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Buffalo Bill Art Show in Our Collection

The Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale is an annual event sponsored by the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce and hosted by the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. In 2016, the Show--a grand exhibition of all things western [people, places, animals, etc.]--celebrates its 35th Anniversary. Below are various works from the Show that are now in the Center's Whitney Western Art Museum permanent collection. Which is your favorite(s)? Check out this year's entries at, and decide who you're rooting for this year--the action takes place September 23-24, 2016. It's all part of the weeklong celebration in Cody, Wyoming, titled "Rendezvous Royale." Tickets available at; order yours today!

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Marg2309

Home on the Range
Rudolph, Jeffrey B. | Sculpt...
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Exhibit notes: 1995: Rudolph

Museum record: 18.95.1 | 1995 | H: 26.25 in, width: 16.5 in, depth: 9.75 in, overall height: 38.25 in, overall width: 16.5 in, overall depth: 13.375 in | Home on the Range | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1995 Buffalo Bill Art Show | plaque on wooden base: HOME ON THE RANGE/ Rudolph | | cowgirl | child | Sculpture | alabaster | Rudolph, Jeffrey B.

Woodshed, Taos, N...
Duesberry, Joellyn | Paintin...
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Exhibit notes: 1995: Duesberry

Museum record: 11.01 | 1995 | Frame height: 41.125 in, Frame width: 41.125 in, frame depth: 1.75 in, canvas height: 40 in, canvas width: 40 in | Woodshed, Taos, New Mexico | William E. Weiss Fund | Regarding her artistic process, Duesberry wrote, "My greatest challenge is maintaining a tension between the abstract and the real so a highly localized sense of place becomes compositional freedom, not limitation. Distilling the land to irreducible form removes the compositions from the natural forms which provoked them and resonates an internal subject which hankers for expression in paint." | reverse ULC: BUFFALO BILL/ART SHOW & SALE/40/Duesberry, Joellyn 40/Woodshed, Taso, NM; reverse tag ULC: n T. Duesberry/Williamette Lane/lteton, CO 80121/303-770-3716/Woodshed, Taos, 1995/Joellyn Duesberry/oil on linen/40"X40"/JTD-1882; reverse UC: bin 309; reverse C: Joellyn Duesberry/Woodshed, (New Mexico)/November 1995 | 11.01.jpg | 11.01.jpg | 11.01.web.jpg | Painting | oil | linen | Duesberry, Joellyn

Homestead, Canyon...
Matthews, William | Painting...
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Exhibit notes: 1994: Matthews

Museum record: 4.94 | ca. 1994 | H: 22.75 in, width: 31.25 in, mat height: 28.125 in, mat width: 36.875 in, Frame height: 32.5 in, Frame width: 41.125 in | Homestead, Canyon de Chelly | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1994 Buffalo Bill Art Show | To create the depth seen in this landscape, William Matthews focuses on design and the use of color. By leaving a painting seemingly unfinished, the viewer is drawn into the piece and is left with a sense of yearning. | LLC: William M | 4.94.JPG | Canyon de Chelly | Painting | watercolor | Matthews, William

A Matter of Choice
Howell-Sickles, Donna | Pain...
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Exhibit notes: 1993: Howell-Sickles

Museum record: 14.93 | 1993 | H: 44.5 in, width: 30 in, Frame height: 55 in, Frame width: 40.75 in | A Matter of Choice | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1993 Buffalo Bill Art Show | Texas artist Donna Howell-Sickles began portraying cowgirls when a friend gave her an old postcard of a waving cowgirl with a caption reading "Greetings from a real cowgirl of the old Southwest." Howell-Sickles became interested in the combination of "real" cowgirls and the fake, glamourized image. "The cowgirl has become my icon for woman in general . . ." the artist has said. | llc, in script: Donna Howell Sickles c (in a circle) 93 | The painting features a cowgirl and has representations of the phases of the moon and a feather. According to the artist, the feather is a reference to the Egyptian deity, Maat. After death your heart is weighed against her pure white feather. If they balance, you are all right. If your heart is heavier, you still have work to do. The artist placed a mythological reference with her contemporary cowgirl, noting that all of us were at one time looking for someone pure of heart. | 14.93.JPG | cowgirl | Painting | mixed media on paper | Howell-Sickles, Donna

No Easy Way Out
Fellows, Fred | Sculpture | ...
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Exhibit notes: 1992: Fellows

Museum record: 12.92 | 1991 | H: 42.875 in, L: 27 in, width: 15 in, overall height: 74.78 in, overall length: 29.125 in, overall width: 19 in, Base Height: 3 in, Base Length: 23.625 in, Base Width: 13.5 in, Base Height: 29 in, Base Length: 29.25 in, Base Width: 19 in | No Easy Way Out | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1992 Buffalo Bill Art Show | While the mounted horseman appears in many forms in world art, the cowboy on the bucking bronco appears to be a uniquely American theme. Remington created the prototype, emphasizing the classic challenge between man and animal. In this bronze, Fellows uses the subject to symbolize the virtues of commitment and hard work. | back left of sculpture: Fred Fellows [superimposed over each other:] CA [Back] 24/50 [Plaque on front:] In the unwritten law of the range/ the work ethic still exists/ when you hire on with an outfit/ you ride for their brand/ No matter how difficult the task/ true commitment takes/ NO EASY WAY OUT [Around bronze base, brands] | 12.92B.JPG | 12.92.jpg | 12.92.web.jpg | 12.92.jpg | 12.92.JPG | Cowboy | subject | horse | Sculpture | bronze | wood | Fellows, Fred

Chief Joe
Wade, Bob | Painting | oil o...
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Exhibit notes: 1991: Wade

Museum record: 14.91 | 1988 | H: 35.125 in, width: 22.047 in, Frame height: 36.375 in, Frame width: 23.125 in | Chief Joe | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1991 Buffalo Bill Art Show | Wade's use of found imagery links his art with the "postmodern" movement. In reaction to the modernism of the early twentieth century, the postmoderns assert that the idea of progress in the arts is no longer valid and all images of the past can be re-manipulated. Taking old photographs and printing them on linen with applied color, Wade challenges the viewer to look again at the stereotypes of the past. | Back of top of frame: c [with a circle around it] BOB WADE '88; Center stretcher: "CHIEF JOE" [covered by label]OTO LINEN | Copyrighted by artist | 14.91.JPG | Indian | chief joe | Painting | oil on photo linen | Wade, Bob

Hanson, Ann | Painting | pas...
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Exhibit notes: 1990: Hansen

Museum record: 5.90 | 1989 | H: 13 in, width: 23 in, Frame height: 22.5 in, Frame width: 32.441 in | Traditions | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1990 Buffalo Bill Art Show | The invention of photography has influenced the art of painting by introducing the snapshot composition. This pastel features a cropped detail of contemporary cowboy. | LRC: A Hanson c 89 | 5.90.JPG | Wyoming Centennial | Cowboy | Painting | pastel on paper | Ann Hanson (b. 1953) Traditions 1989, pastel on paper William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1990 Buffalo Bill Art Show 5.90 | Hanson, Ann

The Broken O
Blake, Buckeye | Painting | ...
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Exhibit notes: 1989: Blake

Museum record: 4.89 | 1989 | H: 12 in, width: 15.315 in, Frame height: 24 in, Frame width: 26.5 in | The Broken O | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1989 Buffalo Bill Art Show | Contemporary western art often celebrates the continuity of western traditions. The cowboy became the dominant hero in the art of Frederic Remington and Charles Russell, and this subject finds reinterpretation in the work of recent artists. By using a cropped, casual composition, Blake depicted a present-day cowboy as a down-to-earth workingman. | lr: c Buckeye Blake 89 | 4.89.JPG | Cowboy | branding | Animal | horse | Painting | gouache on paper | Blake, Buckeye

Morning Fog on Cl...
Oberg, Ralph E. | Painting |...
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Exhibit notes: 1988: Oberg

Museum record: 16.88 | 1988 | H: 24 in, width: 36 in, Frame height: 34.5 in, Frame width: 46.5 in | Morning Fog on Clarks Fork | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1988 Buffalo Bill Art Show | Inspired by a love for the wilderness, Oberg has depicted the Clark's Fork River with Pilot and Index Peaks of the Absaroka range. The two rugged mountains provide a beacon to travelers headed toward the Cooke City, Montana, region and the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park. | LR: oberg./c. 88, Written on back of canvas: MORNING FOG ON CLARKS FORK/ c. 1988 RALPH E. OBERG/ALL REPRODUCTION RIGHTS RESERVED | 16.88.jpg | 16.88.JPG | Landscape | Painting | oil on canvas | Oberg, Ralph E.

American Bison
Sander, Sherry | Sculpture |...
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Exhibit notes: 1987: Sander

Museum record: 11.87 | 1987 | H: 21.25 in, L: 37 in, width: 19.375 in, base depth: 3 in, Base Length: 29.125 in, Base Width: 17 in | American Bison | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1987 Buffalo Bill Art Show | In modeling a sculpture of bison, Sander emphasized the mass and power of the animal. Her sculpture also reveals the effects of patinas in providing color for the surface. Patinas are made by brushing an acid solution on to the surface of the sculpture. Different chemical mixtures produce the variety of colors. | Back left side: c. 87 (underneath c. and underlined) S SANDER, Stamped back left side: 7/35 | Provenance: Buffalo Bill Art Sale 1987 | 11.87.JPG | buffalo | Animal | Group | bison | Sculpture | bronze | Sander, Sherry

Brothers of the D...
Coleman, Michael | Painting ...
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Exhibit notes: 1986: Coleman

Museum record: 13.86 | 1986 | H: 23.875 in, width: 29.875 in, Frame height: 34.25 in, Frame width: 40.25 in | Brothers of the Deer | William E. Weiss Purchase Award - 1986 Buffalo Bill Art Show | "Brothers of the deer refers to the ravens in the painting. The ravens were in many cases spotted on the horizon, preceding the migration of the great herds of caribou, and called brothers of the deer by northern tribes," wrote the artist about this scene on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. | LR: c. Michael Coleman/ VIII | 13.86.JPG | 13.86.jpg | Animal | Landscape | Painting | oil on board | Coleman, Michael

Chippewa Hunters
Halbach, David | Painting | ...
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Exhibit notes: 1986: Halbach

Museum record: 60.86 | 1986 | H: 9 in, width: 17.625 in, Frame height: 19 in, Frame width: 27.5 in | Chippewa Hunters | William E. Weiss Purchase Fund | Halbach has stated that he was drawn to western art because of its "realism and romanticism." This painting combines those potentially contradictory charateristics. Halbach's style is precise and detailed, even in the fluid watercolor medium. Yet the realism serves a romantic end, creating an image of an idyllic Indian past. | LL: David Halbach (design) c. `86 | Source: Buffalo Bill Art Show, Remarks: Not mounted | 60.86.jpg | 60.86.JPG | 60.86.jpg | 60.86.web.jpg | Landscape | Animal | Indian | Painting | watercolor on paper | Halbach, David