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Plains Indian Museum

bead 112 leather 2024
crown 2
feather 11 star 117 floral 651
L: 10.25 in, width: 3.75 in
Dress and Adornment, Status Symbols and Insignia of Office. Beaded crown. Light blue, red, black and white bead band. Front has band meeting a small circle on each end with a center star in blue, white, orange, red and yellow. A set red "gem-like" stone or bead takes center. A large semi-circular "crown" extends from behind the small circles. A flower is in the center with a set stone in the middle and set red stones on each petal. Red outlined black and white feathers "radiate" from behind the flower. Band ends have bare leather with two metal-clasped holes. Leather strip is tied through to adjust size. Two small circular beaded pieces rest on back, near ends. Beaded in green, orange, red, white and blue star designs. Crown and band have a beaded scallop design around edge.
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