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Whitney Western Art Museum

Cannon, T.C.
canvas 234 acrylic 20 oil 23
Painting 860
Native American 158
ca. 1974
H: 39.25 in, width: 39.25 in, Frame height: 42.75 in, Frame width: 42.875 in
Buffalo Medicine Keeper
Credit Line:
William E. Weiss Memorial Fund Purchase
Regarded as one of the most eloquent and innovative Native American artists of the 1970s, T.C. Cannon (Kiowa-Caddo) played a pivotal role in helping change the direction of traditional Indian painting, characterized by stylized, outlined shapes with flat colors. Cannon concentrated on "Indian" themes and traditions but integrated modern artistic influences. Buffalo Medicine Keeper reflects Cannon's interest in the Art Deco-style patterns in German artist Winold Reiss's backgrounds and borders. Cannon developed his own decorative motifs to enhance his images, incorporating dots in this painting to symbolize the way the Native American sundancers viewed the world. As part of the sundance ceremony, participants were required to stare at the sun, which resulted in "spots before the eyes."
reverse: Label BC: T.C Cannon (1946-1978) / Buffalo Medicine Keeper / Acrylic and oil on canvas / 39 x 39 inches / C-13063 / Zaplin Lampert Gallery / 651 Canyon Road Santa Fe, new Mexico 87501 / 505 982 6100 FAX 505 988 2142 gallery Label LL: M / W / MIRROR MIRROR / Custom Frames / & Furnishings / Santa Fe, New Mexico / 505-438-4717 / [email protected]
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