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Accession Number:
buttons, Buckskin, Beads, brass, silk satin
eagle, beaded, American, floral, triangles, Cuban, stripes, flags
overall length: 29.5 in, sleeve length: 24 in
The buttons on the jacket are marked “London”
Buckskin jacket with fringe at shoulder seams, down back of sleeves, down center back and on all 4 pockets, 9 plain round brass buttons down front; beaded floral designs on strips and patches of buckskin sewn down either side of front, on pockets, on sleeves and on upper back, colors are blues, pinks, reds, greens, clear pale yellow and faceted gold; on each shoulder is sewn a leather patch with an eagle beaded in blue, white and yellow with a faceted gold border; sleeves have a lazy stitch beaded strip next to fringe and around bottom of triangles in dark blue, faceted gold and red on a white ground; besides 2 floral apppliques, back is directly beaded with an American and a Cuban flag in light blue, dark blue, red and white, lower back is double vented; jacket is partially lined with blue silk satin.

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