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Plains Indian Museum

Unknown 893
yarn 210 seed 1420 brass 1442 ring 11 green 634 basket 27 claws 31 thread 225 Beads 2617 bell 12 dew 10 cloth 876
bandolier bag 3
crosses 64 zigzag 91 diamonds 119 floral 651 chain 6 Lace star 117
L: 42 in, width: 11.125 in
Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Bandolier bag - cloth bag, beaded panel, basket beads with three star designs, and two crosses outlined with chain design; purple, gold, green, blue on white ground; beads strung on threads at bottom finished with green yarn; above panel is an open floral beaded design in three parts; seed beads pink, yellow, blue with white outline; area surrounded with a string of red beads tacked to backing; area also trimmed with four sets of dew claws and a bell with a brass ring; strap area beaded with basket beads; one side crosses inside diamonds the other a zig-zag pattern; gold, blue, red, green and orange on white ground; back has a pouch made of a lace pattern.
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