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Plains Indian Museum

Lower Pacific Northwest 9 Nootka 6
cedar 19 bear grass 45
lid 25 basket 234
20th century
basket height: 1.5 in, Diameter: 3.375 in, lid height: .625 in, lid diameter: 3.5 in
Credit Line:
Simplot Collection, gift of J.R. Simplot
Recreation and Ritual/Gifts and Novelty. Trinket basket with lid: Round twined basket, straight sides with woven cedar bark rim, flat bottom of twined cedar bark, sides wrap twined with beargrass in natural yellow with one zigzag band of dyed purple and 2 narrow bands of dyed blue separated by a band of dyed yellow. Round twined flat lid with 5/8" sides; wrap twined with beargrass, top has four concentric bands, center is dyed green, next is 2 dyed purple with dyed yellow between, next is zigzag dyed blue and finally 2 more dyed purple separated by dyed yellow, around side is 2 dyed blue separated by dyed yellow. Basket has a hole thru the side.
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Ruthie Cody
Ruthie Cody - Curated by Ruthie CODY

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