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Weapons and related documents

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Jmoore

Raban, Percy, 5/3...
Russell, Charles M. | illust...
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69.60 | URC: May 3d 1907 | H: 6.25 in, width: 9.686 in, Frame height: 16 in, Frame width: 19.5 in | Raban, Percy, 5/3/1907 | Gift of William E. Weiss | In 1907 Russell traveled to New York City to present his first one-man show i the art capital. His letter to newspaperman Percy Raban indicates Russell's preference for Great Falls, Montana, over the big city. While in New York, Russell saw William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody's Wild West exhibition at Madison Square Garden. OR Russell wrote about seeing Buffalo Bill's Wild West to his friend Percy Raban, a newspaperman. | May 3d 1907 Friend Percy I am still on dear old brodway among the cliff dwelers every body lives high here but they aint got me skined much Im camped above timber line myself I was down at Madison Square gardon the other day an met Cody he's lost most of his hair in the London fog but his back locks are still long. the show was good real cow boys an Indians this reminds me of central ave but laving all jokes aside Il take our Streets bumps an all NY with cabs under ground an sky sayling car liner is all right for them that like her. but I know a town with two mil of track an a fiew tracks thats swift anough for me give me the camp where I savy the people sketch caption: Heys a Live one | Restrictions: May not be sold or traded under any circumstances. No signature on front | 69.60.jpg | 69.60.JPG | 69.60.jpg | 69.60.jpg | transportation | Figure | Animal | illustrated letter | watercolor on paper | pen and ink | Russell, Charles M.

Manhattan Firearms Manufactu...
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1994.20.1 | 1850-1860 | L: 8.25 in, H: 4 in, Barrel length: 4 in | None | [barrel] cast steel; [left side, hammer] Manhattan F.A. Mfg. Co. | New York | mechanically inoperative | American Pepperbox Pistol | .28 | .31 ML | 47 | 1994.20.1v2.jpg | 1994.20.1v1.jpg | firearm | wood | iron | Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Company; Norwich, CT