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Remington, Frederic
oil on canvas
William F. Cody, Animal, Figure, illustration, Indian, Group, Buffalo Bill's Wild West
ca. 1899
H: 27.25 in, width: 40 in, Frame height: 35.5 in, Frame width: 48.5 in, frame depth: 3.25 in
Buffalo Bill in the Limelight
Credit Line:
Gift of The Coe Foundation, H.P. Skoglund, Ernest Goppert, Sr. and John S. Bugas
Remington had a long association with his friend, William F. Cody. He visited Cody's Wild West exhibitions on a number of occasions, using the visits to sketch western subjects. Remington produced this painting along with several other illustrations for the biography of Cody, Last of the Great Scouts, written by his sister Helen Cody Wetmore in 1899.
LL: Frederic Remington
Exhibition catalog: I Like America: Fictions of the Wild West; Edited by Pamela Kort and Max Hollein; Schirn Kunsthalle; Frankfurt; 2006; page 281 and (front) cover

As of 04-19-2017 this object is on display in the Whitney Western Art Museum.
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