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Accession Number:
Paxson, Edgar Samuel
oil on canvas
military, Animal, Group, Figure, Indian
H: 70.5 in, width: 106 in, Frame height: 98 x 73.75 in, Frame width: 132.75 x 108.75 in, frame depth: 2 in
Custer's Last Stand
Credit Line:
Museum purchase
Paxson researched the Battle of the Little Bighorn and spent several years completing the painting. He then circulated it as a traveling exhibition. As part of the explanatory material on the painting, he prepared an outline key which identified the major figures (see diagram at right).
LRC: copyright by/E.S. Paxson Butte/M./99 [verso, LL:] E.S. Paxson/Butte Mont. U.S.A./copyright applied for -
Source: Paxson Heirs
Magazine: Western Art & Architecture: From Cowboy to Contemporary; Perspective: Edgar S. Paxson: Painter, myth maker aspired to historical accuracy, Charles Finn, Winter/Spring 2008, page 72-73

As of 04-19-2017 this object is on display in the Whitney Western Art Museum.
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