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Plains Indian Museum

Beads 2617 cloth 876
amulet 7
Diamond 223 snake 12
L: 30 in, width: .875 in
Credit Line:
Simplot Collection, Gift of J. R. Simplot
Ritual and Recreation, Ritual, Curing and Cult objects. Beige cloth body (looks crocheted) with overall surface beading worked into the fibers of the body. Pointed head has white and black eyes and a center white, black and clear amber diamond on clear red ground, neck has 3 bands separated by horizontal bands of blue and white, black and white and blue and clear red; first and third bands are cornflower blue and clear red checkerboard, middle band is clear green and clear red vertical stripes. Body has paired circles of clear amber, royal blue, clear green, clear red and cornflower blue with white connecting borders on clear red background, tail tapers to solid clear red then solid white then solid clear green with 3 bead loops at the top. Under belly is clear amber except for a black triangle under chin, mouth is edged with cornflower blue beads. Hanging strap attached at each side of jaw has multi-colored beads on chain stitched beige thread.
Accession Number:

Not currently on display

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