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Relics of the Past
Cooper, A.D.M. | Painting | ...
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4.64 | before 1910 | H: 40 in, width: 36 in, Frame height: 45.375 in, Frame width: 41.375 in, frame depth: 3.75 in | Relics of the Past | Bequest in memory of the Houx and Newell Families | This type of still life painting is often called a trompe l'oeil (fool the eye). The artist sought to create the illusion that real photographs and artifacts were nailed to the wall. Buffalo Bill Cody owned this painting and had it hanging in the Irma Hotel for many years. | LL: Astley D. M. Cooper | Book: Redrawing Boundaries: Perspectives on Western American Art; Institute of Western American Art, Denver; and the University of Washington Press, Seattle; 2007, page 78 | 4.64.jpg | 4.64.JPG | 4.64.web.jpg | 4.64.jpg | 4.64.jpg | still life | Other | Painting | oil on canvas | Astley D. M. Cooper’s trompe l’oeil (fool the eye) tribute to the Old West includes a buffalo head mount; American Indian weapons; and collectible cabinet card photographs of the Western heroes Sitting Bull, Wild Bill Hickok, and Buffalo Bill Cody, whose portrait is placed prominently at the top of the composition. These souvenirs strive to recapture a long-ago past preserved in the face of the industrialization that was taking hold in the United States following the turn of the twentieth century. Nostalgia for the Old West was a powerful emotion captured by artists and embodied by Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. | Cooper, A.D.M.