. F.N. Bard | PRO PELLE CUTEM/Hudson's Bay Company./INCORPORATED 2ND MAY 1670 [on label in inside left breast pocket:] 28189 | Long buffalo hide coat; heavily-haired shawl collar; slash pocket each side of front; 5 black-painted wood toggles each side of front with 5 black braided loop closings on each front edge; black cotton sateen lining with overall square quilting, black leather reinforcement patches at back vent and back neck, black metal hanging chain riveted to back neck patch, single inside breast pocket on left side faced and lined with same black quilted sateen as body of coat, machine embroidered square label herringbone stitched to pocket face, label has 2 silver stags flanking a red coat of arms underneath with embroidered inscription. Sleeve lining is of same quilted balck sateen; quilting and seams are machine stitched, lining is hand stitched to hide all around edges. Small label with inscription sewn in the inside left breast pocket. | 1.69.1241.jpg | 1.69.1241.jpg | 1.69.1241.JPG | coat | metal | leather | wood | buffalo | black sateen | cotton | hide | Pro Pelle Cutem, Hudson's Bay Company

Justin | cowboy boots | Cord...
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Exhibit notes: Just cuz they're purty.

Museum record: 1.69.2617 | H: 13.25 in, L: 12.25 in, width: 4.25 in | Front of lining is stamped: 2105, 40163/COMBINATION-LAST, Lettering: SINCE/1879/JUSTIN'S FT./WORTH/TEX. | Cowboy boots, men's size 10-1/2B; scallop top brown leather shaft with hand tooled leaf design, top edge is leather braid wrapped tan cord stitched single fretted upper border bordered with top and bottom bands, left side of boots has tan cord stitched initials: JCK (The initials JCK stand for Jack C. Kriendler, Pete's brother ) ; right side of boots has tan cord stitched: 21; center back shaft seam is covered with a strip of tooled leather with a tan cord stitched outer border; foot of boot is polished brick leather with insets on each side of brown leather hand tooled with a leaf design and bordered with tan cord stitched border, edge of brick leather around insets is double stitched with a single row of small holes between the rows of stitching, toes of boots have 9 straight stitched rows and fancy toe stitching; combination lasted leather soles-machine stitched all around and hand pegged along each side of shank, 1-1/2" high undershot boot heels with leather bottoms; inside of shaft is lined with light brick leather reinforced at back of shaft with brown leather, front of lining is stamped. | 1.69.2617.jpg | 1.69.2617.JPG | hand tooled | Leaf | cowboy boots | Cord | scalloped | leather | brown | tan | Justin

ladle | mountain sheep | hor...
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Exhibit notes: My cup, ladle, to stir

Museum record: 1.67.282 | ca. 1890 | Gift of The Coe Foundation | Mountain sheep horn ladle with beaded handle. | 1.67.282.JPG | 1.67.282.jpg | ladle | mountain sheep | horn | Beads

Joseph Rodgers and Sons | hu...
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Exhibit notes: Not much needs to be said about this. I chose for all the obvious reasons, but chose this particular knife because of the shape of the point, bevel, spine and bolster.

Museum record: 1.69.5726.1 | Gift of Charles E. and Margaret C. Humberger | left blade: JOSEPH RODGERS & SONS/ CUTLERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES/No 6 NORFOLK STREET/SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND | Hunting knife with ornate carved wood handle and heavy knife guard. Carved wood is lion and eagle. | 1.69.5726.1.JPG | lion | eagle | hunting knife | metal | wood | Joseph Rodgers and Sons

Medicine Bottle | molded; me...
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Exhibit notes: Bottle with stopper to keep tinctures and other medicines I'll make.

Museum record: 1.69.5519 | H: 7.5 in, width: 2.25 in, depth: 2.25 in | Gift of the Quin Blair Family | On the front of the bottle: [MT. CARMEL/ ICE&/ BOTTLING CO./ MT. CARMEL/ ILLS.] | Medicine bottle with slight green tinge and metal stopper. Cylindrical shaped body with straight sides. Short neck and wide tooled collar of glass. bubbles around inscription on front of bottle. | 1.69.5519.JPG | Medicine Bottle | molded; metal | glass

Other | axe
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Exhibit notes: For firewood, pounding stakes, process food, defense. To make sparks and probably lots of other uses.

Museum record: 1983.3.62 | 1983.3.62v1.jpg | 1983.3.62v2.jpg | Other | axe

pliers, needlenose | Other
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Exhibit notes: To pull things, hold on to things, make things, move things.

Museum record: 1983.3.138 | 1983.3.138v1.jpg | 1983.3.138v2.jpg | pliers, needlenose | Other

pants, woman's | wool
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Exhibit notes: Can't run around naked, even if I'm the only one around!

Museum record: 1.69.4403 | L: 42.5 in, width: 26 in | Woman's wool pants;dark beige with squared pockets and belt loops. Western cut. | 1.69.4403.JPG | pants, woman's | wool

Northern Plains | Sioux | pa...
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Exhibit notes: To store all those things I make with my knife, hatchet, needle, pliers. Plus the dried chokecherries.

Museum record: NA.106.234.1 | 1885-1890 | L: 26.75 in, width: 12.5 in | Utensils and implements - Household. Parfleche - painted rawhide parfleche, four blue diamond designs, yellow borders; also red and black outline; leather laces. Remarks: Larom #158 parfleche (pair). Inventory, January 1975 #158-parfleche envelope cases (one pair) | na.106.234.1v1.jpg | na.106.234.1v2.jpg | NA.106.234.1-2.jpg | NA.106.234.1.JPG | Diamond | blue | parfleche | painted | leather | rawhide | Northern Plains | Sioux

rope | hair | Red | horse | ...
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Exhibit notes: Roping in and tying down, up, together.. .

Museum record: NA.105.3 | ca. 1900 ? | L: 297 in, width: .375 in | Utensils and implements - Tools. Rope - black and yellow horse hair; 1 piece end covers, red wool 5-3/8" blue and white beadwork. | na.105.3.jpg | rope | hair | Red | horse | wool | Beads

sheep wagon
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Exhibit notes: I'm claiming this sheep wagon, wood burning stove and all things contained within!

Museum record: 1.69.2722 | 1920's-1950's | H: 115 in, L: 136 in, width: 75 in | Gift of Quintin Blair Family | Sheep wagon, stove and accoutrements | 1.69.2722.jpg | sheep wagon

Northern Plains | shirt | de...
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Exhibit notes: My winter shirt.

Museum record: NA.202.210 | ca. 1890 | bodice length: 37 in, sleeve length: 27 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Man's -- Red wool shirt with overlay bead shoulder, sleeve, neck and back tabs on deer hide in geometric design. Brass buttons on beadwork. Fringe extending from all tabs. Row of ribbon around bodice of shirt. Serrated edge along bottom of shirt and sleeves. Neck edge bound with green cloth. Ribbon and feather tassles on sleeves. | NA.202.210.JPG | na.202.210v1.jpg | na.202.210v2.jpg | geometric | shirt | deer | fringe | feather | green | tanned | hide | ribbon | Red | brass | cloth | wool | trade | buttons | tassles | seed | Beads | Northern Plains

shirt | brocade | buttons | ...
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Exhibit notes: My summer shirt.

Museum record: 1.69.777 | ca. 1890 | H: 32 in, width: 45 in | Red brushed wool long sleeved shirt, with heavy gold brocade on front and beads, plain off white buttons on front. Belonged to Buffalo Bill. | 1.69.777v1.jpg | 1.69.777v2.jpg | 1.69.777v1.jpg | 1.69.777v2.jpg | shirt | brocade | buttons | Beads | wool

sugar bowl | metal | wood
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Exhibit notes: Cook, hold water, container for other things. I can use the lid for a plate.

Museum record: 1.69.5449C | H: 8.25 in, width: 9 in, depth: 9 in | Gift of the Quin Blair Family | On bottom of teapot in center: [B], on bottom of creamer in center: [A A], on bottom of sugar in center: [N] | Part of a tea set of metal. Motif of 4 hearts joined in the shape of a circle on both front and back sides. Two metal handles on either side. | 1.69.5449c.jpg | sugar bowl | metal | wood