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Buffalo Bill Museum

Hall, Carrie
Lace 54 machine sewn 29 leather 2024 White 769 white knitted dress 3 plaster 163 1890's style black 554 hand-sewn 5 cotton 256 bows 3 stockings 3 Satin 101 black twill
doll 94
Helen Cody Wetmore
ca. 1946
H: 11.125 in, Base Length: 3 in, Base Width: 3 in
Wood stand painted gold with yellow label on bottom printed: Handicraft Dolls/MADE IN/NORTH PLATTE/NEBR.
Doll, made to resemble Helen Cody Wetmore. Plaster arms and head with painted features and brown hair. Dress of black twill in 1890's style, machine sewn, trimmed with black satin ribbon cuffs and black satin ribbon chevrons with black satin covered buttons at ends (2 on bodice, 3 on front skirt panel). White tatted collar with a 3 rhinestone decoration. Two petticoats of white cotton - outer has 2 narrow tucks and lace at hem, inner has eyelet at hem. White cotton pantaloons with 2 tucks and lace trim. White knitted stockings and hand-sewn black leather shoes with bows. Condition: Several small chips missing from back of head. Origin: Purchased from Mary Jester Allen and Helen Cody Allan, niece and great-niece of Buffalo Bill. Made by Carrie Hall of North Platte, Nebraska, supposedly from photographs supplied by Mary Jester Allen. See document file.
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