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Accession Number:
Remington, Frederic
Figure, Animal, Cowboy
H: 21.625 in, L: 22 in, width: 9.5 in, base depth: 1.625 in, Base Length: 19.875 in, Base Width: 8.625 in
The Wicked Pony
Alternate Title:
The Fallen Rider
Credit Line:
Gift of The Coe Foundation
Side of base, left side near rear: Copyrighted by/Frederic Remington 1898, Right side, on top of base: Frederic Remington, Stamped in top of base, right, in & upper of F: 3, Stamped in top base, under man's chin: 3, Stamped underneath base: 3, Written underneath base in white crayon: A6174, Inscribed underneath base: 3/M
On the label of The Wicked Pony in the the Whitney Gallery, I used the wording “cast no. 3 of edition of approx. 8.” The Historical Center’s cast is definitely number 3; I based an estimate on the edition size on a combination of Greenbaum’s research, Shapiro’s research and other knowledge. Greenbaum only identifies 7 known casts (six Henry-Bonnard and one Roman Bronze) and all are located. Shapiro, in earlier research, listed more casts, but he said that his lists were not an endorsement of authenticity. We now believe that some casts he listed are not authentic such as cast no. 9. The Wicked Pony was cast primarily by nineteenth century firm, The Henry-Bonnard Foundry and there are no ledger books for that foundry as there were for Roman Bronze. So it is still possible that they produced more bronzes than the six Henry-Bonnard casts Greenbaum identified.

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