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Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot

As a young teen, Annie Oakley helped with family finances, by hunting small game for the local grocery store for resale to hotels and restaurants. She was so successful that she was able to pay the $200 mortgage on her mother’s house…and she was just 15 years old! One of her “customers”—who was impressed with her shooting—invited her to participate in a contest against well-known marksman, Frank E. Butler. Oakley won the match, but that didn’t stop Butler from being totally enamored of his opponent. Eventually, the two shooters were married on August 23, 1876. They joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in 1885. Oakley became a star attraction, and Butler was content to be her manager and assistant. The two remained with the show for 16 years. The Butlers retired in 1913. When the United States entered World War I in 1917, Oakley unsuccessfully offered to raise a regiment of woman volunteers to fight in the war and went so far as volunteering to teach marksmanship to the troops. In 1926, after 50 happy years of marriage, the Butlers passed away within three weeks of each other: Annie Oakley died on November 3, and Frank Butler died November 21. Read more at:

A Buffalo Bill Center of the West Virtual Exhibit
Curated by: NancyM

Annie Oakley and ...
Ross, Thom | Sculpture | met...
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Exhibit notes: Artist Thom Ross used Annie and her dog for one of his wood art pieces.

Museum record: 6.10 | 2009 | overall height: 75.25 in, depth: .75 in, width: 20.5 in, Base Width: 28.75 in, overall height: 37.5 in, depth: .75 in, width: 14.25 in, H: 24.5 in, Diameter: 13 in | Annie Oakley and Her Dog Dave | Gift of Virgil Shutze | Written on back of 6.10A in black: "Annie / Oakley". Signed on back of Annie: Thom Ross | a - Annie Oakley; b- Dave. | 6.10v3.jpg | 6.10v4.jpg | 6.10.jpg | 6.10v2.jpg | Annie Oakley | Moses, Phoebe Ann | Dave | Sculpture | metal | paint | thread | felt | plywood | Ross, Thom

Little Sure Shot ...
Hart Graphics | Photo | oran...
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Exhibit notes: "Little Sure Shot" Annie Oakley, 1860-1926

Museum record: 1.69.1818 | c. 1979 | Frame height: 20 in, Frame width: 16 in | Little Sure Shot Annie Oakley 1860-1926 | Gift of Richard Hart | Printed along bottom edge, c. 1979 John Richard Hart . Hart Graphics, 50 Ringold St., San Francisco, Calif. 94103. Photo Courtesy Garst Museum, Greenville, Ohio. | Orange and brown tone print with H&S portrait photo of Annie Oakley, full length of A. Oakley at left side. Titled, Little Sure Shot Annie Oakley 1860-1926. Small section of biographical information on A. Oakley along bottom. | 1.69.1818.jpg | portrait of Annie Oakley | Photo | orange | Print | brown | tone | Hart Graphics

Charles Lancaster & Company,...
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Exhibit notes: This beautiful rifle is believed to have belonged to Annie.

Museum record: 1.69.6342 | ca. 1892 | overall length: 41.625 in, Barrel length: 26 in, H: 7 in, weight: 7 lbs | Gift of Barbara Malone and Edwin Self in Memory of William Self | Left receiver: Wm CASHMORE; lower tang: 9271; top of barrel: CHARLES LANCASTER ....; lower stock silver escutcheon: AO | Delux engraved English oval bore double rifle with exposed hammer. Designed by Willliam Cashmore for Charles lancaster & company, London, 360 EX caliber. Believed to have belonged to Annie Oakley. | .360 EX | 7142; 9271 | 1.69.6342 (2).jpg | 1.69.6342.jpg | 1.69.6342v2.jpg | 1.69.6342v3.jpg | firearm | steel | silver | walnut | Charles Lancaster & Company, London, England

Miss Annie Oakley...
A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore | p...
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Exhibit notes: Annie was a "poster child" for the Wild West.

Museum record: 1.69.73 | ca. 1890 | sight height: 28.5 in, sight width: 19 in, Frame height: 31.625 in, Frame width: 22 in | Miss Annie Oakley, The Peerless Lady Wing-Shot | Gift of The Coe Foundation | Printed at top: BUFFALO BILL'S WILD WEST./CONGRESS, ROUGH RIDERS OF THE WORLD, Printed at bottom: MISS ANNIE OAKLEY,/THE PEERLESS LADY WING-SHOT, Printed lower left: 35, Printed lower right: A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore, U.S.A. | Four color lithograph poster of Annie Oakley posing with rifle and shooting target balls. | Book: Legends of the West: Annie Oakley; Sara Gilbert; Creative Education; Mankato; 2006; cover; page 33 | 1.69.73.jpg | 1.69.73.jpg | 1.69.73.JPG | rifle | Annie Oakley | poster | lithograph | four color | A. Hoen & Co., Baltimore

jacket | Satin | wool | mach...
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Exhibit notes: Annie was "on target" with this outfit!

Museum record: 1.69.5795.1 | 1902-1915 | L: 25.75 in, width: 35.5 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Terry MacDonald | Beige/green wool 6-button jacket with satin lining. Jacket has collar, long sleeves and right breast pocket. Sleeves have three buttons with corresponding button holes. Bottom of jacket cuts away to the back. Buttons are all alike, brown, tortoise-shell like. | 1.69.5795.1.jpg | 1.69.5795.1&.2.jpg | jacket | Satin | wool | machine sewn

Frank Russell Glove Co., Ber...
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Exhibit notes: Annie Oakley gauntlets, 1900

Museum record: 1.69.65 | ca. 1900 | L: 11.5 in | Original Buffalo Bill Museum Collection | Stamped on buttons: FRANK/RUSSELL GLOVE/CO./BERLIN, WIS. | Pair gauntlets, fringed leather, light gray. | 1.69.65.JPG | 1.69.65.jpg | 1.69.65 v2.jpg | gauntlets | fringed | leather | Frank Russell Glove Co., Berlin, WI
disc | brass
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Exhibit notes: Brass disk shot through by Annie Oakley in 1905

Museum record: | Aug. 9, 1909 | Diameter: 1.75 in | Gift of Elsa L. Schaffner | Each disc stamped one side: SHOT WITH/A/U.M.C. CARTRIDGE, Each disc stamped on other side: SHOT WITH/A/REMINGTON RIFLE, .1 is signed in ink: Annie/Oakley/Aug. 9, 1909 | Brass disc used for target shooting, a small hole is drilled through top edge, a bullet hole is through the disk. Elsa L. Schaffner watched Annie Oakley shooting targets, at Fred Stone's residence, Amityville, Long Island, New York, on Aug. 9, 1909 when she was a child, picked the above up as souveniers and also saved a newspaper clipping titled `Tells How Annie Oakley Shot Ashes From Kaiser's Cigarette' from the Amityville paper.Brass discs used for target shooting, each has a small hole drilled through top edge. | | disc | brass

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Exhibit notes: Yet another shotgun! 1892 Winchester .44 caliber shotgun

Museum record: 1.69.25 | 1905 | Barrel length: 22 in, pull: 13.375 in, overall length: 39.625 in, H: 2.25 in | Gift of Dorothy Stone Collins | Stamped on bottom of receiver: 301670, Top of barrel stamped: MANUFACTURED BY THE WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS CO./NEW HAVEN. CONN. U.S.A. PATENTED OCTOBER 14. 1884, Left rear of barrel stamped: 44 W.C.F., Tang stamped: MODEL 1892/--WINCHESTER--/TRADE MARK, Rubber butt plate embossed: WINCHESTER/REPEATING/ARMS CO. | 1892 Winchester rifle, caliber .44WCF, shotgun butt, half octagon barrel, checkered stock and forearm, engraved with foliate design and big horn ram on left side, elk on right side of receiver. Made for and used by Annie Oakley. | Winchester Model 1892 | .44 WCF | 301670 | 1.69.25v1.jpg | 1.69.25v2.jpg | 1.69.25VIEW1.JPG | 1.69.25VIEW2.JPG | 1.69.25VIEW3.JPG | 1.69.25VIEW4.JPG | 1.69.25.jpg | big horn ram | foliate | elk | firearm | rifle

Ithaca Gun Co., Ithaca, NY |...
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Exhibit notes: Annie's single-barrel, trap gun, Ithaca Gun Company

Museum record: 2008.10.1 | 1916 | overall length: 48.25 in, Barrel length: 32 in, H: 7 in, weight: 7.8 lbs | Gift of Donald Lawson In Honor and Memory of Joseph L. Box | Stock plaque: E.W. LONG / JASPER / ALA.. Barrel: -- FLUID STEEL -- KRUPP-ESSEN --. Trigger guard: 26 | Firearm / Shotgun - Single barrel - Centerfire, Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Gun, Ithaca Gun Company, Ithaca, NY. Model: 4E Grade, Serial Number: 264501, 12 gauge, 1916. Blued engraved steel w/ full vented rib and checkered walnut stock w/ brass escutcheon and checkered beavertail forend. | Ithaca Single Barrel Trap Gun | 12 gauge | 264501 | 2008.10.1v1.jpg | 2008.10.1v2.jpg | firearm | brass | steel | walnut | wood | shotgun | Ithaca Gun Co., Ithaca, NY

A. Francotte Maker & Patente...
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Exhibit notes: Twelve gauge double barrel shotgun made to order for Annie Oakley

Museum record: 1.69.68 | 1895 | Gift of Frederick J. Bolton | Serial no. 27184, Stamped on receiver: A. Francotte Maker & Patentee/Liege Belgium, Stamped right side barrel: Von Lengerke & Detmold, Stamped left side barrel: U S Agents New York | Twelve gauge double barrel shotgun made to order for Annie Oakley, checked stock and forearm, matted rib barrels, double triggers, engraved. | 12 gauge | 27184 | 1.69.68.JPG | 1.69.68.jpg | shotgun | A. Francotte Maker & Patentee, Liege Belgium

Neumann Brothers, Liege, Bel...
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Exhibit notes: This is Annie's double-barrel shotgun.

Museum record: 1.69.2780 | L: 42.5 in, Barrel length: 26.25 in, H: 7.75 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | Rib: KRUPP STEEL BARRELS [underside rib:] 942 [both sides of receiver:] NEUMANN BROS. [watertable:] BELGIUM/ JC (griffin above line) EC NO 3 [other side watertable:] (hallmark)/ S (star)/ 942/6 [underside forestock:] 942/ 942 [underside barrel under forestock:] 33 GRS POWDER/ may /(indecipherible) 1 1/8 oz shot/ choke/ 17.5/__/ 184.[under rib:] JD D [under right barrel under forestock:] 184/ 33 GRS POWDER/ (figure) MAY/ ECMZ 1 1/8 OZ SHOT [under barrel above watertable:] (star)/ S/ (scroll)/ (Hallmark) [in a diamond:] 12/C/ (crown)/ E/LG/ X P.1K297.4 [right side under barrel above water table:] D=70/__/20.6 M/M [left side under barrel above watertable same as first 11 inscriptions] [under rib:] 04983 | Arnot Millet Collection | 1.69.2780.JPG | floral | checkered | shotgun, double barrel | engraved | metal | checkered | wood | Neumann Brothers, Liege, Belgium

Hunter Arms Company, Fulton,...
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Exhibit notes: Annie's L.C. Smith shotgun

Museum record: 1.69.2779 | L: 43 in, Barrel length: 26.25 in, H: 9 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | T of right barrel: (arrow) L.C. Smith (in script) Ideal GRADE (arrow); [T of left barrel:] HUNTER ARMS CO. INC. MFRS FULTON. N.Y. U.S.A. [on either side of receiver:] L.C. Smith [Back of trigger:] FW91746 | Arnot Millet Collection | FW91746 | 1.69.2779v3.jpg | 1.69.2779v1.jpg | 1.69.2779v2.jpg | 1.69.2779v4.jpg | 1.69.2779v5.jpg | 1.69.2779.JPG | floral | checkered | shotgun | engraved | metal | wood | checkered | Hunter Arms Company, Fulton, NY, U.S.A.

Smith & Wesson, Springfield,...
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Exhibit notes: Annie's Smith & Wesson revolver with mother-of-pearl grips

Museum record: 1.69.2782 | 1892-1893 | L: 12 in, Barrel length: 6.5 in, H: 5.5 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | underside of barrel catch: 3653 [backface of cylinder:] 3653 [underside of butt:] 3653 [top of barrel at breech:] (design) SMITH & WESSON SPRINGFIELDMASS. U.S.A. (design) | Arnot Millet Collection | 3653 | 1.69.2782v2.jpg | 1.69.2782.JPG | 1.69.2782.jpg | firearm | nickel | mother of pearl | steel | Smith & Wesson, Springfield, MA

Colt Patent Firearms Manufac...
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Exhibit notes: Colt revolver used by Annie Oakley

Museum record: 1.69.2783 | 1883 | L: 10.75 in, Barrel length: 5.5 in, H: 4 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | under grip: 15624 [top of barrel at breech:] COLT'S PT. F.A. MFG. Co/HARTFORD CT U.S.A. [left side of barrel:] NEW POLICE 38 [left side of frame:] 38 CAL | Arnot Millet Collection | 15624 | 1.69.2783.JPG | policemen | revolver | molded | nickel | steel | rubber | Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Co., Hartford, CT

Oakley, Annie | pillow cover...
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Exhibit notes: Linen pillow cover that Annie embroidered with the Wild West's cast names

Museum record: 1.69.2120 | 1887-1897 | H: 20.5 in, width: 19.5 in | Linen pillow cover, bordered with multicolored braided thread. Two tassels at each corner. Embroidered by Annie Oakley with signatures of Wild West members and acquaintances of Annie Oakley. Two visibles dates. Tassels at all four corners. | 1.69.2120.JPG | pillow cover | tassels | embroidered | thread | multicolored | braided | linen | Oakley, Annie

pin | gold
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Exhibit notes: A tiny rifle pin--Annie's "bling"

Museum record: 1.69.2337 | 1918 | L: 2.75 in | Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lovelace (Melanie) | Engraved on back: PINEHURST 10K ANNIE OAKLEY/3.23.'18 | 10K gold pin shaped like a Remington target rifle. Belonged to Annie Oakley. | 1.69.2337.jpg | 1.69.2337.jpg | rifle | pin | gold

saddle | sheepskin | dark br...
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Exhibit notes: Annie's saddle

Museum record: 1.69.24 | ca. 1880 | H: 16.5 in, L: 24.25 in | Gift of Dorothy Stone Collins in memory of her father, Fred Stone, actor and friend of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler. | On cantle: OAKLEY | Saddle, dark brown leather worn to medium brown on seat, basket weave tooling on swell, seat and as an ornamental border on jockeys, skirts and fenders, tooled floral and leaf design on cantle with lettering: OAKLEY; loops for trick riding hand holds on either side of swell, plain round nickle-silver conchos on either side of swell and rear of cantle; double rig set-up; wood stirrups with brass strip on outside and leather foot; sheepskin underpad. The saddle was used by Annie Oakley in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and was given by her to Dorothy Stone when she was about 12 years old (1922) | 1.69.24.JPG | 1.69.24.jpg | Leaf | floral | basket weave | saddle | sheepskin | dark brown | wood | brass | leather

V.L. & D. of New York | shot...
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Exhibit notes: Annie's shotgun case--a little worse for the wear

Museum record: 1.69.2781 | L: 31.25 in, H: 3.75 in, width: 2.875 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | Engraved on right side: ANNIE OAKLEY | Shotgun case made of commercial tanned leather. Engraving on right side. Top of case has durable, carrying handle made of leather with metal hinges. Worn leather straps, metal buckles and buckle tabs secure ends of cases (front and butt of case) to the top. Leather straps connect case ends to bottom. Leather commercially stitched, cracked with stress marks and worn through on straps and along bottom of case. | Arnot Millet Collection | 1.69.2781.JPG | shotgun case | metal | leather | commercially tanned | V.L. & D. of New York

target ball | glass
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Exhibit notes: Targets in Annie's act included glass balls.

Museum record: 1.69.2784 | width: 2.75 in, H: 2.625 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | Target ball made of commercial blown (molded) amber-colored glass. The ball has a rough, circular hole at the bottom (used to attach it to target). It has two seam lines, one around the circumference and one from the rough hole to the circumference seam. | Arnot Millet Collection | 1.69.2784.JPG | target ball | glass

trunk | brass | wood | leath...
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Exhibit notes: Annie's personalized footlocker

Museum record: 1.69.2778 | date unknown | H: 13.75 in, L: 48 in, width: 21 in | Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Self | Right and left sides, along bottom: ANNIE OAKLEY [Inside handle of inside tray:] LION BRAND/(lion figure)/BANIGAN/ RUBBER CO./ BOSTON [Paper label on top of trunk lid reads:] Frank E. Butler/ of/ c/o Dr. Betts/ Broad and Orange St./ Newark, N.J. | Footlocker style trunk constructed with sheets of wood covered with red/orange leather. The red leather is bound by metal ribbing, brass closures and corner tabs. The bottom, top and side edges are covered with black leather and are tacked down with brass tacks. Painted white inscription on both right and left sides along bottom. Interior of trunk is lined with fabric and contains a three compartment removable tray. Paper label glued on top. | Arnot Millet Collection, | 1.69.2778.JPG | trunk | brass | wood | leather | cloth | metal