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Plains Indian Museum

Sioux 990 Northern Plains 1866
rawhide 1018 pigment 539 ermine 119 split 5 buffalo horns 10 feather 171 feathers 641 owl 27 horsehair 91 glass beads 689 hooves 8 brain tanned 9 deer hide 193 wool cloth 199 eagle 171
Buffalo Horn Bonnet 8 bonnet 30
circles 32 butterfly 16 yellow 12 triangles 289 green 18 stepped 14
ca. 1860
cap circumference: 25.5 in, cap height to horn tips: 14 in
Credit Line:
Chandler-Pohrt Collection, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pohrt
Dress and Adornment - Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Split horn headdress - brain tanned buckskin cap, 3 pieces sinew sewn together, outside covered with a patchwork of white ermine skin pieces glued on. Lazy stitch beaded leather forehead band of royal blue stepped triangles on white ground with red/white hearts beaded edges. Split buffalo horns attached at each side trimmed tips covered with ermine skin over sinew wrapped red-orange dyed horse hair tufts. Between horns at top of cap is a leather thong covered with clipped dark brown feather, 7 feathers have bottoms trimmed and tops protrude above clipped feathers; center spike feather is trimmed close to the rib-straight on top edge, zig-zagged on bottom edge - with white breath feathers sinew wrapped at tip and base; split owl feathers attached in a group below horns with a leather thong tied through horn. At left end of headband are 2 full ermine skins and one ermine skin strip, red wool wrapped at head end. At right end of headband are 1 full ermine skin, 1 partial ermine skin and 1 ermine tail with dark brown tip, all red wool wrapped at head end. On back of cap are 2 bent wood hoops with painted blue leather thong netting, small yellow ochre-dyed medicine pouches tied to centers with eagle breath feathers sinew wrapped to thong ties on pouches. Brain tanned leather trailer attached at back of cap with leather thong overcast stitch. Trailer is painted with 3 green butterfly designs interspersed with 2 yellow circles ringed with green and black, yellow spots overall, black zig-zag lines down both edges with outer edges painted pink, edges also trimmed with pairs of cut and split hooves - insides painted pink. Strung on leather thong woven down the center of the trailer are 42 eagle feathers with breath feathers at bases which are red wool wrapped and overtied with leather thongs, red-dyed horsehair tufts glued at feather tips; feathers are also connected at mid-shaft with leather thong. Trailer is reinforced at intervals with 4 arrow shaft sections tied on horizontally.
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