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Plains Indian Museum

Wind River Native Crafts, Inc. 74
hawk 75 wood 4438 feathers 641 yarn 210 fabric 111 Beads 2617 leather 2024
dance ornament 4
L: 24 in, width: 31 in
Dance ornament, semi-circle of mottled brown hawk feathers each wrapped with red yarn at the quill end and adorned with a green and red fluff through the middle. Each top is trimmed with a slender yellow feather held with a dot of red man-made fabric. Two panels of red man-made fabric are suspended from a dowel at the lower back, each having two mottled brown feathers decorated with red seed beads in a peyote stitch at the quill end, and red fluffs at the top. A large rosette with a blue ground and white morning star, adorns the top center. The entire ornament is laced to an oval of used leather, orange on the face.
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