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A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: PARUL

North Eastern Woodlands | Ch...
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NA.506.129 | ca. 1930 | In loving memory of Julia Frost Pasely Morrison | Ritual and Recreation, Gifts and Novelties. Piece of loomed beadwork. Floral design, multi-colored with eight hanging tabs, cotton fringe. | na.506.129.jpg | floral | beadwork | Beads | cotton | North Eastern Woodlands | Chippewa

Iroquois | boot shaped pouch...
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NA.506.16 | ca. 1930 | H: 8 in, width: 6 in | Ritual and Recreation: Gifts and Novelties. Red cloth boot stuffed with saw dust; raised floral design on front in clear, blue, red, green and yellow beads. | NA.506.16.JPG | na.506.16.jpg | floral | boot shaped pouch | Clear | stuffed | Beads | cloth | seed | yellow | saw dust | Red | blue | green | Iroquois

Iroquois | cuffs | commercia...
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NA.203.752 | ca. 1930 | L: 6 in, width: 5 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Cuffs - commercial leather; chrome studs; black velvet patch beaded with star and leaf pattern in pink, blue, yellow, green, red/white hearts and white. | NA.203.752A&B.JPG | na.203.752.jpg | star | Leaf | cuffs | commercial | chrome | black | velvet | red/white hearts | studs | Beads | leather | Iroquois

Eastern Plains | Woodlands |...
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NA.202.833 | ca. 1890-1900 | chest circumference: 45.5 in, center back length: 30.75 in, sleeve length: 23.75 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Man's -- Indian tanned and smoked leather (elk or moose?), Cree cut with sinew sewn seams, fringed bottom and fringe sewn into back arm seams, armhole seams, back shoulder seams and back side seams; sleeves have a stitched on leather cuff with a triangular front piece and zig-zag edge leather collar, five button holes on right front with five black 4-holed buttons on left front; back is trimmed with a zig-zag edged fringe strip in a "V" hand sewn to back with lilac thread; Santee/Eastern Sioux-style quillwork front and back in floral design in bright royal blue, lemon yellow, magenta and teal green. | na.202.833v1.jpg | na.202.833v2.jpg | floral | jacket | leather | sinew | porcupine | cuff | tanned | lilac | five | buttons | smoked(elk or moose) | Cree cut | teal green | bright royal blue | sewn | thread | fringe | lemon yellow | quills | four-holed | megenta | Eastern Plains | Woodlands

Chippewa | Moccasins | green...
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NA.202.780 | ca. 1900 | L: 9.5 in, width: 3.5 in, H: 2.625 in | Dress and Adornment: Daily And/Or Festive Adornment. Leather; beaded on top with floral design in red, green, blue, light blue, white, orange; leather cuff with blue and red beads around edge; rawhide sole. | NA.202.780A&B.JPG | na.202.780.jpg | floral | Moccasins | green | leather | seed | Beads | blue | light blue | orange | Red | soles | White | rawhide | Chippewa

Iroquois | purse | handle | ...
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NA.203.507 | ca. 1905 | L: 3.375 in, width: 4.625 in | Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Purse - cardboard, hook closure, orange cloth on outside, green cloth lining. Fully loom beaded handle with red crosses on white ground. White, green, red beading on purse, all clear beads. Also sequins with clear yellow beads. | NA.203.507.JPG | na.203.507.jpg | crosses | purse | handle | sequins | cardboard | loom beaded | orange | Clear | green | hook | Beads | cloth | Iroquois

Eastern Woodlands | Midwest ...
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NA.202.1386 | ca. 1890 | L: 9 in, wide at widest point: 4.25 in, H: 2 in | The Paul Dyck Plains Indian Buffalo Culture Collection, acquired through the generosity of the Dyck family and additional gifts of the Nielson Family and the Estate of Margaret S. Coe | Women's moccasins with soft bottom, one piece tanned hide seamed up the heel, with attached ankle cuff, pointed to V in front. No tongue. Appears to be a tie on front upper near cuff points. Large oak leaf embroidered in glass beads on vamp in green, outlined in black, then white beads. Ankle cuff covered in burgundy silk fabric and edged in purple silk ribbon, with a single line of translucent gold beads all around perimeter of purple ribbon trim. Outside edge of cuff is outlined with white beads, doubled up to give a fringe or lace look. | na.202.1386.jpg | Moccasins | glass beads | silk ribbon | tanned hide | cotton thread | Eastern Woodlands | Midwest