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St. Labre Fall Visit 2016

Items chosen by the students of St. Labre for viewing. The group consist of students from the Northern Cheyenne, Sioux, and Crow Tribes.

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Hunter Old Elk

Plains | blanket | Pendleton...
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NA.202.289 | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Green pendleton wool blanket with multi-color stripes. | na.202.289v1.jpg | na.202.289v2.jpg | blanket | Pendleton | trade | stripes | cloth | wool | green | multi-color | Plains

Cheyenne | Northern Plains |...
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NA.203.1213 | ca. 1860-1865 | L: 74 in, width: 16 in, feather length: 8 in | Trails End Collection, Dr. and Mrs. Van Kirke Nelson and Family | NA.203.1213.jpg | na.203.1213.jpg | bonnet | trailer | bells | tanned hide | horn | wool cloth | rawhide | glass beads | cotton cloth | sinew | human hair | brass | golden eagle feathers | bison | felt | This Cheyenne bonnet and trailer symbolizes the spiritual powers of buffalo and eagles. For Plains Indian people, the buffalo was the center of their economic, cultural, and spiritual lives. They considered eagles to be the most powerful of birds, with the ability to fly highest in the sky. Warriors emulated these animals by demonstrating strength, agility, and valor in battle. The ermines, small yet ferocious animals, on each side of the bonnet also provided powerful inspiration for the wearer. | Cheyenne | Northern Plains

Cheyenne | Northern Plains |...
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NA.111.3 | ca. 1885 | cradle length: 28 in, cradle width: 9.75 in, board length: 48.75 in, bottom width: 4.5 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Cradle - tanned, fully beaded lazy stitch in geometric design on white background. Panel of tan canvas cloth on back, separate green border on edge. Buckskin lacing and fringe. Mounted on wooden lattice board frame. Red print cloth lining. | NA.111.3.JPG | NA.111.3.JPG | na.111.3.jpg | geometric | lazy stitch | cradle | Beads | tanned | seed | wood | Tradecloth | deer hide | Cheyenne | Northern Plains

Cheyenne | cradle hood | tan...
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NA.111.58 | 1885 | L: 27.75 in, width: 13.5 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Utensils and Implements, Child Care, Training and Education. Cradle/Cradleboard hood made of rawhide, tanned hide and fabric. Top is completely beaded in red and white stripes with a circle design in center of red, white and blue. Front flap has a white beaded ground with blue and black geometric designs. Hanging from flap are two beaded tassles and ten bells. Bottom is covered in a faded printed fabric. | na.111.58.jpg | stripes | geometric | circle | cradle hood | tanned | Beads | fabric | rawhide | hide | metal | Cheyenne

Cheyenne | Northern Plains |...
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NA.503.4 | ca. 1885 | bear knuckle length: 1.75 in, pin length: 7.5 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Ritual and Recreation: Games and Gambling Accessories of Games. Metal pin with four bear knuckles strung on buckskin thong attached to pin. Seed bead loop tassles on end. | NA.503.4.JPG | na.503.4.jpg | cup and pin game | metal | loop | pin | hide | bear knuckles | deer | Beads | seed | Buckskin | Cheyenne | Northern Plains

Cheyenne | Northern Plains |...
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NA.202.367 | ca. 1900 | L: 43.75 in, sleeve to sleeve: 42 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Deer hide dress with yoke and two piece skirt. Long applied and self fringe on sleeves with applied flap trimmed with blue seed beads. Edge of yoke similarly trimmed. Short applied fringe in skirt side seams. Self fringe on hem. Geometric designed beaded strips across sleeves and yoke, around bottom edge and around neck and shoulders. | NA.202.367.JPG | geometric | dress | glass beads | seed | deer hide | Cheyenne | Northern Plains

Northern Cheyenne | gauntlet...
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NA.203.868 | 1940 | L: 15.875 in, width: 8 in | Dress and Adornment, Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Leather gauntlets, tops of fingers and thumb are separate pieces sewn together with tan thread; cloth cuff stitched to gauntlet at wrist with double rows of braintanned buckskin fringes stitched along outer sides. Cuff fronts are fully applique stitch beaded over canvas with a rose and rosebud in cut clear red, cut clear/pink hearts and cut red outlined in small red/white hearts, with leaves in cut clear green outlined in clear dark green and cut clear brown stems, light blue background is laid in vertical rows; cuff on A is lined and backed with maroon cotton with a small white triangle and hexagonal pattern. Cuff on B has no lining and shows brown paper backing but back side of cuff is the same maroon cloth as on A. | na.203.868.jpg | hexagonal | floral | rose | rosebud | triangle | gauntlets | Buckskin | braintanned | Beads | leather | cloth | cotton | Northern Cheyenne

Sioux | Northern Plains | ga...
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NA.203.197 | ca. 1930 | L: 13.25 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment; Personal Adornment & Ritual Regalia. Pair of gauntlets - commercially tanned leather gloves with tanned buckskin top. Wrapped quillwork panel on top front - predominantly red. Top edge bound with navy blue cloth. Fringe extending from top, side edges. | na.203.197.jpg | NA.203.197AB.JPG | gauntlets | porcupine | commercially tanned | Tradecloth | quills | Animal | navy blue | hide | Sioux | Northern Plains

Cheyenne | Northern Plains |...
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NA.202.1321 | ca. 1880 | L: 21 in, width: 24 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Pair of leggings numbered as (a) and (b). One large piece of tanned hide, rounded and pinked on one edge, pinked on one side. Folded over ¾ to expose the pinked edge, then folded to a rectangle for legging from ankle to knee or perhaps higher. Repurposed beaded strip added to outer edge of leggings: 3 ½" W and 20 ½" L. Strip is outlined in widely spaced white pony beads. Beaded segments are alternating 4 vertical line reps of seed beads of red and white, short segment of rose and green, longer segment of shiny dark green and yellow and repeat rose/green and red/white. Pink and green separated by 2 thin rows of black. Metal cones with horse hair at black lines. Strips are attached with dark cotton thread, and rather poorly. Strips hang down past unfinished bottom approx. 1 ½" for decorative look. No holes or leather strips to attach or make leggings tubular for wearing.(?). | na.202.1321ab.jpg | leggings | metal cones | cotton thread | sinew | tanned hide | glass beads | Horse Hair | Cheyenne | Northern Plains | Tsistsistas

Crow Indian Reservation, Mon...
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NA.507.69 | ca. 1930 | L: 36.5 in, H: 8.25 in | The Crow Indian Collection of Dr. William and Anna Petzoldt, gift of Genevieve Petzoldt Fitzgerald | Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Wood rod with 4 miniature leather figures and rawhide saddles; small travois with rawhide bundles attached to one end; large tin cones at both ends and middle; leather strap attached near both ends. Replica Travois-Horses carrying family and possessions made by Ben Pease,g28 1930. | NA.507.69dtl.JPG | NA.507.69.JPG | saddles | figures | minature travois | rawhide | tin | cones | wood | leather | pigment | Crow Indian Reservation, Montana | Crow | Pease, Ben

Cheyenne | Moccasins, men's ...
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NA.202.908 | ca. 1890 | H: 3.75 in, L: 10.75 in, width: 3.625 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Herbert Schinderman | Dress and Adornment, Daily Attire And/Or Festive Attire. Braintanned buckskin uppers with yellow ochre coloring, trapezoidal tongue with V cut in end, rawhide soles cut from an old parfleche (brown strips visible across middle inside both soles), all sinew sewn. Buckskin thong tie goes around lower ankle on outside and through holes in front near tongue. Almost fully lazy stitch beaded uppers (except upper ankles and tongues) with sinew in small beads, white background overall. Vamp has a center light turquoise diamond with red border, side triangular extensions and dark blue paired right triagnles at top and bottom. Three small blue arrows point toward toe on either side of center. Five row band around foot has 5 tall hourglass designs in clear dark green and 4 hexagons in yellow, light turquoise and red with horizontally attached pairs of dark blue right triangles. A 6th ankle row has 2 blue and 1 red arrow pointing toward toe on each side, 7th row is beaded over the buckskin thong tie with solid clear dark red towards back separated by lines of dark blue and light turquoise. | NA.202.908.JPG | arrows | Diamond | hourglass | triangles | hexagon | Moccasins, men's | Beads | sinew | ochre | braintanned | Buckskin | Cheyenne

Southern Cheyenne | Arapaho ...
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NA.202.734 | 1930's | L: 10.25 in, width: 3.625 in, H: 22 in | Irving H. "Larry" Larom Collection | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Boot -- Deerskin, hard soled. beaded strip around ankle, geometric designs in red, black and turquoise on white ground with green borders. Scalloped flap with two beaded strips in black, red and turquoise on white ground. Red edge beading along flap edges. | NA.202.734.A&B.JPG | na.202.734.jpg | geometric | Moccasins | White | seed | turquoise | deerskin | Red | black | Beads | green | Southern Cheyenne | Arapaho | Oklahoma

Cheyenne | natal amulet | Cl...
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NA.502.178 | ca. 1885 | L: 7 in, width: 4.875 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Lizard-shaped leather with fully beaded front; head is red white hearts with dark blue border and white edge beading, white and black eyes; body is divided into a rectangular checkerboard pattern in clear dark cut red, clear yellow and tiny light blue with 2 rows of dark blue and 2 of faceted metallic gold beads; body border has dark blue triangles at legs and dark blue crosses with red white hearts centers on white ground; legs are green and white striped and both left legs have loops of black, clear and clear light blue large seed beads attached to tips; body has tiny light blue edge beading; tail is wrapped with beads into bands of light blue, red white hearts, tiny yellow and green, tail also has 2 loops of large black and clear seed beads attached at its tip. | na.502.178.jpg | NA.502.178.JPG | lizard | triangles | striped | rectangular checkerboard pattern | crosses | natal amulet | Clear | green | dark blue | seed | black | Beads | metallic gold | clear dark cut red | leather | clear yellow | tiny green | large | tiny light blue | cut | faceted | red white hearts | small | tiny yellow | White | clear light blue | Cheyenne

Cheyenne | Montana | pipe ba...
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NA.504.108 | ca. 1890 | overall length: 26 in, width: 5.25 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Tanned and dyed with yellow ochre. Bead panel in lazy stitch stripe and geometric design. Bead borders extending upwards from panel. Split "V" shape tabs at top outlined with seed beads, tin cone shaped danglers attached. Buckskin fringe along bottom edge. Loose tobacco removed from bag, transfered to sealed plastic bag, 1-12-1987 | na.504.108dtl.jpg | NA.504.108.JPG | geometric | stripes | outlined | pipe bag | seed | deer hide | Beads | tin cones | pigment | tanned | Cheyenne | Montana

Cheyenne | Northern Plains |...
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NA.504.6 | ca. 1880 | L: 15.25 in, width: 7.5 in, quilled section: 3.75 in | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Tanned, beaded along top edges and down each side to beaded panel at bottom in lazy stitch geometric design. Tin cone and feather puff danglers above panel. Quill wrapped tassles (orange and yellow) at bottom with buckskin fringe attached. | NA.504.6.JPG | na.504.6v1.jpg | na.504.6v2.jpg | geometric | pipe bag | quills | Buckskin | tanned | orange | Beads | seed | cones | tin | wrapped | deer | fringe | feather | lazy stitch | puffs | yellow | porcupine | hide | Cheyenne | Northern Plains

saddlebag | metal | hide | b...
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NA.403.201 | L: 22 in, width: 15 in | Gift of Mr. Irving H. "Larry" Larom | Transportation, Land Transportation. Wide rectangle bag with rounded corners and top fold-over flap. Beaded design in red, blue, yellow and green around sides of bag. Front of bag is beaded with a blue background with alternating yellow and red rectangles across. Red rectangles have green band, yellow rectangles have short red bands on either inner end with blue ends. Sides also have four pairs of metal cones holding horse hair. Top of front panel has three knotted tie strings with matching holes on the flap. Middle section of top flap is beaded in a similar design to front panel. Layered rectangles of blue, yellow and red with a yellow rectangle with two blue and red bands between the other two rectangles. Four pairs of metal cones holding horse hair extend from the flap in the back. | na.403.201.jpg | saddlebag | metal | hide | bead | hair

Crow | stirrups | saddle | c...
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NA.403.281 | ca. 1900 | saddle height: 17 in, saddle length: 26.5 in, saddle width: 19 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Saddle and stirrups covered with rawhide and tanned hide. Stirrups have blue pigment and an attached piece of beaded cloth. Fringe and pieces of beaded cloth, attached to tanned hide, hang from front and rear trees of saddle. The tops of the pommel and cantle are beaded. The stirrups are attached to the saddle. | NA.403.281.v2.jpg | NA.403.281.jpg | NA.403.281.v1.jpg | stirrups | saddle | cloth | wood | tanned hide | tacks | pigment | Beads | rawhide | burlap | thread | Crow

Plains | Cheyenne | Apache |...
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NA.504.400 | 1890-1920 | bag length: 18.5 in, wide at widest point: 7.25 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Two sections. First is one piece of tanned hide, folded and seamed, in sinew, on one side. Tapered slightly to larger at bottom. The plains, cohered, top portion (13"L) has hide strip attached to self-tie the top opening. The second, bottom section is attached to top with sinew. It is thicker hide, 5 ½"L, and fully beaded on one side with white background, horizontal rows, and two geometric patterns of long boxes with inset squares. Dark blue, yellow, green and red, dark blue bottom beaded edge. Opposite side is two sets of stacked dark blue with red and yellow door tipis with green bars and pointed ends in dark blue, red. Dark blue bottom edge. Long thin fringe attached to bottom, has ochre. beaded, fringe missing, poor | NA.504.400.v1.jpg | NA.504.400.v2.jpg | tobacco bag | sinew | tanned hide | glass beads | ochre | Plains | Cheyenne | Apache

Montana | Apsáalooke | Crow...
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NA.507.98 | 1895-1900 | L: 24.5 in, width: 10 in, depth: 4 in | In memory of Frank O. Horton and Henriette S. Horton | Ritual and Recreation, Toys. Toy baby carrier, tanned hide covering a long, oval shaped board. Fringed at top and bottom. Beading at top is yellow, blue, pink and green triangular designs on a light blue ground, edged in white, blue and tan with a red tradecloth border. Three sets of straps across carrier are beaded in light blue and tan triangles alternating with blue and yellow triangles. Bottom beaded in a blue cross on a yellow stripe, bordered by pink stripes on a blue ground. Edged in red tradecloth. | NA.507.98.jpg | na.507.98.jpg | cross | triangles | stripes | toy cradle | tanned | hide | Beads | Tradecloth | Montana | Apsáalooke | Crow

Salish | doll | toy cradle |...
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NA.507.96 | L: 26 in, width: 11 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Ritual and Recreation; Toys. Toy cardle/cradleboard made of black cloth, cotton, polyester, with green, red and white bias tape edging. Beaded with lustre and clear seed beads. Hand tanned white buckskin. Fringe on the back. Twisted black cotton strap. Doll with head band, white buckskin in cradleboard. Design of water flowers. | NA.507.96.JPG | na.507.96.jpg | floral | doll | toy cradle | Beads | handtanned | Buckskin | cotton | polyester | Salish