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Just what did they look like?

Curated by Marg2309

38 objects

With the stories of the West, I always wonder what this or that character looked like. Sometimes there was a camera, but many times a painter or sculptor captured an image so tha...

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Carl Rungius: Wildlife Painter

Curated by Marg2309

9 objects

In 1895, German-born Carl Rungius (1869-1959) accompanied his uncle on a hunting trip to Wyoming--and the rest, as they say, is history. Rungius emigrated to America and subsequ...

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Native Women's Dresses

Curated by Majel B

19 objects

Primary focus on Dakota and Lakota dresses with a secondary focus on Cheyenne and Crow women's dresses.

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Native American art

Curated by 867711

6 objects

i pick theas objects because it is cool and beutiful

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Cultural Arts of Dakota Women and Men

Curated by Majel B

85 objects

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Curated by 763972

5 objects

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