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Whitney Western Art Museum

carved 177 wood 4438
floral 651 medieval scenes lion feet lion 32 foliate 12 human head 2 scroll 65
L: 61.5 in, width: 23.5 in, depth: 43.5 in
Dark varnished wood bench with hinged lid on seat, opens to storage area. Finials on back of bench are bearded men with hats. Back of bench of bench has 3 panelled, 3-D vignettes of medieval scenes. Left scene is three people gathered around a barrel playing musical intruments; center scene is three people gathered around a table, their actions are indecipherible; left scene is three people gathered around a table playing cards. Floral carvings around panels. Arms, on either side, are carved with a bearded face at the top, sloping to a lion at the bottom. Front of bench below seat are two, 3-D panels each with image of a distroted face with scrolled carvings emanating from it.
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