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Plains Indian Museum

Crow 493 Northern Plains 1866
wool 622 black 554 Red 1061 ochre 31 seed beads 30 Tradecloth 225 otter 21 hide 1074
bow case 18 quiver 29
geometric 807
ca. 1875
case length: 31.5 in, quiver length: 26.75 in, pendant length: 18.75 in
Credit Line:
Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin
Utensils and implements - Hunting (could also be used for fighting). Bow case and quiver - Red wool strap with edges bound with tan cloth with strip of otter hide down middle of strap with other strip tassles wrapped with black wool having two overlay bead decoration pendants in geometric design and separate bead and otter hide pendant. Bow case and quiver are completely otter hide with lazy stitch beaded panel at bottom. Tanned hide dyed with yellow ochre.
BBHC Cody Enterprise column: “Your Museum Matters” – March 1, 2009 From our collection: Every Plains Indian man needed a bow case and quiver to carry his weapons for hunting and war. This example, made from tanned otter hide, with broad straps and distinctive beadwork, is typical of the ones used by the Crow in the late 1800s. Basically containers for arrows, quivers appear in all cultures that use bows and arrows or similar weapons. They have different forms depending on whether they were hung from a belt, from a horse saddle, or worn on the back. As with so many Native American implements, tools, weapons, clothing, housing, and the like, a quiver can be more than functional: It becomes a work of art. Caption: Crow quiver, ca. 1875. The Adolf Spohr Collection of American Indian objects. NA.102.20
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As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Plains Indian Museum.
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