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Western Array

Beautiful items from or about early western cultures and lands.

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Andypat

cowboy hat | leather | felt
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1.69.767 | ca. 1880 | crown: 6 in | Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection | Felt cowboy hat, low crown, raw edge, leather inside hat band. Belonged to Buffalo Bill. | 1.69.767.JPG | 1.69.767v2.jpg | 1.69.767.jpg | cowboy hat | leather | felt

Yellowstone Falls
Bierstadt, Albert | Painting...
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2.63 | ca. 1881 | H: 44.25 in, width: 30.5 in, Frame height: 54 in, Frame width: 39.5 in, frame depth: 4.5 in | Yellowstone Falls | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Taggart | The author of one of the first guidebooks to Yellowstone National Park wrote that he "had the pleasure of sitting beside and conversing with the famous American artist, Bierstadt, as he was seated on a point in the Grand Canyon about 400 feet below the surface engaged in reproducing in oil, upon canvas, the Grand Canyon and Falls. It was indeed marvelous to see with what rapidity and accuracy these scenes were by him transferred to the canvas." | LLC: ABierstadt | Acoustiguide. | Magazine: Yellowstone Science; Volume 13, number 3, summer 2005; article: Yellowstone, Art, and the Emergence of Aesthetic Conservation by Peter H. Hassrick; U.S. Department of the Interior; page 9 | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.JPG | 2.63.jpg | 2.63.web.jpg | Yellowstone Falls | Landscape | Painting | oil on canvas | Bierstadt, Albert

Colt's Cartridge Works, Hart...
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1979.4.1.1 | 1860 | L: 14 in, Barrel length: 7.25 in, H: 5.125 in | Gift of James H. Woods Foundation | top of barrel: ADDRESS SAM (underlined;) L COLT HARTFORD CT. - . [cylinder:] COLTS PATENT No 96458 PL [below cylinder:] COLT'S/PATENT [top of ramrod:] 6458 [front of trigger:] 96458/96458/96458 [bottom of grip:] 96458 | lid: ELEY BROS/Manufacturers, London./100/METAL-LINED/CAPS,/Made expressly for/COLT'S P (raised;) T (with dot below)/Belt and Pocket/ PISTOL S. | cover: 6 Combustible Envelope/CARTRIDGES/MADE OF HAZARD'S POWDER/EXPRESSLY FOR/COL. COLT'S PATENT/REVOLVING BELT PISTOL/ADDRESS/COLT'S CARTRIDGE WORKS/HARTFORD, CONN/US AMERICA | Samuel Colt's personal cased pair of Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolvers. 1979.4.1.1 - revolver; 1979.4.1.2 - revolver; 1979.4.1.3 - case (A-case; B-E lids; F - Key); 1979.4.4 - powder flask; 1979.4.1.5 - bullet mold; 1979.4.1.6 - nipple wrench; 1979.4.1.7 - can; 1979.4.1.8 - cartridge box (Box is intact, contains six paper cartridges). | Colt Model Navy 1851 | .36 caliber | 96458 | 1979.4.1.2 | Calendar: The 1996 United States Shooting Team Calendar, U.S. Shooting Team Foundation, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, March. | 1979.4.1.1.jpg | 1979.4.1.1 v2.jpg | 1979.4.1.1.JPG | firearm | gunpowder | paper | brass | horse | steel | cardboard | velvet | case hardened | silver-plated | wood | lead | metal | blued | ivory | Colt's Cartridge Works, Hartford, CT, U.S.A. | Eley Bros., London, England | Samuel Colt, Hartford, CT, U.S.A.

Northern Plains | shirt | pi...
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NA.202.1184 | ca.1850 | shoulder to shoulder: 24 in, shirt length: 44 in, shirt length: 48 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | leather, wrapped quill design, beaded border, painted, horsehair, wool, horse tracks, quill is broken in areas, good, 1382 | l.312.2006.1500-view1.jpg | l.312.2006.1500-view2.jpg | shirt | shirt | pigment | Beads | tanned hide | horsehair | quills | wool | Northern Plains

Northern Plains | Amoskapi P...
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NA.403.214 | ca.1896 | wide at top: 29 in, width: 23.5 in, L: 24 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | made by Medicine Owl, Blackfeet, quill, red cloth, fringe, feathers (deteriorating), fair | l.312.2006.1821.jpg | l.312.2006.1821v2.jpg | l.312.2006.1821v3.jpg | horse mask | horse mask | pigment | leather | feathers | quills | cloth | Northern Plains | Amoskapi Pikuni | Medicine Owl | Blackfeet

Menominee | Wisconsin | shea...
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NA.102.210 | ca. 1830 | knife length: 14 in, width: 2 in, Diameter: 3.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Knife (a): Porcupine quill work on both pieces. Knife is oxidized but good condition otherwise. Pommel of knife is carved pipestone as a human head with scalplock. Three quill wrapped pieces attached to the top of the head. Sheath (b): Blackened deer skin, quillwok, beads ans tassels are all intact. Excellent condition. | NA.102.210v1.jpg | NA.102.210v2.jpg | NA.102.210v3.jpg | Native American | Menominee | Wisconsin | knife | weapon | sheath | knife | blackened deer hide | metal | vegetal fibers | steel | pipestone | glass beads | tin cones | porcupine quills | Menominee | Wisconsin

jacket | buttons | Buckskin ...
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1.69.784 | 1903 | overall length: 29.5 in, sleeve length: 24 in | The buttons on the jacket are marked “London” | Buckskin jacket with fringe at shoulder seams, down back of sleeves, down center back and on all 4 pockets, 9 plain round brass buttons down front; beaded floral designs on strips and patches of buckskin sewn down either side of front, on pockets, on sleeves and on upper back, colors are blues, pinks, reds, greens, clear pale yellow and faceted gold; on each shoulder is sewn a leather patch with an eagle beaded in blue, white and yellow with a faceted gold border; sleeves have a lazy stitch beaded strip next to fringe and around bottom of triangles in dark blue, faceted gold and red on a white ground; besides 2 floral apppliques, back is directly beaded with an American and a Cuban flag in light blue, dark blue, red and white, lower back is double vented; jacket is partially lined with blue silk satin. | 1.69.784.JPG | 1.69.784v2.jpg | 1.69.784v1.jpg | 1.69.784v3.jpg | eagle | beaded | American | floral | triangles | Cuban | stripes | flags | jacket | buttons | Buckskin | Beads | brass | silk satin

Lakota | Sioux | Moccasins |...
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NA.202.1183 | ca.1880 | L: 11 in, width: 4.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | 1046, quilled, beaded soles, very nice | l.312.2006.1293.jpg | MoccasinWheel1.jpg | MoccasinWheel3.jpg | MoccasinWheel2.jpg | Moccasins | Moccasins | dyed porcupine quills | feathers | glass beads | tanned hide | pigment | silk ribbon | tin cones | Lakota | Sioux

Radisson and Gros...
Remington, Frederic | Painti...
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14.86 | 1905 | H: 17.125 in, width: 30.125 in, Frame height: 22.5 in, Frame width: 35 in | Radisson and Groseilliers | Gift of Mrs. Karl Frank | In 1903 Remington signed an exclusive contract with Collier's magazine to produce works in color on various historic themes related to the American frontier. As part of that work, he initiated a series of eleven paintings for Collier's in 1905 which was titled The Great Explorers. Radisson and Groseilliers is the only painting which remains from the original set. | LRC: FREDERIC REMINGTON [Back:] piece of wood attached to bottom of stretcher: 4 Raddison & Grossilliers - 1609 | Book: Shining Big Sea Water: The Story of Lake Superior, by Norman K. Risjord, Minnesota Historical Society Press, St. Paul, 2008, page 37 | 14.86.jpg | 14.86.jpg | 14.86.jpg | 14.86.JPG | 14.86.web.jpg | Indian | Other | Figure | explorers | Painting | oil on canvas | Remington, Frederic

Jackson, Harry | Sculpture |...
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5.80 | 1980 | H: 114 in | Sacajawea | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cashman, (C) Harry Jackson Trust 2006. All Rights Reserved. | on base: C Harry Jackson 1980/WYOMING FOUNDRY/STUDIOS CAMAIORE ITALY/SAJO 1P; on edge of robe: CAST FOR RICHARD CASHMAN | Restrictions: Some photo restrictions - See Contract Title: Sacagawea (artist prefers Sacajawea, 5/5/2009) | Quarterly Journal: Points West: Journal of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Summer 2003, cover and inside cover image | 5.80.JPG | 5.80.jpg | 5.80v1.jpg | 5.80.jpg | 5.80.jpg | 5.80v1.web.jpg | 5.80.jpg | 5.80v1.jpg | Sacagawea | Sacajawea | Pompey Charbonneau | Sculpture | painted bronze | Sacajawea Harry Jackson (b. 1924) 1980, painted bronze Cast by Wyoming Foundry Studios Camaiore, Italy Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cashman © Harry Jackson Trust 2006. All Rights Reserved. Jackson began planning Sacajawea, a monumental sculpture, in the mid 1970s. The finished piece resides in the Cashman Greever Garden at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Observe the differences and similarities between the first working model (below) and the final piece. 5.80 | Jackson, Harry

Colt Patent Firearms Manufac...
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1988.8.3327 | ca. 1886 | Barrel length: 32 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | PATENT PLATE: GATLING GUN/PATENTED. ACTION CASING: MODEL 1883/CAL. .45. TRUNNION STRAP: MANUFD. BY COLT'S PAT. MFG. CO. HARTFORD,CONN. | Model 1883 | .45/70 govt. c.f. | 449 | 1988.8.3327.jpg | firearm | metal | trigger | wood | null | GATLING GUN | Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co., Hartford, Connecticut | American

Breezy Riding
Koerner, W.H.D. | Painting |...
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22.77 | 1926 | H: 37.375 in, width: 31.125 in, Frame height: 41.75 in, Frame width: 37.375 in | Breezy Riding | Breezy Riding illustrated Will Levingston Comfort's story about Cheyenne Frontier Days, "The Firebird." | LRC: W.H.D./Koerner (Koerner underlined)/1926 | 22.77.JPG | 22.77.jpg | Cowboy | Animal | Group | Landscape | Painting | oil on canvas | Koerner, W.H.D.

Northern Plains | Sioux | La...
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NA.202.193 | ca. 1920 | bodice length: 30 in, sleeve length: 23.5 in, shoulder to shoulder: 19.25 in | Gift of Mrs. Howell Howard | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Tanned, deer hide, decorated with overlay bead design of figure and horses all over bodice and sleeves. Lazy stitch bead border on both sides of front. Bead border on collar, shoulder seams, and around sleeves at top, along bottom. Fringe along bottom, sleeves, shoulder and seams at back. Bead border on front edge. | NA.202.193.jpg | NA.202.193VIEW1.JPG | NA.202.193VIEW2.JPG | NA.202.193VIEW3.JPG | Figure | horses | jacket | seed | deer | overlay | hide | fringe | lazy stitch | tanned | Beads | Northern Plains | Sioux | Lakota | South Dakota

coat | buttons | hide | clot...
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1.69.768 | ca. 1870 | overall length: 44.5 in, sleeve length: 26.5 in | Garlow Collection | Coat, yellow ochre dyed brain-tanned buffalo, frontiersman style cut; beaver fur trim around neck and cuffs, down front edges, around bottom and back vent and along top and bottom edges of front slash pockets; button front with 5 buckskin covered buttons and 5 brass buttons with an anchor motif; row of lazy stitch beadwork with clear dark red bars on light blue ground parallels front beaver trim, similar row of beadwork with navy blue bars on light blue ground parallels bottom beaver trim; front and bottom edges also trimmed with black and tan Lindsey-woolsey, red trade cloth and red binding; tops of shoulders and backs of sleeves have lazy stitched bands of alternating white and very dark navy blue beads, back seams are covered to waist with lazy stitched bands of white and dark green beads, back has scattered stylized floral motifs line beaded in white, greasy blue, navy blue, clear dark red, pink, light blue and green; shoulder and back arm seams and bottom edge have added narrow cut fringed strips; original seams and beadwork are sinew sewn. Circa 1870. Purchased from Fred H. Garlow, William Joseph Garlow and Mrs. Jane Cody Garlow Mallehan, grandchildren of Buffalo Bill. Owned and worn by Buffalo Bill. | Calendar: Historic Fashions Calendar Series, Western Wear 1850 to 2000, Texas Tech University Press, 2005, April | 1.69.768.JPG | 1.69.768.jpg | 1.69.768v2.jpg | 1.69.768.v11.jpg | 1.69.768.v15.jpg | 1.69.768.v16.jpg | 1.69.768.v2.jpg | 1.69.768.v4.jpg | 1.69.768.v5.jpg | 1.69.768.v6.jpg | 1.69.768.v7.jpg | 1.69.768.v9.jpg | 1.69.768.jpg | 1.69.768.v1.jpg | 1.69.768.v10.jpg | 1.69.768.v12.jpg | 1.69.768.v13.jpg | 1.69.768.v14.jpg | 1.69.768.v3.jpg | 1.69.768.v8.jpg | coat | buttons | hide | cloth | Red | trade | beaver | fringe | trim | brass | buffalo | buttons | brown | Beads

Waiting for a Chi...
Russell, Charles M. | Painti...
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88.60 | ca. 1903 | H: 20.5 in, width: 29 in, Frame height: 33.5 in, Frame width: 41.5 in, frame depth: 2 in | Waiting for a Chinook | Gift of Charles Ulrick and Josephine Bay Foundation, Inc. | Severe storms in the winter of 1886 - 1887 brought ruin to Montana's cattle industry. When owners of a herd of 5,000 cattle requested a report on their herd, cowboy Charles Russell simply drew a starving cow about to drop before ravenous wolves and titled it Waiting for a Chinook, (a warm west wind). His drawing conveyed the impending disaster more eloquently than any written report. Later he painted this larger version and added the additional title by which the work had become known, The Last of 5000. | LLC: C M Russell(skull);LL: Waiting For A Chinook/The Last of 5000 | Film: Theodore Roosevelt: An American Lion; Greystone Communications, North Hollywood, CA; two (2) film tape set; 2003| | 88.60.jpg | 88.60.JPG | 88.60.jpg | 88.60.web.jpg | 88.60.jpg | 88.60.jpg | 88.60.jpg | Landscape | Animal | wolf | Group | Painting | watercolor on paper | Russell, Charles M.

G. Goodwin & Co., London, En...
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1988.8.980 | ca.1800 | L: 8.75 in, Barrel length: 2.5 in, width: 4.125 in, H: 4.875 in | Gift of Olin Corporation, Winchester Arms Collection | [right side of frame:] G. GOODWIN & Co.; LONDON [tops of barrels and barrel frame numbered:] 5 6 7 8 [bottom of barrel frame:] (hallmarks) | .50 caliber | 1988.8.980.jpg | 1988.8.980.JPG | firearm | pepperbox | flintlock | G. Goodwin & Co., London, England

Abbott Downing and Company, ...
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1.69.2726 | 1867 | H: 108.25 in, L: 164 in, width: 82 in | Gift of Olive and Glenn E. Nielson | Painted on both sides of driver's seat: US MAIL [painted over doors:] DEADWOOD-CHEYENNE [stamped on ends of axels:] 204 [stamped on ends of hubs:] 42/S. GAGE [right front hub end stamped:] 60 | Stagecoach, light mail or hotel. Four wheel, 2 door, open driver's seat in front, deck seat on top, luggage rack in back; wood is painted deep yellow with black pin striping and lettering; metal straps, brackets and trim are painted with black enamel. Windows have roll down canvas curtains, doors have glass panels that slide down into bottom half of door. Iron steps on each side fold up in the middle. Two interior seats have red plush upholstery, same fabric covers interior walls and ceiling with a similar red carpet on the floor. According to records, manufacture was begun and completed in 1867. Originally used as a hotel coach in Littleton, New Hampshire. | 1.69.2726.jpg | stagecoach | wood | pigment | fabric | metal | glass | canvas | Abbott Downing and Company, Concord, NH

A. Francotte Maker & Patente...
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1.69.68 | 1895 | Gift of Frederick J. Bolton | Serial no. 27184, Stamped on receiver: A. Francotte Maker & Patentee/Liege Belgium, Stamped right side barrel: Von Lengerke & Detmold, Stamped left side barrel: U S Agents New York | Twelve gauge double barrel shotgun made to order for Annie Oakley, checked stock and forearm, matted rib barrels, double triggers, engraved. | 12 gauge | 27184 | 1.69.68.JPG | 1.69.68.jpg | shotgun | A. Francotte Maker & Patentee, Liege Belgium

The Golden Gate, ...
Moran, Thomas | Painting | o...
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4.75 | 1893 | H: 36.25 in, width: 50.25 in, Frame height: 46.5 in, Frame width: 60.5 in, frame depth: 4 in | The Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park | Museum purchase | Moran's name became synonymous with Yellowstone. He accompanied the official governmental expedition into the region in 1871. His sketches of the wonders helped to convince Congress to establish Yellowstone as the first national park. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate. | LRC: TMoran./1893 | Book: Exhibition catalog; America! Storie di pittura dal Nuovo Mondo; linead'ombralibri, Treviso, Italy; 2007; page 64-65 | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.JPG | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.jpg | 4.75.web.jpg | transportation | Figure | Landscape | Group | Animal | Painting | oil on canvas | Thomas Moran (1837-1926) Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park 1893, oil on canvas Museum purchase Thomas "Yellowstone" Moran was the artist's nickname because of his close ties to Yellowstone National Park. He joined an official government expedition to the region in 1871. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate. 4.75 | Born in England, Thomas Moran created thousands of oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, and prints of the American West. The artist accompanied Ferdinand V. Hayden’s 1871 survey of the Yellowstone region and catapulted to fame the following year when Congress purchased his monumental painting The Grand Cañon of the Yellowstone, 1872. Twenty years later Moran returned to Yellowstone to paint the dramatic landscapes that had made him famous. This view of the passage known as the Golden Gate highlights a new trestle, built to accommodate the growing number of tourists drawn to America’s first national park. | Moran, Thomas

Coming Through th...
Remington, Frederic | Sculpt...
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5.66 | 1907 | H: 27.5 in, Base Length: 28 in, Base Width: 19 in, overall length: 27.25 in, overall width: 31 in, overall height: 29 in | Coming Through the Rye | Gift of Barbara S. Leggett | Remington studied the movement of horses, using the photographs of Eadweard Muybridge, and incorporated his knowledge into this representation of cowboys coming to town for a raucous celebration. This sculpture challenged Remington because he wanted to raise as many of the horses' hooves off the ground as possible, while adequately supporting the sculpture. | Lower Right of Base: Copyrighted by Frederic Remington Lower Left of Base: Roman Bronze Works N.Y. Front Center Base - Gold Plaque: Presented to/Edmund Converse/by the directors of the/Liberty National Bank/New York 1907 [lower left of base in back;] 7 | 5.66.jpg | 5.66.JPG | 5.66.jpg | 5.66.web.jpg | Group | Animal | Cowboy | Sculpture | bronze | Frederic Remington (1861-1909) Coming Through the Rye modeled 1902, cast 1907, bronze cast number 7 Roman Bronze works, N.Y. Gift of Barbara S. Leggett 5.66 Remington creates energy, motion, and excitement in this sculpture. The rowdy cowboys barrel through town. The horses seem to defy gravity and run in midair. Remington pushes the limits of sculpture, lifting as many of the horses’ hooves off the ground as possible, while still supporting the weight. | Remington, Frederic

Northern Plains | Amoskapi P...
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NA.403.226 | ca. 1850 | L: 35 in, width: 20.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | tanned bison hide mask that covers neck and head. One side plain, other side painted turquoise blue. Two opposing halves (night/day). Bound in center with leather strips laced through and painted brown/black - bisecting the two. Covered with 64 forked motifs in red porcupine quillwork representing buffalo hooves (Thunder). Circular blue quillwork around eye holes with red quillwork in arrow shapes surrounding (Lightning) eyes. 12 up pointing arrows above the eye hole on brown side, 8 on blue side. Tufts of bison hair above each hoof print (souls=scalps of enemy). Added 2" fringe around snout, red quill wrapped at base of each fringe. Some replacement quills in orange and yellow. Leather ties along bottom to hold in place. This hood is featured in "American Indian Horse Masks," 2006, Hawk Hill Press, pg. 30-31. | l.312.2006.1654.jpg | l.312.2006.1654v3.jpg | l.312.2006.1654v4.jpg | NA.403.226.v2.jpg | l.312.2006.1654v2.jpg | na.403.226.jpg | na.403.226v2.jpg | na.403.226v3.jpg | na.403.226v4.jpg | NA.403.226.v1.jpg | NA.403.226.v3.jpg | NA.403.226.v4.jpg | horse mask | tanned bison hide | bison hair | pigment | sinew | porcupine quills | Northern Plains | Amoskapi Pikuni | Blackfeet

The Summer Camp
Sharp, Joseph Henry | Painti...
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23.61 | ca. 1906 | H: 15.875 in, width: 24.125 in, Frame height: 21 in, Frame width: 29.125 in | The Summer Camp | Whitney Purchase Fund | Sharp painted The Summer Camp when he lived at Crow Agency, Montana. To be able to paint year round on the Crow reservation, he built a log cabin home in 1905. That cabin, pictured at the left, has been moved to the museum's grounds and can be seen in the garden between the Whitney Gallery and the Cody Firearms Museum. | Exhibit catalog: Art of the Rocky Mountain West; U.S. Ambassador's Residence, Dublin, Ireland; U.S. Department of State, Art in Embassies Program; Vienna, 2000 | 23.61.JPG | 23.61.jpg | 23.61.jpg | Indian | Landscape | Painting | oil on canvas | Joseph Henry Sharp (1859-1953) The Summer Camp ca. 1906, oil on canvas Whitney Purchase Fund 23.61 | Sharp, Joseph Henry

Plains | necklace | eagle ta...
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NA.203.1589 | ca. 1860 | L: 42 in, H: 19 in, width: 4 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Eagle talon and otter fur necklace. 932) thirty two talons attached to otter hide and fur with hide ties underneath necklace. Skin and pads on talons intact. Hide ties colored with red ochre secure necklace. | na.203.1589.jpg | necklace | eagle talons | pigment | tanned hide | otter fur | otter hide | Plains

Blackfeet | Northern Plains ...
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NA.205.127 | ca. 1860 | L: 18 in, H: 18.5 in, Diameter: 28 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Stand up style Blackfeet feather bonnet. Rawhide strip is basis for headpiece band (no crown), covered with red wool cloth on exterior, and cotton muslin on interior. A strip of tanned hide is attached to two sides on interior, as way to keep securely on the head. Front edge and around crown is tanned hide, back portion are two flaps that meet and are backed and edged in cotton cloth. Front headband has two horizontal rows of silver colored metal tacks, 28 total (one replacement). Base of head piece has bald eagle feathers attached - base of quill wrapped in rawhide, the whole wrapped in red wool cloth, then wrapped at top and bottom in pericardium strips. A hide strip is strung over and under between all feathers near the center to keep in place. Base of wrapping has short ermine strips attached and red feather fluffs inserted, and brass bells attached (13 now in place). Each of the 30 feathers have been ochred, and some have been trimmed to a narrower profile. Tip of each feather has ermine tuft adhered to exterior along with red feather fluff and horse hair tuft. On either side of head band are ermine tubes, wrapped in same manner as feathers with some red feather fluffs. Ten (10) on LFP and nine (9) on RFP. | NA.205.127.v2.jpg | NA.205.127.v3.jpg | NA.205.127.v6.jpg | NA.205.127.v1.jpg | NA.205.127.v4.jpg | NA.205.127.v5.jpg | NA.205.127.v7.jpg | Feather bonnet | wool cloth | tanned hide | rawhide | brass bells | Horse Hair | bald eagle feathers | dyed feather fluffs | metal | adhesive | ochre | ermine | Cotton cloth | pericardium | Blackfeet | Northern Plains | Amoskapi Pikuni