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Native American everyday objects

In my exhibit I have some everyday object that Native Americans need like the Tipi. The tipi is used everyday along the Native American they use it for shelter some times for food storage. And there are still many more everyday object that Native Americans use.

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: 748388

Sioux | South Dakota | Grizz...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;Sioux Object;Grizzly bear claw Date;1880

Museum record: NA.502.146 | 1880 | L: 2.875 in, width: 1.125 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. William D. Weiss | Ritual and Recreation: Ritual, Curing and Cult Objects. Claw strung on twisted leather strip. | NA.502.146.JPG | na.502.146.jpg | Grizzly bear claw | twisted | claw | leather | string | Sioux | South Dakota

Blue Star, Missoula, Montana...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;Blackfeet Object;Tipi Date; unkhown

Museum record: NA.302.85 | H: 144 in | Structures and Furnishings: Dwellings and Furnishings. Canvas; painted with two antelope in yellow with heart line in rust, green and black and three green dots inside body; white circles on black ground at base; painted by H. Pepian. | NA.302.85.JPG | na.302.85v1.jpg | na.302.85a.jpg | na.302.85b.jpg | na.302.85v2.jpg | two antelope | heart line | dots | circles | tipi | White | rust | canvas | black | yellow | painted | green | Blue Star, Missoula, Montana | painted by Howard Pepian | Blackfeet

feather | bonnet | ribbon | ...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;Beads Object;bonnet Date;unkhown

Museum record: NA.205.93 | L: 22 in, width: 13 in | Dress and Adornment, Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Eagle (?) feather bonnet with white horsehair streamers. Red, blue yarn, multi colored bead rounds in front. Beaded head band in blue, red, white, green, yellow step design in lazy stitch greasy size 11 seed beads. Some green and red feathers, owl feathers, pheasant tail feathers and blue curtain tassles on decorative strips. Each eagle (?) feather wrapped in red wool at base attached to felt inner hat. Ribbons on outside in red and green with long red, magenta and blue yarn hanging down. | na.205.93v1.jpg | na.205.93v2.jpg | feather | bonnet | ribbon | leather | wool | Beads | feathers | yarn | thread

Northern Plains | shirt | pi...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;Beads Object;pigment Date;1850

Museum record: NA.202.1184 | ca.1850 | shoulder to shoulder: 24 in, shirt length: 44 in, shirt length: 48 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | leather, wrapped quill design, beaded border, painted, horsehair, wool, horse tracks, quill is broken in areas, good, 1382 | l.312.2006.1500-view1.jpg | l.312.2006.1500-view2.jpg | shirt | shirt | pigment | Beads | tanned hide | horsehair | quills | wool | Northern Plains

Plains | pipe tomahawk | dia...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;File marks Object;Pipe tomahawk Date;unkhown

Museum record: NA.504.257 | L: 22 in, width: 9.625 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection | Ritual and Recreation: Smoking and Narcotics. Steel one piece blade and pipe bowl; blade diamond shaped; wooden stem/handle with hot file marks; knob with hole drilled in it near end; hole for mouthpiece with cut away area of lips. | NA.504.257.JPG | na.504.257.jpg | file marks | pipe tomahawk | diamond shaped | wood | handle | blade | drilled | steel | Plains

Kiowa | Moccasins | pigment ...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;Sinew Object;sheo Date;1890

Museum record: NA.202.906 | ca. 1890 | H: 4.625 in, L: 9.626 in, width: 3.375 in | Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Guido R. Rahr, Jr. | Dress and Adornment, Daily Attire And/Or Festive Attire. Braintanned buckskin uppers with uneven yellow-orange coloring sinew sewn to rawhide soles, self fringed at heels except for approximately 1 1/2 x 2" tab extensions, separate square tongue with 3 prong extension toward toe, buckskin thong ties woven through holes around ankle, heel and tongue stitching and added ankle piece on A are thread sewn. Lazy stitch beaded band down center of vamp has clear dark green triangles bordered in white on clear dark red background separated by checkerboards of white and royal blue, flanking this band on the outside is a line of connected right triangles in red and blue with white trim, band around bottom of foot has blue hourglass figures bordered in white on clear dark red strip that goes to heel seam on A and stops 1 5/8" from heel on outside and 3" from heel on inside of B. | NA.202.906.JPG | hourglass | checkerboard | triangles | Moccasins | pigment | rawhide | braintanned | Buckskin | sinew | Beads | Kiowa

Shona-hah, Mary | Northwest ...
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Exhibit notes: Tribe;Artest Object;figurine Date;1968

Museum record: NA.506.37 | ca. 1968 | H: 11 in, Base Length: 14.5 in, Base Width: 12 in | signed on bottom: Shana Hah 1968 | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Carved wooden figure; one laying down wrapped in red cloth and black fur; one standing holding staff and rattle wearing blue robe, blue button blanket with fish on back, and fur hat with horns. | NA.506.37.JPG | na.506.37.jpg | figurine | carved | black | fur | wood | Shona-hah, Mary | Northwest Coast