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Magical Hats

Whether it be a comfortable mesh backing or the terrifyingly-useful Gut Spike, these are some of my favorite hats.

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Esjay

Sioux | Northern Plains | ca...
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Exhibit notes: Best trucker hat ever!

Museum record: NA.202.394 | 1984 | H: 4.5 in, L: 10.75 in, width: 7.5 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/or Festive Adornment. Woven plastic, adjustable, billed. Blue with beaded bill and front. Blue, white, orange, red and yellow geometric star and cross design beadwork on light blue ground. Arrow design trim in same colors at the top. Black cloth brow band, mfg. tag - Funkap, large, made in U.S.A. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 59 | NA.202.394.JPG | star | geometric | cross | cap | plastic | Beads | seed | billed | nylon | Sioux | Northern Plains

Crow | Northern Plains | eag...
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Exhibit notes: Eagle Hat ca. 1870 with brass buttons for eyes

Museum record: NA.203.168 | ca. 1870 | H: 11 in, L: 26 in | The I.H. Larry Larom Collection of Plains Indian Ethnology | Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Hat - buffalo hair and hide skull cap with brass bell along edge. Golden Eagle wing feathers on sides, golden eagle head, body and tail feathers on top, brass buttons for eyes. | NA.203.168.JPG | NA.203.168.JPG | NA.203.168.jpg | eagle | hat | body | buttons | feathers | buffalo | head | brass | bell | golden eagle | hide | hair | Crow | Northern Plains

Oglala Sioux | Her Many Hors...
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Exhibit notes: When the trucker hat is too casual.

Museum record: NA.502.215.1 | 1998 | H: 6 in, width: 10 in, depth: 12.375 in | Gift of the Pilot Foundation | interior top: F/ SELECT/ QUALITY/ SILK HAT/ RECOGNIZED STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE | Ritual and Recreation; Ritual Curing and Cult Objects. Black beaver felt top hat with gros grain ribbon at edge of brim. Flat metal in shape of peyote bird, with movable tail, pinned to front of hat. Leather interior brim with white fabric interior. Inscription on interior top. Beaded hatband with round rosette and feathers at front accompanies hat. Hat band has light blue background with a repeating design around the band. Design consists of a row of red and blue peyote birds on either side of two multi-colored zigzag designs. Between the zigzag designs is a row of four repeat designs of a white bead surrounded by black beads. Rosette has a scalloped edge. Multi-colored beaded circular design with white tipi at center bottom. Interior is lined with fabric. Feathers at top of rosette are teal and brown with red, blue and white feathers with black at top and base. | na.502.215.1.jpg | peyote bird | zigzag | hat | leather | Beads | feathers | fabric | felt | metal | silk | Oglala Sioux | Her Many Horses, Emil

John B. Stetson Company, Phi...
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Exhibit notes: This is why Stack-A-Lee shot Billy Lyons.

Museum record: 1.69.648 | ca. 1905 | brim: 4 in, crown: 4.5 in | Gift of Orilla Downing Hollister | Stamped on inside hat band: John B. Stetson Co./No. 1/Quality, and Improved Sweat (illegible) Patented (circular design)/Trade Mark/The F Pay/Rec'd. Oct. __, 1876 | Beige low crown Stetson hat, bound edges with tie under chin. | 1.69.648.jpg | 1.69.648back.JPG | 1.69.648front.JPG | 1.69.648.jpg | 1.69.648v2.jpg | 1.69.648v3.jpg | hat | tie | beige | low crown | John B. Stetson Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stetson, John B. | cavalry h...
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Exhibit notes: Civil war hat!

Museum record: 1.69.1252 | ca. 1875 | H: 5.5 in, L: 13.75 in, width: 12.5 in, brim: 2.75 in, crown: 5.5 in | Dr. Robert L. Anderson Collection | Inside crown is stamped in light blue: CAMPAIGN/HAT/MANUFACTURED/BY/JOHN [illegible]/[illegible]/[illegible]. | Black felt campaign hat, folded over brim edge with double row of machine stitching. Black grosgrain ribbon hatband machine stitched in place over which is a double yellow braided cord hatband with acorn ends. Circular brass air vents in each side of crown. Affixed center front is a gold plated metal insignia of crossed sabres with : 7A. Brown leather sweatband. Circa 1885. | 1.69.1252.JPG | 1.69.1252.jpg | sabres | gold crossed | cavalry hat | rope | felt | black | Stetson, John B.

helmet | leather | metal | G...
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Exhibit notes: The Gut Spike is both terrifying and useful.

Museum record: 1.69.880 | ca. 1900 | H: 7.25 in, diameter of opening: 9 in | Gift of Jimmy Allen | Leather German style helmet with metal spike on top and leather chin strap. | 1.69.880back.JPG | 1.69.880front.JPG | helmet | leather | metal | German style

gut spike | ventilator | hel...
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Exhibit notes: Smaller gut spike used for petty criminals

Museum record: 1.69.1259 | ca. 1890 | size: 7.333 in, H: 10.25 in | Gift of Mr.J. Allen | Eagle on front with insignia and 9/Excelsior, handwritten on inside, K. C. Gibson. | (A) Model 1881 U.S. Summer excelsior helmet with (B) qut spike brass ornamented spike and (C) ventilator. See 1.69.1266 for chin strap. | 1.69.1259.JPG | eagle insignia | gut spike | ventilator | helmet | brass | ornamented

Japan | armor
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Exhibit notes: Did it come with a mask? You bet it did!

Museum record: 1.69.5267 | [none] | Japanese Samurai armor: (a) Kabuto (Japanese helmet); (b) face mask; (c) shoulder protector ?; (d) and (e) shoulder armor ?;(f) and (g) epaulet ?; (h) and (i) arm and hand armor; (j) chest armor; (k) armor skirt ?; ((l) and (m) leg armor | 1.69.5267av1.jpg | 1.69.5267av2.jpg | 1.69.5267av3.jpg | 1.69.5267av4.jpg | 1.69.5267b (2).jpg | 1.69.5267b.jpg | Samurai | Japan | armor | Japan

Alaska | Tlingit | headdress...
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Exhibit notes: The true Wolverine

Museum record: NA.203.695 | early 1900s | L: 10.5 in, H: 7 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Headdress - green cloth cap; red cloth and white buttons around edge; cap covered with tufts of wolverine hair. | NA.203.695.JPG | headdress | buttons | Wolverine | Cotton cloth | hair | Alaska | Tlingit

Makah | Northwest Coast | No...
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Exhibit notes: For the bishop in human chess

Museum record: NA.205.100 | 20th century | H: 11.75 in, Diameter: 10.5 in | Bequest of Nancy-Carroll Draper | Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Hat, Northwest coast, 20th century. Cedar bark, bear grass. Design of man in boat and whale, repeated on center, cone shape, and bulb top. 11 ¾" tall 10 ½" Diam. || Plain twined whaler's hat with wrapped twining designs. There is a section of diagonal twining below the top point, and three sections of plain twining over more thsn one warp. The rim warps are folded over and stitched down. The inside band is plaited cedar and stitched in place. The designs are two whales and two hunters in two canoes (Bryn Potter: 7/2013- AMD). | na.205.100.jpg | NA.205.100 & .101.jpg | whale | human | hat | bear grass | dye | cedar bark | Makah | Northwest Coast | Nootka

Northern Plains | Sioux | ha...
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Exhibit notes: For a day out fishing - in style!

Museum record: NA.202.90 | ca. 1900 | H: 6.25 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Tanned, deer hide, fully beaded in lazy stitch geometric design. Resembles sun hat. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 61 | NA.202.90.JPG | na.202.90.jpg | geometric | hat | tanned | Beads | seed | deer | lazy stitch | hide | Northern Plains | Sioux

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Exhibit notes: Coneheads

Museum record: 1.69.5007 | 1.69.5007front.JPG | 1.69.5007back.JPG | hat

John B. Stetson Co. | hat | ...
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Exhibit notes: Chips and Dip!

Museum record: 1.69.493 | ca. 1920 | brim: 4 in | Inscribed inside band: John B. Stetson Co/Philadelphia, Pa./The Boss Raw Edge/Clearnutria and The Denver/The DDG/Co., Inscribed inside lining: John B. Stetson Co/Philadelphia, Pa/The Boss Raw Edge/Clear Nutria | White felt Stetson hat, tan grossgrain band and trim on brim, bound brim. | 1.69.493.jpg | hat | ribbon | grosgrain | felt | John B. Stetson Co.

Northeast Maidu | Genesee ar...
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Exhibit notes: Just saw this ready to go to adornment (you saw it here first!)* *Three years ago

Museum record: NA.203.764 | H: 8 in, Diameter: 9.375 in | Dress and Adornment- Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Cone shaped hat made of coiled split maple geometric design in black (brachen) and red (split red bud). Maidu hat very rare BC-132 | NA.203.764.JPG | na.203.764.jpg | geometric design | hat | red bud | twigs | maple | Northeast Maidu | Genesee area

Salish | hat | reed | Woven
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Exhibit notes: Doubles as a small net for catching rodents

Museum record: NA.203.663 | ca. 1960 | width: 14 in, H: 4 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Reglia. Salish hat - reed bundles woven with reeds (grass); knob on top of hat with tassel of reeds with dyed orange and dark blue reeds woven in, hat-flat bowl shape mid-way down orange and dark blue reeds woven in all the way around, near bottom line of dark blue 3 lines of red and a line of dark blue reeds woven in. Salish hat (last of Skokomish basket makers). | NA.203.663.JPG | na.203.663.jpg | hat | reed | Woven | Salish

hat | cloth
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Exhibit notes: Another trucker hat in our collection.

Museum record: 1.69.5010 | 1983 | H: 5.5 in, L: 10 in, width: 8.625 in | CODY, WYOMING/ WILD WEST CENTENNIAL | Ball cap with red bill, red mesh back and solid white front. Red button on top at center. Image on front of Buffalo Bill surrounded by an inscription. | 1.69.5010back.JPG | 1.69.5010front.JPG | Cody, W.F. | hat | cloth

cap | plastic size adjustmen...
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Exhibit notes: This hat may not look magical - but that's exactly what the hat wants you to think!

Museum record: 1.69.1565 | brim: 3.5 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Green cloth baseballcap, plastic size adjustment on the back, no.d | 1.69.1565back.JPG | 1.69.1565front.JPG | cap | plastic size adjustment | green | cloth