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Moran, Thomas
oil on canvas
Group, Animal, transportation, Figure, Landscape
H: 36.25 in, width: 50.25 in, Frame height: 46.5 in, Frame width: 60.5 in, frame depth: 4 in
The Golden Gate, Yellowstone National Park
Credit Line:
Museum purchase
Moran's name became synonymous with Yellowstone. He accompanied the official governmental expedition into the region in 1871. His sketches of the wonders helped to convince Congress to establish Yellowstone as the first national park. The artist returned to the Park in 1892 and painted a view of the pass named Golden Gate.
LRC: TMoran./1893
Book: Exhibition catalog; America! Storie di pittura dal Nuovo Mondo; linead'ombralibri, Treviso, Italy; 2007; page 64-65

As of 04-19-2017 this object is on display in the Whitney Western Art Museum.
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