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American, Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT
walnut, sporting, plain, metal, trigger
rifle, short
ca. 1885
L: 42.25 in, Barrel length: 21.25 in, H: 7.75 in
The Model 1876 was developed in response to popular demand for heavier and more powerful calibers and was basically an enlarged version of the Model 1873 designed to handle larger cartridges (.40/60 W.C.F., .45/60 W.C.F., .45/75 W.C.F. and .50/95 W.C.F.). This model was popular in England, Africa and India, as well as in the American West. First exhibited at the Centennial Exposition held in Philadelphia, it was commonly referred to as the Winchester Centennial Model. The carbine, chambered in .45/75 W.C.F., was officially adopted by the Royal Northwest Police in Canada in 1883, and served with them until 1904. This rifle was exhibited at the London Armory Company, 1887-1890. Magazine capacity: rifle- 12 cartridges; carbine- 9 cartridges; musket- 13 cartridges.
lower tang/45569/bottom receiver/40-60/upper tang/{MODEL. 1876.}/top bbl/WINCHESTER'S-REPEATING-ARMS. NEW HAVEN. CT./KING'S-IMPROVEMENT-PATENTED-MARCH 29. 1866. OCTOBER 16. 1860./CAL. 40-60/PL bbl/[four proofmarks]/
barrel, magazine, and fore-grip may have been refinished.
Winchester Model 1876 Short Rifle
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As of 04-19-2017 this object is on display in the Cody Firearms Museum.
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