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Sac & Fox-Meskwaki Carved Wooden Male Doll: Native American's used dolls to model the roles of men and women, and their place in society. Typically boys were not encouraged to play with dolls. They were encouraged to play with bows, arrows, clubs, and spears, however if they were to play with dolls it was to be male. This doll is a good representation of a doll modeling the role of men in the tribe.

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Plains Indian Museum

Sac and Fox 16 Meskwaki 19 Sauk and Fox 13
Beads 2617 claws 31 ribbon 206 carved 177 trade 201 wool 622 cloth 876 Animal 129 fur 151 seed 1420 wood 4438 metal 3340 feather 171
arm bands 53
ca. 1890
L: 16 in
Credit Line:
Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin
Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Male -- Carved wooden doll with black wool shirt and breech cloth, buckskin leggings with bead decoration, purple and green ribbon trim, wooden and bead necklace. Fur hat with beaded tabs attached. Feather in back, metal armbands. Holding wooden war club. Fur and bead knee bands.
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