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Accession Number:
Hinono'ei, Oklahoma, Arapaho
feather, pigment, tanned, magpie feathers, elkhide
Ghost Dance shirt
crescent, stars, turtle, magpie, human, plant, pipes
L: 40 in, width: 29 in
Credit Line:
Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of The Searle Family Trust and The Paul Stock Foundation
Dress and Adornment, Religious Attire. Hand-tanned elk hide, fringed on neck flaps, shoulder area, wrist area, bottom edge of shirt, down sides of shirt, and down back of arms. Painted in red, light blue, dark blue and green pigments. White stars with red line surrounding them, dark blue birds, dark blue and white magpies, white turtle with red blocks on its back, background of shirt is light blue. Fringes on shirt are all painted green. Red human figures on front and rear. Neck flaps have plants and pipes, figure's chest has crescent shape and feather on top of head. Group of dark feathers hang from fringes of neck flap.
Field Guide: Fandex: Family Field Guide: American Indians, Workman Publishing, New York, ISBN: 0 7611 2583 3

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