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Whitney Western Art Museum

Koerner, W.H.D. 127
oil on canvas 335
Painting 860
Group 440 Landscape 691 Cowboy 292 Animal 735
H: 29 in, width: 41.125 in, Frame height: 33.875 in, Frame width: 46 in
The Snow Eddied and Whirled About the Men. They Were Muffled to the Eyes by Their Neck Scarfs. Night Had Descended by the Time They Returned to the Ranch House.
Credit Line:
Museum purchase
This painting illustrated Short Grass, a novel by Hal G. Evarts.
LRC: W.H.D./Koerner (Koerner underlined)/1932
On August 19, 1993 William H.D. Koerner III, the son of W.H.D. Koerner, told me a story about this painting. According to him, he posed for the figure on horseback so that his father could get the right modelling on the clothing worn by the cowboy being portrayed. This was done on swelteringly hot July day. "Little Billy Koerner" was swaddled in coats and scarves from head to toe. In order to help endure this very uncomfortable situation his father told him the story surrounding the scene he was painting. Even today, Mr. Koerner remembers how much cooler he felt imagining the blizzard in the story. [8/24/93 Frances B. Clymer.]
Book: The Deadliest Woman in the West: Mother Nature on the Prairies and Plains 1800-1900, by Rod Beemer; Caxton Press, Caldwell; 2006; page 47
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