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Plains Indian Museum

Hidatsa 19 Northern Plains 1866
porcupine quills 146 buffalo 115 buffalo hide 28 hair 424 pigment 539 tanned 631
buffalo robe 5
quirt 2 buffalo 153 rifles 6 Indians 131 capotes hunting 21 saddle 27 horses 184 quiver
ca. 1875
L: 88 in, width: 73 in
Credit Line:
Gift of Mr. William L. Cone
Communication and Media of Exchange: Writing and Records. Buffalo hide with hair on one side, painted and decorated on tanned side; hide was split and sewn back together along spine, applique over stitching is a band of purple, yellow and white porcupine quills with 5 quilled medallions in the same colors; painted scene on lower half of robe shows 3 Indians with rifles and wearing capotes on horses hunting 3 buffalo and 1 Indian skinning a buffalo with his gun, quiver and quirt on the ground beside him and 2 horses (1 saddled) in back of him, painting is done in brown, yellow, blue and red.
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