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Plains Indian Museum

peeled 4 triangular 26 Willow 104 hide 1074 rod 8 dark brown 54 spots yellow ochre 21 felt 201 dye 189 fringed 14 sinew 620 tabs 4 rawhide 1018 Buckskin 430 gold 240 thongs 19 calf 3 White 769
bow case 18 quivers
bow case length: 31 in, bow case width: 3.5 in, quiver length: 28 in, quiver width: 5.5 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. J. R. Simplot
Utensils and Implements: Hunting. Dark brown hair with white spots, domestic calf(possibly) hide tubes with sinew sewn seams, tied together in two places along upper seam by buckskin thongs also tied into a hide shoulder strap with decorative fringed ends. Bow case opening is bound with gold felt overcase with a buckskin thong, triangular tab at bottom edge of opening is yellow ochre-dyed on the skin side; bottom tapers to an added short fringe of hide. Quiver is folded over 1/2" then bound with gold felt held with a running stitch of buckskin thongs, triangular tab at bottom end is fringed and has a circular insert of heavy rawhide; upper side of quiver has a peeled willow(possibly) rod tied inside for support.
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