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Salish cradle

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Plains Indian Museum

Salish 189
brass 1442 wood 4438 wool 622 muslin 89 appliqued 3 Beads 2617 cowrie shell 10 braintanned 68 mother of pearl 22 Buckskin 430 abalone 33
apron 6 cradle 58
floral 651 four leaf clover 3
H: 6 in, L: 35 in, width: 15 in
Credit Line:
Simplot Collection, Gift of J.R. Simplot
beaded at top: JULY 1919
Utensils and Implements, Child Care, Training and Education. Wood board with wide rounded top and narrow double pointed bottom covered with braintanned white buckskin, baby pouch and thong lacings are buckskin, serrated edge around head opening. Top half of board covered with layers of muslin completely applique stitch beaded with 4 round flowers in royal blue, greasy blue, clear dark green and cut pink or orange/white heart centers. Top flower has 2 flanking orange/white heart "buds". Flowers connected by clear dark green stems with leaves, all on a white background; worked into background at top in royal beads is: JULY 1919; Edging band has clear dark green diagonals on a greasy blue background; attached at bottom edges of beadwork panel are 8 buckskin thong ties strung with large orange/white hearts, turquoise, royal blue and brass beads and with cowrie shells, a mother of pearl heart and an abalone disc with serrated edges at the ends. Back side has 2 layers of buckskin fringe at top and a buckskin strap tied through the board at about mid-point on each side. Apron is u-shaped braintanned whitebuckskin with serrate edged binding around top and serrate and fringed edging around sides and bottom, machine sewn to apron; buckskin thong ties attach apron to upper sides of head opening so apron covers front lacing; floral motifs on apron are applique stitch beaded on navy wool, appliqued to apron with connecting green beaded stems, motifs include 3 pink petal flowers with light blue borders, 2 red/white hearts and light blue buds with clear dark green leaves outlined in light green, 2 red/white hearts buds with dark green bases and light green outlines, 2 clear dark green leaves with light green outlines and one large dark green leaf with light green outline and a central red/white hearts 4-leaf clover design outlined in light blue.
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