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Sauk & Fox-Meskwaki Carved Wooden Male Jointed Doll: Jointed dolls were used by medicine people during sacred ceremonies and rites. The joints were representative of human movement and life. Jointed dolls were also used during celebrations as puppets to teach children tribal traditions and rules of conduct.

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Plains Indian Museum

Meskwaki 19 Sac and Fox 16 Sauk and Fox 13
blue 690 carved 177 green 634 black 554 fur 151 tanned 631 Beads 2617 cloth 876 wood 4438 claws 31 seed 1420 Animal 129 trade 201 hide 1074 deer 681 wool 622 Red 1061 yarn 210 tassles 70
doll 94
ca. 1890
L: 19.75 in
Credit Line:
Adolf Spohr Collection, Gift of Larry Sheerin
Ritual and Recreation: Toys. Male -- Carved wooden doll with black wool breechcloth with red and green cloth trim. Necklace of animal fur, claws and red and black glass beads. Beaded knee bands with yarn tassles, tanned moccasins with blue bead border. Small bead choker necklace.
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