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Round,colorful and a ball

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: 836704

Cree | Chippewa | Rocky Boy'...
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NA.507.89 | ca. 1986 | circumference: 8.5 in | Ritual and Recreational Toys. Tennis ball completely covered with beaded buckskin, design motifs include an orange turtle with irridescent brown center, an orange tipi with light blue door and two sizes if diamond designs in royal blue, maroon, clear green, light blue, orange and irridescent borwn all on a white ground. | The Anguish of Snails: Volume 2, Folklore in the West; by Barre Toelken; Utah State University Press, Logan Utah; 2003; page 60 | na.507.89.jpg | NA.507.89dtl.JPG | NA.507.89.JPG | turtle | tipi | Diamond | door | ball | glass beads | tennis ball | rubber | Cree | Chippewa | Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation, Montana

Northern Plains | natal amul...
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NA.502.194 | overall length: 9.25 in, width: 8 in | Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot | Written on buckskin in pen: 50 | Ritual and Recreation Toys. White buckskin shaped as a lizard. Sewn together with white string. Beaded with white and dark blue seed beads. Orange horsehair with 10 tin cone dangles. Four dangles missing from horsehair. Left front leg has original string tie and horsehair. The others all have recently been given new ties of white nylon string, also some new horsehair. | na.502.194.jpg | NA.502.194.JPG | lizard | natal amulet | Buckskin | Beads | tin cone | horsehair | nylon | Northern Plains

Tama, Iowa | Young Bear, Joh...
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NA.203.213 | ca. 1920 | inside circle length: 12 in, inside circle width: 6.5 in, width: 13.5 in, L: 18.5 in | Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin | Personal Adornment & Ritual Regalia. Necklace and trailer - Otter fur necklace and trailer with red ribbon trim on trailer and multi-color overlay bead border. Two red ribbons at end and two blue and gold ribbons on trailer. 40 bear claws attached to otter fur circle with single row of glass blue beads. Overlay multi-color medallions on fur. | Pamphlet: Cody, Wyoming Relocation Guide; Cody Chamber of Commerce, Cody, Wyoming; 2004; page 7 | na.203.213 v1.jpg | na.203.213 v2.jpg | NA.203.213dtl2.jpg | NA.203.213.JPG | NA.203.213dtl1.jpg | NA.203.213.jpg | trailer | necklace | fur | glass | glass beads | grizzly bear | ribbon | claws | otter | Tama, Iowa | Young Bear, John | Meskwaki | Sac and Fox

Unknown | arrow | sinew | wo...
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NA.102.152 | L: 25.5 in | Utensils and implements - Hunting. Arrow - curved light wood shaft with 4 incised wavy lines, sinew wrapped point end, sinew wrapped fletching-1 dark brown feather, faded red and black bands. | na.102.152.jpg | arrow | sinew | wood | shaft | Unknown

Apache | Southwest | Moccasi...
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NA.202.1368 | 1910-1930 | L: 40 in, L: 9.5 in, width: 4.5 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | tall, plain tanned hide moccasins covered in brown/orange ochre pigment one piece, seamed down back with 1 ¼” flap, and sewn to rawhide sole with sinew thread. Rawhide soles that turn up into “noses” at the tip. The oval shaped “nose” is decorated with two rows of triangles cut our from the rawhide, and colored in with blue, also two curved thick lines projecting downward from rows. Hide strip serves as tie around the ankle, laced through slit openings in hide base. Front design (both) drawn at top of “b” in possible ink, of curved shapes, lighting bolt, and circles measures 5 ½” L x 3”W. Back of top has design in blue pigment with two downward touching triangles, and very faded curved lines outside. | NA.202.1368.jpg | Moccasins | tanned hide | sinew | pigment | rawhide | Apache | Southwest

Assiniboine | Fort Belknap I...
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NA.106.198A | 1900 | knife length: 8.875 in, handle width: 1.25 in | Gift of J.W. Duke Wellington | Engraved on one side of knife: 3575 DEXTER, Engraved: Harrington Cutlery Co./DEXTER/Southbridge E__S, | Utensils and implements - Household. Knife - wooden handle, | NA.106.198.LEFTSIDE.JPG | NA.106.198.RIGHTSIDE.JPG | na.106.198a.jpg | knife | handle | leather | wood | Assiniboine | Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

Pomo | basket | Woven
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NA.106.781 | Late 19th Century | Diameter: 17 in, depth: 6 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harris A. Thompson | na.106.781.jpg | basket | Woven | Pomo winnowing tray. The Pomo are a large tribe divided into seven groups each traditionally speaking a distinct dialect of the Pomo language, which is part of the Hokan linguistic stock. Their name means "People of the Red Earth" in reference to a red mineral pigment that they dug both for their own use and for trade. Their region of habitation was what are now the counties of Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake in northwestern California. Famous for their basketry, this northern California tribe produced a great variety of finely executed baskets. However, little is discussed in the literature about the less elaborate Pomo utilitarian baskets. This tray is a multipurpose basket that could have been used for winnowing, parching or utilized in the process of sifting acorn flour, a staple in the traditional diet. Three major bands of design are exhibited on this tray. Of note, the large outer band of zigzag design marks are most usually found on Pomo twined baskets as opposed to their coiled work. Several types of twining were employed in weaving this piece. The center was done in three-strand twining and the raised bands were done in lattice twining. The balance of the basket was woven in plain twining. Whole, peeled willow (Salix) rod for the warp, split sedge root (Carex) for the light brown weft, natural redbud (Cercis) for the red design elements. A good, old example. | Pomo

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1988.8.4117 | 1988.8.4117v1.jpg | 1988.8.4117v2.jpg | Other | bayonet | scabbard

Colt's Patent Manufacturing ...
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1994.28.14 | 1972 | L: 11 in, Barrel length: 5.5 in, H: 4.75 in | Gift in memory of Catherine Cotton | barrel, left side: Arizona Ranger Commemorative [barrel top:] Colt's Pt. F.A. Mfg. Co. Hartford, Conn. U.S.A./ 69311G70 | NIB | Scout | .22 | 323AR | 1994.28.14v1.jpg | 1994.28.14v2.jpg | 1994.28.14v3.jpg | 1994.28.14v4.jpg | firearm | nickel | steel | wood | pistol | Colt's Patent Manufacturing Company, Hartford, CT

Sioux | South Dakota | Grizz...
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NA.502.146 | 1880 | L: 2.875 in, width: 1.125 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Claw strung on twisted leather strip. | NA.502.146.JPG | na.502.146.jpg | Grizzly bear claw | twisted | claw | leather | string | Sioux | South Dakota