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Accession Number:
Bierstadt, Albert
oil on canvas
Indian, Animal, Other, hunting
ca. 1888
H: 60.25 in, width: 96.5 in, Frame height: 68.5 in, Frame width: 105.5 in
The Last of the Buffalo
Credit Line:
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Trust Fund Purchase
With bleeding buffalo and bleached skulls in the foreground, the landscape artist Bierstadt represented the theme of wildlife vanishing from the wilderness. He made the shapes of distant mountains repeat the shapes of the main figures, thus underlining the interdependent relationships in nature. The Last of the Buffalo implies other endings.
LLC: ABierstadt
Book: Redrawing Boundaries: Perspectives on Western American Art; Institute of Western American Art, Denver; and the University of Washington Press, Seattle; 2007, page 75

As of 04-19-2017 this object is on display in the Whitney Western Art Museum.
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