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Chairs: the Old, the New, the Uncomfortable

An exhibit of chairs within the collection of the Buffalo Bill Museum

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: Marg2309

Bembe and Kimmel | armchair ...
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Exhibit notes: Congressional armchair ca. 1856--say what???

Museum record: 1.69.2163 | ca. 1856 | H: 40.625 in, L: 23 in, width: 22.5 in | Gift of George T. Beck | Marked: Bembe and Kimmel, 928 Broadway, New York | American oak armchair, black leatherette upholstery, claw feet, brass casters, covered shield motif on back. Congressional armchair mfg. ca. 1856 by and marked Bembe and Kimmel, 928 Broadway, New York, for U.S. House of Representatives. Use discontinued 1873. This chair used by James B. Beck, congressman from Kentucky and father of donor (George T. Beck). | 1.69.2163.JPG | shield | armchair | casters | leatherette | oak | brass | Bembe and Kimmel

chair | cloth | beige | oak ...
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Exhibit notes: Ca. 1880--used to be a rocker; no doubt kids involved with that decision...

Museum record: 1.69.1365 | ca. 1880 | H: 45.5 in, width: 25 in, depth: 19.375 in, seat length: 17.5 in, seat width: 20.5 in | Written in pencil on underside of right seat rail: MAY Cody BRADFORD [written in pencil on underside of back seat rail:] PROPERTY OF/WILLIAM Cody BRAdFORd | Arm chair, oak with light olive and brown upholstered seat. Wide curved crest rail with single row of beading and 2 small arches at bottom, tapred round back uprights extend approximately 4 1/2" above crest rail, 8 turned tapered spindles between arches, fit into a lower curved cross piece below which is a second curved cross piece; arms are slightly curved with carved scrolls at ends, turned arm supports with ball end below seat side rails and a strether bar beetween ball ends; straight front and side seat rails, slightly curved back seat rail; short tapered legs with double stretchers on sides and front. Woven foliate pattern seat upholstery in light olive, brown and beige with a woven braid trim tacked around edges. Inscription written in pencil on underside of right seat rail. Inscription written in pencil on underside of back seat rail. This was orignally a rocking chair - removal of rockers would have been a fairly early (pre-buffalo Bill Museum) alteration. | 1.69.1365.jpg | 1.69.1365.JPG | scroll | foliate | chair | cloth | beige | oak | Beads

chair | leather | cane | clo...
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Exhibit notes: Oak and walnut: Now there's a combo!

Museum record: 1.69.1421 | ca. 1890 | H: 38.375 in, seat length: 16 in, seat width: 17 in, depth: 18.75 in, seat height: 17.75 in | Mary Jester Allen Collection | Oak and walnut side chair with black leather seat, edged with brass studs, c. 1900. Chair, oak. Curved crest rail with rounded upper corners and 2 arches cut in lower edge, straight back uprights, urn shaped center splat, slightly curved back seat rail, straight side riails, double curved front apron; square front legs taper to bottom, turned side and middle stretchers with flared centers. Seat cover is black leather with oilcloth (?) binding tacked to seat frame, underneath is caned seat. ca. 1890. | 1.69.1421v1.jpg | 1.69.1421v2.jpg | chair | leather | cane | cloth | walnut | brass | oak

chair, rocking | pine | fabr...
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Exhibit notes: They don't make 'em like this any more...

Museum record: 1.69.1376 | ca. 1890 | H: 37.75 in, width: 22.125 in, depth: 34.25 in, seat length: 16.5 in, seat width: 15 in | Written in ink on paper label on back of left upright: Property of Wm. Cody Bradford | Platform rocking chair, pine painted golden brown. Turned ridged spindle uprights, crest rail, cross pieces, arms and front and back seat rails interlock with tapered ends fitting into holes, ends of arm spindles and uprights trimmed with large round headed brass tacks; c-shaped rocker bars have circular iron brackets with heavy springs connected to a second bracket attached to cut out base sides, base has 2 turned ridged stretcher bars in front an 1 at back, fronts of rocker bar and base sides have incised designs. metal caster wheels under front feet. Seat and back are of brown, gray and black patterned carpet tacked to spindles, heavy webbed straps support carpet. Written inscription on paper label on back of left upright. | 1.69.1376.jpg | 1.69.1376.jpg | 1.69.1376v2.jpg | 1.69.1376v3.jpg | 1.69.1376.jpg | 1.69.1376v4.jpg | chair, rocking | pine | fabric | painted | iron | metal | brass | turned

chair | oak | four | rollers...
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Exhibit notes: I'm always in the market for a good desk chair.

Museum record: 1.69.1420 | ca. 1900 | H: 37.25 in, seat length: 17.25 in, seat width: 19.25 in | Swivel oak desk chair with slat back, arm rests and four rollers on the bottom, c. 1900. Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection. Purchased from Fred H. Garlow, William Joseph Garlow and Mrs. Jane Cody Garlow Mallehan, grandchildren of Buffalo Bill. ORIGIN: Where - Belonged to Dr. Frances Lane, first Cody doctor. How - Paper thumbtacked to bottom of chair: Property of Bill Garlow. | 1.69.1420.JPG | 1.69.1055, .1420, .1842.jpg | 1.69.1420.jpg | 1.69.1420v2.jpg | chair | oak | four | rollers | slat back | swivel

chair, toy | Woven | wood | ...
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Exhibit notes: Hurts my back just looking at it!

Museum record: 1.69.1705 | H: 15.375 in, width: 7.25 in, depth: 6.25 in | Gift of Ms. Sarah Fritjofson | Chair, toy. wood frame stainedbrown with a herringbone pattern woven split willow seat, also stained brown, turned back posts with finial tops and tapered legs. Four arched slats fit into slots in back posts, front legs have rounded tops 1/2" above seat level and tapered bottoms. Simple turned stretcher bars at front, sides and back. Parts fit into each other with no nails used in construction. | 1.69.1705.jpg | chair, toy | Woven | wood | turned | Willow

Unknown | chair | nails | wo...
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Exhibit notes: Where's my porch? Where's my lemonade?

Museum record: 1.69.2568 | ca. 1900 | H: 43.75 in, L: 26.125 in, width: 24 in | Gift of Jonene Geile | Rustic weathered arm chair; handmade from peeled (pine possibly) tree branches or small tree trunks; commercial curved wood slat seat salvaged from a more weathered outdoor chair or bench; back-rest has 2 horizontal boards with ends tapered to fit slots cut in upright supports, 5 vertical posts with front sides flattened have ends carved into pegs which fit into holes in horizontal boards; front legs, seat frame, arms and horizontal leg braces all have ends carved into pegs which fit into holes in adjoining pieces, many joints are reinforced with a variety of screws and nails; front to back runner footing. Possibly belonged to W.F. Cody or used on one of his properties. | 1.69.2568.jpg | 1.69.2568.JPG | chair | nails | wood | branches | handmade | screws | tree | Unknown

Unknown | chair | moose | ho...
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Exhibit notes: Is this really comfortable?

Museum record: 1.69.1840 | 1895 | seat width: 27 in, H: 33.055 in, base depth: 36 in | Mary Jester Allen Collection | Horn chair with elk horn frame and moose horn seat. Pieces bolted together. | 1.69.1840.jpg | 1.69.1840.JPG | chair | moose | horn | elk | bolted | Unknown

chair | wood | paint
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Exhibit notes: Ca. 1850. What does "Hitchcock" style mean??

Museum record: 1.69.545 | ca. 1850 | overall height: 33 in, seat width: 16 in, seat to floor: 17 in | Chair, maple (possibly) painted dark blue green, Hitchcock style. Turned crest rail with rectangular center section, flattened front back uprights, slightly arched center crossbar with 4 turned spindles decending into seat back; solid wood seat with curved back and sides, concave top and rounded front edge; turned front legs have ball near top, ridges near bottom, bottom tapers then flares into a ball foot; turned back legs taper at top and bottom; front stretcher has taped ends and turned ball and ridges at center, side and back stretchers are straight round. 1960 BBM catalog #204 notes that this is "over 200 years old." MJA collection #155-A (215-A) notes that this was "used by Cody cousins at Hopkinton, Massachusetts and willed to Mary Jester Allen by a cousin, Amelia Bingham." | 1.69.545.jpg | 1.69.545.jpg | chair | wood | paint

chair | rush | wood
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Exhibit notes: Another kid's chair from Larom Estate. Was it used for child-sized guests on the ranch?

Museum record: 1.69.1747 | H: 18.5 in, seat length: 10.25 in, seat width: 10.75 in, width: 12.25 in, depth: 11.75 in | Gift of Irving H. "Larry" Larom Estate | Light wooden miniature chair with woven seat, slat back, n.d. Child's chair. Hand carved wood frame stained light brown with simple rush seat, 2 arched back slats fit into slots in back posts; seat rails and front, back and side stretcher bars fit into holes in legs; handmade construction follows the curves and natural gaps in the pieces of wood used - looks very rustic. | 1.69.1747.jpg | chair | rush | wood

chair | rush | wood
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Exhibit notes: Kids chair, ca. 1890. Another "They don't make 'em like this any more."

Museum record: 1.69.1340 | ca. 1890 | H: 23 in, width: 12.5 in, depth: 12.75 in | Child's wooden chair with arm rests and wrapped seat, c. 1890. Formerly painted red - has been stripped. Seat is new rush. | 1.69.1340.jpg | chair | rush | wood

high chair | leather | hardw...
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Exhibit notes: A high chair from 1890. Would I trust a baby in this?

Museum record: 1.69.546 | ca. 1890 | overall height: 31.5 in, seat width: 13 in, seat to floor: 22 in | High chair, wood stained dark brown, missing top rail and left arm. Back uprights continue into back legs in gentle S curve, rectangular cross section, straight cross piece, scroll curved armrest. Square seat, slightly narrower at back; raised side rails curve into curve of back uprights; skirt at seat front has a double scroll pattern; seat has a multi-colored Mexican Aztec pattern chimayo thumbtacked over original seat which was dark brown leather over olive green twill cloth over horsehair (possibly) padding. Front legs have a turned ball at top and taper to bottom, rounded corner foot rest pegged into leg fronts, single straight round stretcher. Single straight round stretcher between back legs and 2 straight round stretchers between front and back legs. | 1.69.546view1.jpg | 1.69.546view1.jpg | high chair | leather | hardwood | horsehair | cloth

High Plains Lounger
Spear S Woodworks | chair | ...
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Exhibit notes: Juniper, cherry and leather. Can I just get a whiff?

Museum record: 1.69.6044.1 | 2003 | H: 30.25 in, width: 34 in, depth: 31.5 in | High Plains Lounger | Switchback Ranch Purchase Award | 1.69.6044.1.jpg | chair | boot | stitched | leather | juniper | cherry | Spear S Woodworks

Molesworth, Thomas | chair |...
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Exhibit notes: Gotta love Molesworth

Museum record: 1.69.6095 | 1935-1945 | Gift of Alan K. and Peter K. Simpson | 1.69.6095.jpg | chair | keyhole | plywood | leather | Molesworth, Thomas

X's & O's
Anne Beard | chair | calfski...
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Exhibit notes: I'd be afraid to sit on this one!

Museum record: 1.69.6169.1 | 2007 | overall height: 40.5 in, width: 22 in, L: 21 x 12 in, depth: 5.625 in, H: 7.25 in | X's & O's | Gift of Hilary Heminway | A - chair, B- pillow | 1.69.6169.1.jpg | cowgirl | saddle | horse | letter | chair | calfskin | brass | tacks | leather | wood | Anne Beard