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Plains Indian Museum

Paiute 11
orange 203 cloth 876 leather 2024 wicker 9 Gray 59 yarn 210 fringe 575 green 634 Beads 2617
cradle 58
floral 651
ca. 1930
L: 36 in, width: 14 in, H: 10.5 in
Function: Utensils and implements - Child Care, Training and Education. Object: Cradle - wicker frame covered with leather; strip of leather fringe across front with large beads in blue, purple, green, yellow and white; floral pattern above fringe in green, yellow, red, pink and white beads; beaded at top with `x' pattern in red, green, white, blue and pink; border around top edge in white, blue, green and orange beads; wicker hood with green cloth along front edge; gray and orange woven along top of hood. Remarks: Photographed. "Paiute cradle gift of Arline Keefe, July 18, 1975 - wicker hood, already broken before being received by BBHC." "Paiute Indian papoose carrier-used by baby boy, the design worked in the sun shade is the boy emblem. This is a fine piece, very old, purchased in 1930." "Pauite papoose carrier-this cradle was used by a boy baby as the design on the sunshade is the boy emblem. This a very fine specimen of Paiute work and although it is an old piece it is in perfect condition."
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