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Plains Indian Museum

Northern Plains 1866
rawhide 1018 blue 690 circular 51 cloth 876 breath 10 Turkey 5 owl 27 cotton 256 Beads 2617 brass 1442 concho 7 feathers 641 green 634 White 769 round 182 bells 106 wool 622 fur 151 pheasant 14 Red 1061 metal 3340 yarn 210
bustle 20
striped 31
ca. 1930's
L: 28 in, width: 16 in, depth: 8 in
Dress and Adornment - Personal Adornment and Ritual Regalia. Dance bustle - circular feather bustle of striped feathers (turkey and owl) with red-dyed feathers in center and at tips of outer feathers, round silver metal concha in center; 2 double black feather spikes at top with trimmed feathers-some dyed orange-tied into bases and white fur with red and purple dyed feathers at tips, all mounted on a folded piece of rawhide; folded rawhide square with leather thong ties, riveted to bottom of rawhide is a red wool cloth trailer with white selvedge at bottom and blue cotton binding sewn around outside edges; attached at top of trailer is a row of small striped feathers (pheasant) with gray breath feathers at bases which are wrapped with blue yarn and connected with a string of red, orange and green bugle beads; in middle of trailer are strings of white, blue and yellow seed beads with brass bells at bottoms, 2 bunches of split and cut light-colored feathers and a yellow, red and tan basketry medallion with red bugle beads around its outside edge; at bottom of trailer is a second row of striped small feathers with green yarn wrapped bases connected with a string of amber and red bugle beads. This may be part of Chief Tommy Thompson's collection of feathered rosettes.
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