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Whitney Western Art Museum

Stanley, John Mix 13
oil on board 132
Painting 860
Casa Grande general ruins Landscape 691 explorers 2 Col. Stephen Kearny Mexican War
H: 9.875 in, width: 12.875 in, Frame height: 12.25 in, Frame width: 15.625 in
Casa Grande Ruin
Credit Line:
Gift of George M. Stanley (grandson of the artist) and Family
During the Mexican War, Col. Stephen Kearny marched troops from Santa Fe to California. A scientific staff, with Stanley as the artist, accompanied the Army of the West. Stanley's sketches of landscapes, Indians, and plants were published in the expedition's official report. Stanley sketched these ruins on November 10, 1846 at 3 p.m.
verso on board, handwritten at top: This ruins of the/ (first two words crossed through) the famous Casa Grande/ the founders of which are unknown [center, handwritten:] Nov, 10 (superscript and underlined) th 1846 3 O,clock P.M. [label, ULC:] (written at top:) Rec'd back from (arrow pointing downward) on 80-12-4 (printed) PHOENIX ART MUSEUM/ 1625 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85004/ Exhibition: Visitors to Arizona 1846 to 1980/ Itinerary: Phoenix Art Museum/ September 6 to October 12, 1980/ Tucson Museum of Art/ October 19 to November 30, 1980/ Catalogue # (x'd through) 2 (x'd through) 3 2 [paper label, URC:] JOHN MIX STANLEY (1814-1872) (underlined) CASA GRANDE RUIN 1846/ OIL ON BOARD/ COLLECTION GEORGE M. STANLEY [label left side above center, typewritten:] "The ruins of the/ (crossed through) The Famous Casa Grande/ the founders of which are unknown/ Nov, 10 (superscript) th 1846 3 O,clock P.M." by John Mix Stanley [typewritten label, right side above center:] You asked about cleaning the JMS picture. Actually/ they were all most expertly cleaned at the Corcoran Gallery/ before I bought them, by their very well trained restorer./ But they had been lying in a barn in Virginia for 50 years/ or so, and got so fly specked that he couldn't do a better/ job on them without removing a lot of the paint. If it has/ gotten a little dusty since, a little lukewarm ivory soap-/ suds would be alright to sponge it with. But I think it/ should be sponged again with clear water to rinse off the/ seeds, and then wiped gently with a clean soft cloth." [typewritten label, bottom center:] This picture was a Christmas present (1952) to George Stanley from his/ sister Alice Acheson./ It is the original for the plate opposite page 82/ in Lieut. Emory's report: W.H. Emory: "Notes on a military reconnaisance from Fort Leavenworth in/ Missouri, to San Diego, California (Made in 1846-1847 with the advance/ guard of the Army of the West.)" Alice's letter of 14 August 1966 to GMS explains the source of the picture:/ "The way I came by them was a set of 14 pictures similar to yours had/ come into the Corcoran to be cleaned. And the people of the Gallery called me, as/ they thought I would like to come in to see them./ They had apparently been (next word underlined) given to Col. Emory by JMS. . . . . Anyway, I went down to see the picture and/ made complete notes about them all for my files. Only after I got home did it/ occur to me to try to buy them all, and then keep ones for you and Sally and Jack/ and myself, and sell the rest at a slightly increased price to pay for the ones/ I kept! This I did do. So that the present I gave you didn't really cost me/ anything you see." [white label LLC frame:] PHOENIX ART/ MUSEUM/ L.204.80
Accession Number:

As of 06-14-2017 this object is on display in the Whitney Western Art Museum.
If you are making a special trip, please double-check before visiting.

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